26 September 2023

The Deck Skateboarding Festival

Hey riders, did you hear? There's a new festival in the Republic, and skateboarders are invited to join the party!

Let's start with some basic information!

Looking for the patch notes? Right here!

Want to know what's coming when?

September 26th after maintenance:

  • The Replay Mode
  • The Deck, the new area

September 27th at 1PM UTC.  6AM PT / 9AM EDT / 1PM UTC / 3PM CEST:

  • The Skateboard!
  • A New Season Progression
  • And the start of Season 8, with 12 weeks of activity!

Let's dive into the details!

The Deck Skateboard Festival

This season is more than just adding skateboarding to the Republic. On top of it, we're also adding a new area, The Deck, and the Ridge teleport will get you there quickly!

But that's not all. We've got a new season progression and 12 weeks of entertainment in store for you. Expect exciting events, joyous celebrations, competitive programs, and engaging challenges to keep you on your toes!

And we even threw Replay Mode into the mix!

So get ready to immerse yourself in an extraordinary season. It's time to embrace the excitement and join us on The Deck!

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The Skate

Okay, we know you're really interested in skateboarding in the Republic. One of the biggest events of the season is the arrival of this new sport, and we've made sure it's as good as it gets!

Get ready for an unforgettable skateboarding experience! We've added more controls to deliver a rich set list of iconic skateboard moves, more than in any other sport of the Republic. In addition to using the triggers, you can now perform a variety of combos with the bumper buttons. Grab the board in different ways with the left bumper, or focus on board flips with the triggers alone.

Skateboards come in two main types: street and ramp. Street boards are perfect for pulling off intricate tricks and combos close to the ground, while ramp boards excel at spectacular aerial maneuvers. Depending on the type of board you're using, you'll be able to perform different tricks!

Skateboarding introduces a unique scoring system. Longer combos and a variety of tricks, grinds and manuals will increase your score. Avoid repetition to maximize your score.

Explore our new skateboarding area where you can achieve impressive airtime by building speed. Keep pushing your limits to reach new heights.

Skateboarding in Republic is all about unleashing your creativity. Try it out in different areas and blaze new tech lines!

You can try it for free with the demo or through our Season program with weekly events or live areas. And if you want to continue the experience anytime, anywhere, grab the Skate Add-on or the Skate Plus Pack. It unlocks the Skateboard Career with 15 events with a spectacular finale, 4 challenging stunts, the ability to skate anywhere with the many boards you'll unlock in the dedicated progression, and new sponsors.

If you want a leg up on the competition, check out this tutorial!


Coming with the skate add-on, we have 3 shiny names coming into the republic to make sure we get some of the best skate gear possible. And it's nothing short of legend!

Pizza Skateboards: A prominent skateboard brand, Pizza Skateboards was founded by skateboarders Michael Pulizzi and Tristan Funkhouser. The brand is known for its distinctive deck designs, often with artistic elements, and has garnered a dedicated following within the skateboarding community.

Mini Logo: Known for providing affordable skateboard decks, wheels and other skateboard hardware. They prioritize providing quality products without the premium price tag.

Powell Peralta: Powell Peralta is a legendary name in the skateboarding industry, co-founded by George Powell and Stacy Peralta. This brand has a storied history and has played a pivotal role in shaping skateboarding culture. Powell Peralta is celebrated for its iconic skateboard decks, which feature unique graphics, and its enduring influence on skateboard deck design and production over the years.

The Deck

The Deck Skateboarding Festival is gearing up for an unforgettable event at a brand new location in our republic! This venue is our most densely packed yet, offering a variety of spaces to accommodate different skateboarding styles.

From The Plaza, our central hub for relaxation and socializing. But not without surprise challenges and contests! To the X Games site, where massive pipes and ramps await the daredevils among you. Show off your biggest tricks and catch some serious air.

Don't miss the Vans Skate Park, the Containers Village, The Pools or The Hangar, no matter what your skateboarding preference, we have something special in store for everyone. Get ready for The Deck Skateboarding Festival - an event that promises thrills and excitement for all.

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Replay Mode

The addition you've all been carving is finally here in the Republic! You know, it's been on our wish list for a long time, and we even had some catchy tunes to hype it up around Christmas. But now it's real, and it's going to change the game.

Say goodbye to the old-school way of filming your lines with just three angles. Now the sky is the limit! You can choose your point of view, whether you're chilling or on the move. Plus, you're in control of time itself. Yes, you heard that right - time manipulation at your fingertips.

But wait, there's more! Remember all those killer filters you love in photo mode? Well, guess what? They're all here in Replay mode, and we've added some extra spice, like a FishEye filter.

For those of you who like to get the perfect shot, we've got your back, too. Replay mode lets you pinpoint the exact moment you want to capture. No more hand gymnastics and endless retakes to get that sweet handplant shot you've been dreaming about!

Whether you're looking to capture the sickest moments or shred in style, Replay Mode is here to make your skating life even more epic.

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Mass Race Competitions

Mass Races are a staple of the Republic. And we know that the competitive community has been asking for collision-free mass races for some time. We have accommodated this with frequent no-collision mass races. But now the problem is knowing when those mass races will appear.

In addition to the themed Mass Races, this season we have prepared 3 weeks dedicated to competitive Mass Races. With the best gear for everyone and no collisions. The right setup for the sweatiest races. 

Want to show you're one of the fastest? Reach top 3 in the first week and you'll get an exclusive pair of pants. Reach Top 3 in the second week and you'll get an exclusive jersey. Repeat the performance during the 3rd week and you'll get the competition exclusive helmet. And if you dominate all 3 weeks, you'll get to complete the outfit with prized goggles.

We'll be announcing these contests ahead of time so you won't miss out. Gear up, Mass Race fanatics!

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That's not all, of course, but we wouldn't want to spoil all the surprises, would we?

See you in the Republic Riders!


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