20 December 2023

Winter Season

On December 20th, we will kick off the Winter Season! A good time to embrace some hygge, right? Or join the winter activities the Republic has in store for Season 9!
13 weeks of Challenges, Live Areas and Live Events for everyone! More competitive mass races? You bet! And Oni X is back to make sure you don't slow down during the winter!
And to begin this article, let's have a quick visual recap, shall we?

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The Cartoon Pack!

Since the introduction of Cartoon Mode in Republic, there's been a longing to experience the world in cel-shading all the time or capture it in photos. Guess what? Now you can!
Grab the pack and get not one, but two pairs of glasses to immerse yourself in a cartoonish dimension!
Or wear the full outfit to look like you're hand drawn to all the other riders around you!
And for those moments when you're itching to capture the magic in action, our pack has you covered with a nifty Cel-Shading filter. Whether you're in Photo Mode or Replay Mode, this special feature lets you snap screenshots or record videos with an extra dash of animated flair!
The pack will be on sale for the first two weeks of Season 9, so don't miss out!

New Seasonal Content

Tis' the season to sit back, wrap up warm, and toast the year's victories.
In Republic, a new season isn't just a change of weather; it's an adventure waiting to unfold each week. New elements to conquer, new places to meet your fellow riders, and a gear-filled progression that's nothing short of epic.
Brace yourself for a 20 level journey where one of the final rewards is an exclusive edition of SteepSteep's Gilson skis.
Ride on and reap the winter's bounty!

Mass Race Competition

Get your competitive juices flowing, racers! Season 8 has kicked off the thrills and spills, and the Mass Race competition is still going strong in the Republic. A seven-day adrenaline rush of special Mass Races where everyone's armed with top-of-the-line gear and there are no collisions to slow you down - the ultimate recipe for pushing the speedometer to the limit.
This season, get ready for Mass Race action every three weeks, a rhythm that keeps the excitement pumping. As in Season 9, your rank will unlock special rewards. Finish in the top three and you'll receive unique gear each competitive week. Make it to the podium in four different mass race events and the coveted full outfit is yours. Ready, set, race for glory!

[RR] - Winter Season - Screenshot_MassRaceReward_news

Oni X!

Guess who's still throwing down the gauntlet in the Republic? Oni X, the relentless challenger, is back in the mix, ensuring riders stay on the edge of their seats. Brace yourselves, because this season, he's woven into the program, serving up a fresh challenge every three weeks.
For those daring enough to face Oni X and emerge victorious each time, there's a gleaming reward waiting - a slick, shiny outfit to flaunt your triumphs. The question echoes through the slopes: Are you ready to take on the challenge and carve your name into the legend? The stage is set, riders - saddle up and show Oni X what you're made of!

[RR] - Winter Season - Screenshot_OniXReward_News

As he offers new challenges, Oni X enters the arena in the perfect winter outfit! Conquering with both comfort and style, this Oni X Winter outfit will be available in the store throughout Season 9. Whether it grants you Oni X's abilities or just keeps you warm, it's a win-win!

[RR] - Winter Season - Screenshot_SnowOniX_news


Party on, Riders! As the year comes to a close, the Republic is throwing a celebration extravaganza just for you. Join Standa for a ride to ring in the New Year and a special Lunar New Year rendezvous!
Prepare for weeks of events where every turn brings a new adventure. And that's not all - strut your stuff in a brand new outfit created just for the Year of the Dragon. For those ready to embrace the challenge, a special reward awaits in celebration of the Lunar New Year! The year is going out with a bang, so saddle up and don't miss out on the festivities!

[RR] - Winter Season - Screenshot_ChineseNewYear_news

Embrace the season, riders! Just a friendly reminder not to exhaust all your energy in the mass races or facing off against Oni X---save some for the challenges Season 10 has in store!


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