14 March 2019

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The optimization of your character in The Division 2 is about:

Crafting: It will be unlocked for you very early in the game. You can craft mods, gear and weapons. In order to do it, you will need the necessary blueprint and the materials.

The blueprints can be unlocked via projects, world drops or purchased directly from vendors.

Materials can be collected throughout the world but the most effective way is to deconstruct unwanted gear and weapons.

Mods: All weapons and gear can be improved with mods. The number of mods you can add depends on the number of slots of the weapon. There are 3 types of modes:

  • Weapon mod are attached to weapons. Each mod comes with a bonus and a drawback.
  • Gear mod are attached to gear empty slots. Gear mods only come with a bonus.
  • Skill mod are specific to skills. Discover the skill system here.

Recalibrating: Once you get closer to endgame, recalibration will become available. This will allow you to alter stats or talents. You will only be able to recalibrate one stat or talent, so choose wisely.

If you want to learn more about the weapons of The Division 2, read this article

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