13 October 2023

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Paradise Lost World First Winners


Let the celebrations begin, for the latest challenge, Incursion: Paradise Lost, has proven to be a test of skill and resilience, but our Agents have once again risen to the occasion. Across the realms of PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, we witnessed a remarkable showcase of teamwork, coordination, and sheer talent, with a total of 28 players taking center stage.

[TD2] Paradise Lost World First Winners - 2. Paradise Lost Group Art

Without further ado, allow us to introduce the champions.

Great job, Agents!


First group:

  • saGodly
  • De.Anima
  • Maou-Nobu
  • SanT.3TTT

Second group:

  • Heller.
  • m3rc33
  • ItsAstro_

Third group:

  • Man-chong
  • Tactical_Talmo
  • KR_Mad_Dog
  • goodplan77


First group:

  • Charlezo
  • oDD41
  • s whiteout
  • loks fs

Second group:

  • Floki V8
  • Jeal3yy
  • Nago
  • Yzjio

Third group:

  • l der Muffin l
  • xRiddick85x
  • SilentTurian


First group:

  • FutureHokage36
  • lXn_Xxl
  • mixy3761
  • NuclearsBH

Second group:

  • h7moody_545
  • m7md_07m-7
  • vCR7i

Third group:

  • Tropic_Thunda10
  • Turbo_HDWM
  • nurbenji
  • llRuss

What a spectacular performance by all those who raced to secure the coveted title of first completion, as well as those who joined the ranks of Paradise Lost as soon as its gates swung open, driven not by glory, but by the sheer thrill of the challenge.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to every participant, and we extend our best wishes to those who are still embarking on their journey into the Paradise Lost or to anyone contemplating giving it a shot.

The fight is not over yet; You can still win your spot in the Race to World First by finding other inventive ways to beat the Incursion. We'll keep an eye out and ears open for any breaking news.



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