6 January, 2021

1 Min Read

Tales of Rebellion - Part III

Hello Warriors,

Tales of Rebellion will be returning for the Part III! This event starts on Thursday, January 7th. Get ready to participate in all three activities and use the final version of the Draconite weapon to defeat the Order of Horkos. The rebellion will last until January 28th.


Here is a recap of the three activities:

RESCUE : Capture points to move forward while protecting Ilma, the blacksmith. Conquer the map back from the Warmongers!

PILLAGE : Kill minions to gain Draconite crystals and bring them back to the deposit zone to gain points. Secure 1000 points before the Order of Horkos does to win.

OVERTHROW : Defend the blacksmith while she forges a Draconite weapon. Use the exotic weapon to defeat the Horkos leader.

Players have the opportunity to earn 30 Tiers of gear and loot including a new Battle Outfit, Emblem Outline, Ornaments, and a Chimera Mood Effect. There will be also new weapons to loot!

We’ll see you on the battlefield!