19 February, 2021

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Warrior's Den Recap - February 19th

Warriors! We're back with another addition of the Warrior's Den Recap. We have a lot to cover from the February 18th Warrior’s Den, so let’s get started!

For Honor Year 5: Year of the Covenants

For Honor Year 5: Year of the Covenants

We are proud to announce that on March 11th, For Honor will be entering its 5th year, The Year of the Covenants!

Some years have passed after the events of the Battle of the Eclipse and the battle still rages on between the Order of Horkos and the Chimera Alliance. Both covenants are at a stalemate with no signs of either side gaining the upper hand anytime soon. With their forces diminishing, there is an abundance of resources. Both sides use this to their advantage and throw celebrations to attract new recruits and further spread their influence, and ideals, among the warriors of the land.

In the Year of the Covenants, we dive deeper into Horkos and Chimera’s values and ideals. We will see how they deal with hardship and disaster while war rages on between them. Their story will continue to unfold over the course of 4 new seasons each with new themes, a Battle Pass, and exciting events. Year 5 will also see 2 new heroes entering the roster with their own rich backgrounds and fighting styles.

As the year unfolds, be sure to keep an eye out from us for official news on what is to come.

Shovel Knight

Warriors: we’d like to introduce you to a new, special kind of Knight. Do you remember Drop Attack Wardens? We’ve now met a Knight who is even more obsessed with Drop attacks. Shovel Drop attacks.

That’s right, Shovel Knight has come to For Honor! The Jump On Shovel Emote and three Illustrious Outfits are just what you need to strike fear into the hearts of your enemies. Fear of Shovel Justice!

  • Jump On Shovel Emote for all heroes
  • Stalwart Plate Illustrious Outfit for all heroes
  • Rodent Regalia Illustrious Outfit for all heroes
  • Ornate Plate Illustrious Outfit for all heroes


Cobalt Material

The new Cobalt Material is available for all heroes! Whether your inspiration comes from the sky, the ocean, or Shovel Knight’s resplendent armor, the Cobalt material can take your fashion to the next level.

Cobalt Material

We hope you enjoyed the Warrior’s Den (from home)!

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We’ll see you again at the next Warrior’s Den Recap. Stay safe, see you on the battlefield!