Join the war and choose from 28 customizable and playable heroes. Each faction contains a range of highly skilled, deadly warriors separated into four distinct classes. Quickly kill your enemies with the stealthy Assassins, resist attacks and hit hard with the powerful Heavies, balance offense and defense with the well-rounded Vanguards, or customize your play style with the Hybrids, each a mix of two other classes.


Some say you cannot teach an old dog new tricks, but this could not be farther from the truth for the one who was once known as Holden Cross. The well-known veteran went on a transformative journey across Heathmoor after leaving the Lawbringers. Fighting as a mercenary, he encountered warriors from all factions, who set their differences aside and taught him more than he could ever imagine. They even gave him a new name – Gryphon, the warrior with the heart of a lion and the piercing eyes of an eagle.