11 November, 2020

1 Min Read

Tales of Rebellion - Part II

Tales of Rebellion is back for an epic second round! Part II starts on Thursday, November 12th and the battle will continue until December 3rd. Come and fight along with the Rebellion with the power of the Draconite weapon!

Rescue, Pillage and Overthrow are back; sharpen your blade and jump into the battle.

ToR Modes

RESCUE : The Order of Horkos has seized a fortress in Valkenheim and stolen the Blacksmith's weapons! Escort and protect Ilma at all cost!

PILLAGE : The enemy is collecting Draconite crystals and is becoming stronger. Time to cut their supplies and use the Draconite Weapon against them.

OVERTHROW : Your old friend Ilma is back... and she's made interesting discoveries. The Draconite Weapon has new powers! Use it against the leader of the Viking Horkos!

The Free Event Pass enables players to earn 30 tiers of gear and loot including a new battle outfit, emblem outline, ornaments, and a Chimera mood effect. Players will also be able to loot new weapons!

Stay safe, we’ll see you on the battlefield.