25 September 2023

Season 8 Patch Note

Patch Highlights

New sport: The skateboard arrives in the Republic on September 27th.

Try it out for free with the demo or through our season program of weekly content. And if you want to continue the experience anytime, anywhere, grab the Skate add-on or the Skate Plus Pack. It'll unlock the Skate Career with 15 events, 4 stunts and 3 new sponsors: Pizza, Mini Logo and Powell Peralta.

World update: Located in Brice Canyon, a new festival venue is born! Join The Deck and explore its different areas, The Vans Skate Park, The Plaza, The X Games site, The Containers village, The Pools or the Hangar. Each offers different opportunities for a different style!

New gameplay features: Once you're on the skateboard, you'll notice a few changes from the way you played in Republic. A different scoring method. And pipe edges are now fair game for grinding! The BMX hasn't been left behind and will be able to grind bowls and pipes as well!

User Generated Content: You asked for Replay Mode, and it'll be available after maintenance on September 26th. Capture your best tricks from a whole new set of angles or use it to find the best moment to get the best shot.


Controls: The "Walk" and "Backtrack" inputs are switched by default in this patch. You can always change the controls to suit your style in the Options tab to return to the previous preset.

Live Content: The weekly activities have received some upgrades to make them more interesting, don't sleep on them!

UGC Menu: Big changes are coming to events and we're preparing the field. The UGC menu has received its first changes with the addition of the Skate tab and the Recommended Content tab, which will be filled based on the creations you play.

Tricks: Spamming the same trick won't count towards the combo score.

Tricks Academy: Multiple lessons for the same sport can be taken right after the previous one. No more skipping classes!

Sponsors: Daily sponsor contracts asking you to participate in a showdown match have been removed.


  • The Peace Out emote has changed slightly.

  • Live Events and Live Areas are now correctly displayed on every weekly rotation.

  • Fixed some weekly challenges that were difficult to complete.

  • Fixed some first-person camera issues.

  • Ice Melt secondary objectives can now be completed.

  • Various hoverboard, snowmobile tricks and BMX bug fixes.

  • Fixed PS button appearing in wrong places.

  • Fixed some checkpoints that would still count if you did not pass through them.


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