Top Issues and Community Concerns

We will be updating the following list regularly to outline the status of certain issues that are currently pressing for our community. Please note that this list is not exhaustive, and should only be used as a reference to give a general idea of where our focus currently is.


Crouch Running

We know that crouch running (normal movement speed while crouching) can sometimes lead to frustration in the hands of certain Operators, allowing them to arrive on the scene quickly and more discretely than others. Currently, we're making some tweaks to the volume of crouch walking. We want crouch walking to be a viable option for all Operators, while ensuring that the action can be heard.

Status: Y7S2

FOV Slider for Consoles

We hear you, you want an FOV slider on consoles! Changing the FOV can have an impact on performance, and it's important that if a player prefers a higher FOV, that the game retains it's playability. To this end, we're currently testing this option on current and last gen consoles, ensuring that a high FOV can be used to it's full potential.

Status: During Y7S1

Deployment Progress Timing

In some cases the deployment progress bar may not perfectly align with the timing of the action itself, meaning that cancelling deployment in the last moment, can lead to a gadget still being placed. It's crucial that this can be trusted in those high pressure moments, and so we're reworking this to make it completely reliable.

Status: During Y7

Loadout Reset

During the course of Y6S4 we have seen a reduction in loadout resets occurring, however we're aware that with the additional customisation of Elite 2.0, this issue has the potential to cause increased frustration. We continue to monitor and actively investigate this, as we work towards a definitive solution.

Status: Ongoing

Squad Management

Currently, managing your squad can be a cumbersome process, requiring players to create new squads if they'd like to remove players or change the squad leader. We're working on options that will simplify this process, allowing players to be promoted to leader, or removed from the group.

Status: During Y7


Servers & Connectivity

Of course, good connectivity is key to having a good Siege experience. After an increase in connectivity issues resulting in disconnections was recently found, members of our team were dedicated to investigate and resolve the issue. As part of this, we knew that we needed to alleviate the chance of a wrongful sanction being handed out. To this end, we've updated our system to reduce the chance of a sanction being given in a case where it is not warranted. Our work on connectivity continues, and we'll be providing updates on this as we make further improvements.

Cheating, Hacking & Toxicity


Cheating continues to be a top priority for us and adding the phone verification requirement for Ranked is just one of the actions that we're currently taking to help with this. While this feature rolls out, we're working on and exploring further solutions and improvements, and we'll be sharing more on this subject as soon as we're ready. To see our latest updates on Anti-cheat, dig into February's Anti-Cheat Status Update and our Understanding Anti-Cheat Blog.

Privacy Mode

It's important that streamers and players alike are able to protect themselves and are given the privacy options to do that. We recently started with a soft launch of the upcoming Privacy Mode, giving participants the opportunity to test out new features, provide feedback, and ultimately to help improve the overall experience. Once we're satisfied that the updated Privacy Mode gives players the protection they need, we will move forward with a full release. Until then, work continues to ensure that the right options are included to help players have a safe and customisable experience.

Status: Targeting later in Y7S1

Mouse & Keyboard On Consoles

Our dedicated team continues to work on this project, evaluating and testing solutions to move forward with. It's important to us that using spoofers do not provide an advantage for players, creating a level playing field for all. At the same time, we don't want to exclude players who need these from an accessibility standpoint. It's crucial that we take the right approach for our players, and we'll be sharing more information once we're confident with our solution.

Status: Ongoing

Want to look back at our previous update? Find it here.

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