Y9S1 Designer's Notes

In this latest edition of Designer's Notes, we'll go into detail about the balancing changes that will come with the Y9S1 Update and give you some insight into the reasons behind them.



Please note that we are using presence to gauge the popularity of an Operator. This notion had to be introduced to reflect the implementation of the pick & ban.

Presence definition: pick rate of an Operator when not banned. Win Delta: The Win Delta is aggregated from Operator's Win Deltas per Bomb Site.





  • Barriers have 999hp.
  • Barriers are vulnerable to bullet damage.
  • The damage dealt to the barriers depends on the weapons' caliber or destruction output.

Azami has reinvented the way to defend some sites and have made others viable or at least more comfortable for defenders. Her ability to reshape the map is something that has changed Siege forever. But in a lot of situations, her ability requires too much from attackers or creates unfair situations.

They can be placed in locations that are impossible to reach with melees or extremely risky to approach. Additionally, explosives as the only reliable way to counter them makes her very taxing for Attackers and limits their flexibility to pick operators with non-explosive utility. Repeatedly destroying placed barriers is tedious and frustrating for attackers, even more so if you have used explosives to deal with them.

To try and solve those problems, we tested several options that were later discarded:

  • Soft: The idea was to allow bullets to go through the barrier. This turned the barriers into an indestructible soft wall, which was interesting, and fixed some nasty pixel peeks that are unchallengeable for attackers. It also mitigated the urgency to destroy them, therefore the resources required, as you could pre-fire through them to inhibit the defender from using them. But we considered that this took away too much of the Kiba Barrier's identity.

  • Lifespan: In this prototype, the barriers would only last for a specific time and then they would auto-destroy. The main problem with this version was that Attackers didn't have any authority or a new way to deal with them besides waiting, and it wasn't a fun interaction.

Finally, we decided that adding a new way to destroy them from a distance was the best approach, so the barriers keep their essence and Attackers have more options. Kiba Barriers will now be vulnerable to bullets. They will take damage and get destroyed when their life is down to 0. As they are similar to walls, the damage received will be affected by the weapon caliber, so high caliber weapons, such as DMRs or LMGs, will destroy the barriers faster, while lower caliber weapons, such as Handguns or SMGs, will require more bullets. 

All the other ways to destroy the barriers will remain the same, so a single explosion or 3 melee hits will also do the job. However, you can combine them, so hitting them twice and then shooting at them from a safer location is possible.



  • Weapon reload speed increase bonus removed.
  • Clears the shields' Suppressive Fire debuff. Reduces its effect by 50% if applied while affected by Adrenal Surge.

We have removed the weapon reload bonus from the Adrenal Surge to make the bonus on the new Angled Grip more appealing. Without speeding-up the animations and with the possibility of both effects stacking, the new attachment wasn't as impactful as we wanted.




  • New classes: Revolver, Sniper Rifle, Slug Shotgun.


  • Movement speed reduced by 10%.


  • Normalized and simplified ADS curve transitions:
  • Fast: Handguns, Revolvers, Shotguns.
  • Medium: Marksman Rifles, Sniper Rifles.
  • Slow: Machine Pistols, Submachine Guns, Assault Rifles, Light Machine Guns, Slug Shotguns.


  • Reduced ADS speed from idle/walk stances:
  • Handgun: 240ms (from 200).
  • Revolver: 240ms (from 200).
  • Machine Pistol: 380ms (from 280).
  • Submachine Gun: 460ms (from 300).
  • Assault Rifle: 520ms (from 400).
  • Light Machine Gun: 560ms (from 450).
  • Marksman Rifle: 520ms (from 400).
  • Sniper Rifle: 520ms (from 400).
  • Shotgun: 340ms (from 250).
  • Slug Shotgun: 520ms (from 400).
  • Hand Cannon: 240ms (from 200).
  • Reduced ADS speed from sprint (same proportion).
  • Launchers are also affected. The ADS Speed depends on their type of sight.

With the goal of increasing players' options, weapon customization, and accessibility, we have taken a look at all the weapons in the game and normalized their configuration according to their class. We have cleared all the exceptions and strange mixes, such as the Commando 9 that was a mix of AR-SMG and is now 100% an AR, so everyone will know what to expect from a weapon just by checking its class but while the classes are new the gameplay hasn't changed.

We have also taken a deeper look at the LMG class. We nerfed them significantly last year to address the LMG-meta, but now we can bring them back. Along with tweaks to specific weapons that are listed below, we are going to add a movement penalty to the whole class to compensate for their magazine capacity.

Clearing all the fundamentals has allowed us to expand on the Weapon Attachments System by adding new attachments and new types of bonuses, as you will see below.

The current speed makes peeking a corner too advantageous, entering danger should be properly judged and have risks. Therefore, we have reduced the ADS speed across all weapons. The new timings aim to reduce the strength of fast-peeking and return some advantage to holding an angle or repositioning. Additionally, we have simplified what determines the precision from hip fire to aiming down sights, leaving only 3 typologies:

  • Fast: Most of the precision is gained during the initial part of the transition (antilogarithmic). You can shoot with relatively good precision during the aiming animation.
  • Medium: The precision is increased at a constant pace (linear).
  • Slow: Most of the precision is gained during the final part of the transition (logarithmic). During the animation, it is more likely to still miss some shots on the target because it takes longer to transition from hip fire accuracy to ADS



Category: No sight.

  • Magnification: 1.0x.
  • Added +10% ADS speed bonus.


Category: Non-magnifying.

  • Magnification: 1.0x.
  • Added +5% ADS speed bonus.


Category: Magnifying.

  • Magnification: ~2.5x.
  • Attackers' distribution:
  • Available on every weapon.
  • Defenders' distribution:
  • 9mm C1: Frost.
  • P10 Roni: Mozzie.
  • 9x19SVN: Tachanka.
  • ACS12: Alibi, Maestro, Azami.
  • AR-15.50: Tubarao.
  • BOSG.12.2: Vigil.
  • Mk 14 ERB: Aruni.
  • MP5K: Wamai.
  • MP5: Doc, Melusi, Rook.
  • P90: Doc, Rook.
  • TCSG12: Goyo, Kaid.
  • UMP45: Castle.
  • UZK50GI: Thorn.
  • Vector .45 ACP: Goyo.


Category: Magnifying.

  • Magnification: ~3.5x.
  • Available only on Attacking DMRs.


  • Increased middle dot size:
  • Holo A.
  • Holo C.
  • Red Dot C.
  • Magnified A.
  • Reduced middle dot size:
  • Holo B.
  • Magnified C.

A few years ago, using the sight with the highest magnification was the way to go, now the 1.5x is the default. We want sight selection to be an important decision based on your strategy for the round. So, we have reworked the entire attachment category.

First off, we have made an existing option more meaningful. The "None" sight option is now Iron Sight and has a category, No Sight. You will aim faster if you choose Iron Sights, its shape will depend on the weapon, so there is a wide variety of options to explore and test if they fit your play style.

Secondly, we have the Non-Magnifying category, which includes all the attachable sights without magnification. This is a category you already know and is where you can find the Red Dot, Holographic, and Reflex sights. This category will also have an ability, and similarly No Sight, they will increase your ADS speed but with a lower percentage as they are generally more comfortable to use. We have also detected a couple of reticles that were slightly better than the rest, so we have re-balanced them.

Finally, we have reorganized all the Magnifying scopes. There are fewer magnifications, making the choice and differences between each one more meaningful. We have kept only two, now called Magnified and Telescopic. For each scope type, you will have a few options to choose depending on which one is more comfortable for you. We have also tweaked the Magnified A and C reticles, so the options are balanced.

The Magnifying scopes' distribution has also changed. We believe that now every sight has its pros and cons, so we can be less restrictive with their distribution:

  • The Magnified will be available on every Assault Rifle, Submachine Gun, Light Machine Gun, Marksman Rifle, and Slug Shotgun in Attack.
  • The Magnified will be available on every Slug Shotgun, Marksman Rifle, and in some designated Submachine Gun in Defense (listed above).
  • The Telescopic will be available on every Marksman Rifle in Attack.

All the changes listed here, will create a lot of possibilities and many new scenarios. This is a new beginning for the weapon attachments system. We are happy with the current proposal, but we will monitor everything closely and continue making adjustments if needed in future patches.



  • Removed Hip Fire bonus.
  • Added +10% ADS speed bonus.

The Laser bonus has changed to ADS speed.

Now that we are tweaking the ADS speed across all the weapons, we didn't want to have this bonus limited to only those with access to grips. The laser has been available on almost every weapon since Y6S3.0, so everyone can use it and benefit from its ability.

Additionally, the Laser has the downside of revealing your presence, so it made sense to pair it with one of the most aggressive bonuses.



  • Removed ADS speed bonus.
  • Added +20% weapon reload speed.


  • The "None" option is now called "Horizontal Grip".
  • Added +5% movement speed bonus.


  • Bonus reduced to +20% vertical recoil control (from +25%).

We have added a new option, the Horizontal Grip. Just as with the Iron Sight, it is a rework of the "None" grip option into a viable and meaningful choice. It will grant you extra mobility. Bear in mind that we are not making any operator move faster than they currently can, this attachment only allows you to move at the "handgun" speed but with your primary weapon, at the cost of sacrificing the other grip bonuses. 

The Angled Grip has also been reworked, and now grants Weapon Reload speed, an exciting bonus for those weapons that need to reload often or have long animations.

Silencers and Extended Barrels have been more popular since their respective reworks, so we have also reduced the recoil control bonus of the Vertical Grip, making equipping them a tougher decision.

Only weapons with access to the Grips section can make use of these options. By default, they are unavailable, and you must equip the attachment to get the ability. As an example, the MP5K doesn't have the Vertical Grip bonus, and the F2 doesn't have the Horizontal Grip bonus.




  • Every operator equipped with a Ballistic Shield will keep it in front while sprinting.
  • An operator equipped with a Ballistic Shield can push through a barricade without having to hit them twice. Does not work from rappel.

Weapon handling:

  • The ability to hip fire has been removed.
  • Reduced accuracy during the shield unequip animation.
  • During the ADS animation with a shield, the weapon will not shoot until it is pointing forward.
  • Reduced ADS time to 0.5 seconds walking and 0.55 seconds sprinting (from 0.6 both).
  • The reload animation is performed behind the shield.
  • The reload will now be triggered automatically when the weapon runs out of bullets.


  • New defensive melee animation.
  • The melee now deals pushback and 65hp damage (from 100% DBNO).
  • New gadget throw animation from behind the shield (the animation will arrive in a later update).
  • New gadget trigger animation from behind the shield.
  • The Ballistic Shield remains equipped while escorting the Hostage.
  • Touching fire will trigger the guard break with 40% intensity (same as electricity).


*Please note: The "Freelook Throw" animation has been disabled temporarily and will be fixed in a later update.  *

  • Can hold the FREE LOOK button to check your surroundings while keeping the Ballistic Shield aiming forward.
  • Can throw gadgets towards the direction you are looking.


  • The operator will be suppressed if the Ballistic Shield receives too many bullet impacts.
  • Trigger: 10 bullets.
  • Maximum intensity: 40 bullets.
  • Fall off: 7 seconds.
  • While suppressed, the operator cannot sprint. 
  • While suppressed, the visibility is reduced according to the effect's intensity. 


  • Blitz
  • Fuze
  • Montagne
  • Clash (only suppressive fire)

We have reimagined the mechanics around the ballistic shields in the game. Focusing on the shield being safer to use and support orientated at range as well as more threatening in close quarters. This will allow shield ops to take ground, provide more intel and control combat engagements with greater efficiency.  

This update also helps realign our ballistic shields to follow two core Siege design principles: 

  1. To be lethal with a gun, you need to be vulnerable.
  2. Actions from Player's direct input are not to be randomized. They are to be deliberate, consistent and reliable.

Removing the hip fire feature from the ballistic shields serves these principles.

Like all other weapons and equipment, it is our goal to make sure every item in our operator's armories has a role and is viable when deployed with creative strategies and teamplay. We will be monitoring these changes and bringing more updates to our shields in the future.



PC & Console

  • Reduced first kick.
  • Reduced vertical recoil.
  • The recoil will remain stable for longer during a sustained fire burst.


  • Ram
  • Zofia

The LMG-E's recoil is one of the hardest to control in R6, especially if the player tries to empty its magazine without releasing the trigger. We've seen how this weapon's popularity and performance has decreased during the last few seasons, and that is why we want to make the recoil less challenging for players. The new Movement Speed Reduction for the LMG Class allows us to employ meaningful changes. That said, due to its huge magazine and high rate of fire, the LMG-E recoil will still be one of the hardest to control within the LMG Class.



PC & Console

  • Reduced first kick.
  • Reduced vertical recoil.
  • Reduced lateral recoil.
  • The recoil will remain stable for longer during a sustained fire burst.


  • Finka
  • Fuze

The 6P41 was one of the highest performance weapons in the game during Y7, due to the combination of great fire power and a strong operator like Finka behind it. In the last few years, we've released several changes that have made the weapon one of the hardest to control which consequently makes it perform below average. The addition of the Movement Speed Reduction for LMGs allows us to restore some of its former glory by setting an easier to control recoil, this should make this weapon a more balanced and appealing option for players.



PC & Console

  • Reduced first kick.
  • Reduced vertical recoil.
  • Reduced lateral recoil.
  • The recoil will remain stable for longer during a sustained fire burst.


  • Capitao
  • Attacker Recruit

Capitao's M249 has maintained very similar performance when compared with its loadout alternative the PARA-308, but its popularity has been way lower. The inclusion of the new Movement Speed Reduction paired with updated recoil should make it easier to control, this change aims to increase the popularity of the M249, which should invite Capitao players to spend more time with his LMG.

M249 SAW


PC & Console

  • Reduced first kick.
  • Reduced lateral recoil.
  • The recoil will remain stable for longer during a sustained fire burst.


  • Gridlock

Gridlock's LMG is currently in a good spot in terms of performance and pick rate when compared to its alternative the F90. The new LMG Class Movement Speed reduction could disrupt this loadout equilibrium, to avoid this we are making the M249 SAW recoil easier to control.



PC & Console

  • Reduced vertical recoil.
  • The recoil will remain stable for longer during a sustained fire burst.


  • Amaru
  • IQ

The G8A1 is the most picked and best performing weapon in Amaru's loadout but it has remained as an under performing and under picked weapon for IQ for a long time.

The inclusion of the Speed Reduction for LMGs gives us more space to make the G8A1 recoil a little easier to control, this should ensure that this weapon retains and potentially improves its performance and appeal to players.

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