2023 November 30

5 分(読むのにかかる時間)

Warrior’s Den Recap – November 30

Welcome back to the holiday season of For Honor! This article will highlight all the good content coming your way in Year 7 Season 4 and recap everything that took place in the Warrior's Den.


For more details we suggest checking out the VOD for Y7S4 TU1 Warrior's Den Livestream.

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Y7S4 Roadmap

Here is everything you can expect this upcoming season. We've got a new Battle Pass and Battle Bundle landing on December 7th, which is the start of our new season: Treason. We also have an event going on titled Frost Wind Betrayal, which will run from December 7th - December 28th, featuring the return of the Limited-Time Event Gamemode, Ice Brawlers!  A free event pass will also be included where you will be able to earn the following items:

  • Battle Outfit: Snowy Betrayal 
  • Ornament: Tusks of Betrayal 
  • Mood Effect: Betrayal Aftermath 

Of course, we have our new, incredible Highlander Hero Skin, Oathbreaker Maddox, available starting on December 7th for 25,000 Steel. Testing Grounds will re-open on December 14th, focusing on three hero changes, and will run until December 24th.

The Hero Fests for Y7S4 TU1 will be as follows:

  • Highlander (Jan 4th - 11th)
  • Warlord (Jan 11th-18th
  • Warmonger (Jan 25th - Feb 1st)

To wrap things up, we've got some Throwback Events coming up as well:

  • Realistic Elimination (Dec 28th - Jan 4th
  • Justice of Pharaohs (Jan 18th - 25th

Oathbreaker Maddox Highlander Hero Skin

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The Highlander, Maddox, wears the skin of a sabertoothed tiger to identify himself as what he is: a survivor. Once a warrior without a home, he was welcomed into the village of Moldar by the people as one of their own. There, he found a new family and a place to belong. But when the Order of Horkos attacked, Maddox found himself torn. To prevent the slaughter of his people, he had to do the unthinkable. To survive, he had to break his oath to the Chimera Alliance - and to his family.

Oathbreaker Maddox Hero Skin will cost 25,000 Steel and will be available starting December 7th, along with his short stories that will be available on our website starting December 8th.

Patch Notes & Quality of Life Changes

Along with a few changes to some heroes, we've implemented something known as local tone mapping. The main goal of this is to enhance visibility and provide a better experience overall. During the Warrior's Den, we showcased some before and after footage and the results look great. The tone mapping option is available to pc and next gen consoles.

As far as hero improvements, there's been some changes to dodge bashes and Hitokiri received some changes as well. To hear the Dev Team comments on all the changes coming, we recommend you check out the VOD of the Y7S4 TU1 Warrior's Den.

Testing Grounds

During the Warrior's Den, we had a Testing Grounds segment where we showcased some theoretical changes to Medjay, Peacekeeper and Highlander.

We implemented new moves for Medjay and Peacekeeper:

For the Medjay, we implemented a new move called, "Mid Chain Zone Attack"

For Peacekeeper we implemented a new move called, "Iron Mountain"

For Highlander, our goal was to increase his Offensive Form Side Dodge attacks, as well as adding extra safety to entering Offensive Form.

Testing Grounds will be open from December 14th to the 21st , so please be sure to participate and let us know your thoughts.

If you would like a more detailed breakdown of the Testing Grounds, you can watch a VOD of the segment at Twitch.tv/ForHonorGame or read the Testing Grounds article here.

Tournament Recap

During this segment, we went over the winners of the finals of Into The Fray which took place back in October! Nemesis went undefeated, never dropping a game, and claimed first place. We had well over 300 participating teams and the games were casted by none other than Verbalosity and Norgoz. For full bracket results, visit our Battlefy page. The VOD of the Invitational Finals is also available on our twitch page, here.

We also had Pro-Ams wrap up recently on Nov 19th, which had over 200 individuals participating. Each member of the winning teams were given a Kensei statue while second and third place were given steel codes.

The winning teams for Pro-Ams were:


1st - RED MOON
2nd - Pasta Vodka
3rd - GibtKeinNamE


1st - Pro am team :)
3rd - i_have_memes is bad

A bragging rights match also took place between "RED MOON" and "Pro am team :)", which was also streamed on our Twitch Page here.

Although the first-place team in NA, "Pro am team :)", was captained by Blitss who won the previous NA Pro-Am Tournament, RED MOON ended up walking away with the victory!  Interesting to see some familiar faces winning these tournaments as they continue to solidify themselves as competitive For Honor Legends.

This was a brief recap of what was presented on the Warrior's Den Livestream on Nov 30th! As a reminder, we invite you to check out the more in-depth VOD on our Twitch Page of all content mentioned above. Otherwise, see you on the battlefield on December 7th for our Y7S4: Treason TU1 Launch!