2023 September 14

3 分(読むのにかかる時間)

[FH] News - Into The Fray

The For Honor "Into the Fray" Tournament returns for its third iteration! For four weekends starting September 30th, there will be cross-platform cross-region online 4v4 Dominion Tournaments with a total prize pool of $10,000.

Like the previous Into the Fray 2022, this year, ITF2023 participants will be separated into two divisions: Open and Invitational. Both will consist of a different ruleset- all information can be found on the main battlefy website: https://battlefy.com/for-honor-official-tournaments

We also encourage you to join the For Honor Official Tournaments Discord server where all communication and announcements (and future tournaments!) will take place: https://discord.com/invite/PsEJbGNS5h

Open Division:
Who can play: Players in eligible regions are encouraged to enter. Please note that the tournaments are cross-region, cross-platform, and participants must be 18 years of age or older. There is a registration cap of 64 teams per tournament.

When is it: There will be four(4) Open Qualifier Tournaments on the following dates:

  • Open Qualifier 1: September 30th

  • Open Qualifier 2: October 1st

  • Open Qualifier 3: October 7th

  • Open Qualifier 4: October 8th

Format: Open Qualifier Tournaments will follow a six round Swiss-Bracket, Conquest format*

Registration is open until the start time of the tournament and each tournament has a separate Battlefy page. The winning teams of each Open Qualifier are invited to compete in the Invitational Qualifier Tournament.

Invitational Division:
Who can play: Players who have previously qualified for the Dominion Series and previous Into the Fray Tournaments are allowed to play in this Division. However, entry is still by invitation and all qualified players will be contacted by the Tournament Organizers.

When is it: There will be one(1) Invitational Qualifier Tournament followed by the Grand Finals. The dates are the following:

  • Invitational Qualifier: October 14th

Format: Invitational Qualifier Tournament will also follow a Swiss-Bracket, Conquest format. The top four(4) teams of the Qualifier will compete in the Grand Finals.

Watch the Grand Finals Stream on October 21st !

Join us on Oct 21st for an epic Grand Finals and watch which of the best teams from the Invitational Division will be crowned this year's ITF2023 Champions! Twitch Drops will be rewarded for those who tune in.

*What is Conquest?\

Conquest is a match format which aims to be a simple method of increasing character diversity in a competitive tournament. This essentially means that within a round, each team can only pick characters that they haven't already won a match using. This means that to a win a Best of 3 Match, a team must field 8 characters total. If a team loses a map, they do not have to change characters, but may do so if they wish, as long as they do not pick any characters with which they have won a previous map in that round.

For more information on rulesets, prize pool breakdown, and stream, please visit: https://battlefy.com/for-honor-official-tournaments

Good luck, Warriors!