3 December, 2020

5 Min Read

Testing Grounds: Hero Improvements Overview

Hello Warriors!

Once again, we’re opening the Testing Grounds from December 10th to December 17th so that you can all try out new hero improvements!

Right here, we’ll be focusing on an overview of the changes and what we’re trying to fix with some of your favorite heroes. If you’re interested in a more in-depth exploration of the changes, we’re encouraging you to watch the Warrior’s Den segment where we go in depth on every change and discuss how it affects that hero’s gameplay.

This Testing Grounds features improvement to four heroes:

  • Warden
  • Peacekeeper
  • Shugoki
  • Nobushi

For Warden, we’re focusing on changes regarding fully charged Shoulder Bash feints and Back Dodge Shoulder Bash, as well as, making the hero more viable in 1v1 and 1vX situations.

Peacekeeper’s changes revolve around giving her more mobility in group fights as well as adding a new synergy point for her Bleeds. We’re also improving her base damage to help her defeat her opponents more swiftly.

Shugoki received changes aimed at some of his Armored moves. We’re also adding two new moves in his arsenal, giving him a way to catch up to rolling opponents as well to deal with bashes.

Finally, with Nobushi, we’re looking to improve her flow so that she is effective in 1v1 as well as in the minion lane.


  • Shoulder Bash is no longer accessible via Back Dodging.
  • Fully Charged Shoulder Bash no longer has extra movement when feinted.

Dev comment: With these changes, Shoulder Bash should feel less effective defensively.

Each of Warden’s Attacks (except Shoulder Bash) can now chain to Shoulder Bash.

Dev comment: Warden now has easier access to Shoulder Bash and is no longer limited to using Lights to go on the offensive. These changes along with the changes stated above shifts Warden’s 1v1 playstyle from defensive to more offensive.

  • Side Heavy Opener trajectories have been improved.
  • All Heavy Finishers are now 900ms and Unblockable.
  • Side Heavy Finisher trajectories have been improved.
  • Zone Attack recovery is now 500ms (from 1000ms). 

Dev comment: These are changes aimed at making Warden more effective in outnumbered scenarios.


  • All Heavy Attacks (including dodge attacks) now deal 5 extra baseline damage. Bleed damage has not changed.
  • When locked on to a Bleeding opponent, Heavy Finishers and the 2nd hit of Zone Attack are now Unblockable.

Dev comment: Peacekeeper should now have stronger 1v1 pressure as well as be able to execute more often.

  • Dagger Cancel can now cancel its recovery with Dodge.

Dev comment: Dagger Cancel should now be more useful in outnumbered situations.

  • Zone Attack is now Enhanced and gives a Heavy Parry reaction when Parried.
  • Zone Attack 2nd hit now soft feints to Guardbreak and Dodge.

Dev comment: Zone Attack has been normalized and with the Unblockable changes now functions as an easy to access mixup from neutral.

  • Deflect is now performed with Heavy Attack instead of Light Attack

Dev comment: This should make it easier to land deflects and removes the necessity to always press Light after a Dodge in case a Deflect was performed.


  • Light Openers no longer have Armor.
  • Demon’s Embrace no longer has Armor.

Dev comment: Removal of Armor on these two moves should make them less oppressive.

  • NEW OPTION: Dodge Forward Heavy.

Dev comment: Shugoki can now catch back rollers effectively.

  • NEW OPTION: Side Dodge Melee.

Dev comment: Shugoki now has a tool to deal with Melee attacks.


  • Hidden Stance now costs 12 stamina (Down from 24).
  • Heavy Finishers and Heavy Attacks from Hidden Stance are now Undodgeable.
  • Zone Attack 2nd hit now soft feints into Kick, Heavy Finisher and Dodge.
  • Zone Attack 1st hit now costs 20 stamina (Down from 40).
  • Cobra Strike now chains to Heavy Finisher.
  • Sidewinder now chains to Heavy Finisher.

Dev comment: Nobushi’s flow has been improved – Heavy Finishers being Undodgeable gives her a mixup with her Kicks, Zone Attack now also has a built-in mixup and her dodge attacks now give her stronger presence in the minion lane.

We hope you enjoy trying out these changes to Warden, Peacekeer, Shugoki, and Nobushi. We’ll be sending out a survey soon and we’ll be monitoring social media for feedback, so do not hesitate to voice your opinion on the changes.

See you on the battlefield!