6 February 2023

Neo Retro Mid-Season Title Update Patch Notes



  • The Daily Match Bonus has been changed to give three escalating rewards:
    • Match 1: 75 Fans
    • Match 2: 100 Fans
    • Match 3: Basic Lootball


  • Achievements for Roller Champions are added to the Steam version of the game.



  • Reduced the possession delay for catching the ball after it becomes free [from 0.6s to 0.3s].

Note: This change, alongside other backend changes, will remove the "Bug Shot" where passes were unblockable because the ball would pass through opponents at a close enough range.

  • Reduced the possession delay for catching the ball after a player performs a tackle [from 0.6s to 0.3s].

Note: We've seen submitted videos of players landing a tackle only to have the tackled player recover and get back the ball before the tackler can, even as they seemingly pass through it. We're hoping this change will significantly reduce the frequency of that behavior.

  • Increased player's grab radius during a dive.


  • Increased the hitbox of Air Dodge and Dodge Dive moves.


  • Fixed an issue where players quickly leaving Ranked Matches (dodging) would not be properly sanctioned.


  • Increased maximum headroom for gamepad/controller sensitivity options.

Note: Mouse and keyboard have had a higher capacity for snappy camera movement and will likely still have a higher ceiling. Though we're hoping this change will raise the capacity for faster camera control for gamepad players.


  • Decreased the speed boost of Team Moves in situations where there is no ground friction.

Note: We want to keep the high-impact flare, speed, and playmaking capabilities of team moves - however some use cases where the move was not limited by ground friction caused the move to be far more powerful than intended.



  • Fixed team moves, interceptions, goal blocks, tackles, win streaks, and assists occasionally not updating on the career page.
  • Fixed the missing platform logo for each player on the Leaderboard screen in the Career tab.
  • Fixed an issue causing some players to appear multiple times on the Career Page.
  • Fixed an issue where player banners could be missing from the Career Page.


  • Fixed instances of controller vibration/rumble disabling during Clone Clash.
  • Fixed an issue where Clone difficulty settings could be seen during Clone Clash.
  • Corrected Clone naming conventions during the post-game podium sequence.
  • Fixed an issue with the camera not following the ball after a pass.


  • Fixed an issue occasionally preventing players from passing after receiving the ball via a pass.
  • Fixed an issue where the ball cam would not work properly at the start of the game.
  • Fixed an issue where the goal replay would occasionally not be played.
  • Fixed an issue with player outlines still appearing after scoring a goal.


  • Fixed an issue where players would load into the incorrect arena when queueing for 2v2 or Arena 8.
  • Fixed an issue causing Stay as a Group to not work after exotic game mode matches.
  • Fixed an issue causing Quick Match queues to last longer than 5 minutes before auto-filling empty slots.
  • Fixed an issue where ban sanctions would not be lifted after the specified time.
  • Fixed an issue preventing matchmaking when a party member has an expired penalty timer.
  • Fixed an issue sometimes preventing Stay as a Group when all players accept.


  • Fixed an issue causing purchase of the Roller Pass to not unlock the track or earned items.
  • Fixed an issue where the Roller Pass tab would not appear in game.


  • Fixed an issue where contracts would progress after manually quitting an in-progress game.
  • Fixed an issue causing some sponsor contracts to reset after rebooting the title.


  • Fixed an issue where Lootball could not be opened.
  • Fixed an issue preventing controller navigation through the top main menu tabs.
  • Fixed an issue causing cosmetics to not change properly when swapping rapidly.
  • Fixed causes for multiple crashes including:
    • When launching the game
    • While in the Skatepark
    • When loading into the Arena 8 map
    • When purchasing the Roller Pass
    • When pressing Alt-F4 during a Custom Match.
    • During the match-start countdown when spectating.
    • When accessing a Custom Match.
    • On the league reveal screen after completing 10 placement matches.
    • When accessing the match menu in a Custom Match.
  • Fixed several occurrences of infinite loading occurring while loading into matches.
  • Multiple fixes to texture, clipping, or cosmetic visual issues.
  • Multiple fixes to localization and UI issues.
  • Improved stability in cases of:
    • Participating in multiple activities during one Skatepark session.
    • The beginning and end of the Star Dash Supernova activity.
    • Making goals in the Skatepark.
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