START League full guide: check out all the information about the tournament for Brazilian Tier 2 teams

START League full guide: check out all the information about the tournament for Brazilian Tier 2 teams

6. Juni 2023

The Brazilian competitive scenario of Rainbow Six Siege has another novelty for the current season. This is the START League, a championship formed by teams of Tiers 2 and 3 of the modality and which will begin on June 21. With a total prize of US$ 45,000 and the decision from the WEBEDIA Ubisoft Arena, in São Paulo, on August 20, the tournament will be the main opportunity for the teams to foster the development of young talents in the scenario.

The START League will be the main stage for new players and teams to excel and grow in the competitive R6 circuit. In all, the competition will have four phases and unlimited entries for the first stage, in addition to having some teams previously classified for the most advanced phases due to their performance in the Brazil Open and the Brazilian LCQ. During the tournament, the transfer window will remain open.

Dispute format

During Phase 1, between June 21 and July 13, the teams will participate in four open qualifiers, which will be worth points to the top 16 teams of each stage. The ten most regular teams throughout the qualifiers advance to Phase 2.

Check the dates and score of Phase 1:

Open Qualifier 1: June 21 and 22

Open Qualifier 2: June 24 and 25

Open Qualifier 3: June 28 and 29

Open Qualifier 4: July 12 and 13

- 100 points\

- 85 points\

3º and 4º - 75 points\

5º to 8º - 60 points\

9 to 16º - 45 points\

17º to 32º - 35 points\

The ten teams qualified join the four bottom placed teams in the Brazil Open and the two best organizations of the Women's Circuit 2023. In Phase 2 and Phase 3, the teams will face each other in Swiss format to define the qualifiers. The top eight teams from the second phase will proceed to the next stage, which will feature eight other teams already guaranteed.

Teams qualified for Phase 2* (July 17 to 21):

  • Nerds e Atletas
  • Hasbulla
  • ELES
  • Em Pleno 2022
  • Female 1
  • Female 2

Teams qualified for Phase 3* (July 24 to 28):

  • Viúvas SN
  • Bubupédia
  • JR6 Bagres
  • Cleyton's
  • Chicos Team
  • Atualizado Team
  • Nova Soldos
  • Cobras Team

*If the team no longer exists or three players have already left the team, the remaining athletes must compete in the qualifiers.

Phase 4, which will take the first half on 29 and 30 July, will be formed by the eight most victorious teams from the third phase. In a single elimination system, the teams will fight for the title of the tournament, with the grand final scheduled for August 20, at the WEBEDIA Ubisoft Arena, in Vila Olímpia, in São Paulo.

Prize pool

In all, the START League will award $45,000 divided among the top 16 teams in the competition:

1st - US$ 13.500
2nd - US$ 6.750
3rd and 4th - US$ 3,600
5th to 8th - US$ 2,250
9th to 11th - US$ 1,350
12th to 14th - US$ 990
15th and 16th - US$ 765

Where to watch

Broadcasts of the START League duels start from Phase 2, with broadcast on the official channels of Rainbow Six Esports Brasil on Twitch and YouTube, in addition to the secondary channel. The final phase of the championship will be broadcast only on the main channel of Rainbow Six Esports Brasil.