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    Dx11 is still a stuttering laggy mess and Dx12 is still a crashfest. What a shame.

  • Aranorde
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    Our June Update (TU13) should have improved the crashes happening on PC and we have seen a reduction in the number of reports around this issue. However please do let us know if you continue to experience these crashes.

    How high were you when you typed this?

    Not only this is freaking lie, if it actually happened then it is people abandoning this god-forsaken-mess-of-a-game! Not actual reduction in the crashes.

  • kreemkrackered
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    @aranorde absolutely right - the number or reports have dropped because players have abandoned the game due to Ubisoft's inability to resolve the problem - simple as that.

    I find it incredulous that a software company as big as Ubisoft cannot resolve a problem with it's own software - and it's a real shame because players used to love the product...

  • bleclair
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    Yep, something is hosed. I last played this game two months ago and now I can't play at all. It either crashes immediately or reboots my laptop.

    Ubisoft, [censored]?

    Dubya Tee F is censored. Lol.

  • fargone95
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    @bleclair this game is full of bugs, i can't even finish the patengone i crash delta 3 error in the chain. impossible to finish ... RIP game

  • TTVxIndicaxHigh
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    Hello Agents,

    We are investigating an ongoing issue where players may experience a crash to desktop on PC.

    To help our investigation, it would help if system files, video/pictures, and steps taken before the crash are forwarded to the support team.

    We consider this our top priority at the moment and appreciate your assistance as we continue to investigate.

    [March 9th, 2021]
    • We hoped to have resolved these issues with our March 9th Maintenance: (https://forums.ubisoft.com/showthread.php/2325892-COMPLETED-Maintenance-March-9th-2021), however, this is still ongoing and so is our investigation into the issue.

    [March 23rd, 2021]
    • While separate from the above issue, we're aware that a recent update on PC is causing some players games to freeze and crash. For more information visit this thread.: (https://forums.ubisoft.com/showthread.php/2331502-Investigating-Crashes-to-desktop-after-23-03-2021?p=15387874#post15387874)
    • Update: The game crashes after 23/03/2021 have been fixed, but we continue to investigate the original crash issue in this thread.

    [June 29th, 2021]
    • Our June Update (TU13: (https://forums.ubisoft.com/showthread.php/2346533-UPDATED-Maintenance-June-3rd-2021)) should have improved the crashes happening on PC and we have seen a reduction in the number of reports around this issue. However please do let us know if you continue to experience these crashes.

    //The Division Team

    This crashing issue has been around before TU13 was even a thing.

    What players need to do is stop using DirectX 12 due to a issue that Massive & Ubisoft have ignored sense the first division game. The June update has not fixed the issues that DX12 has. This game cannot use DX12 because DX12 being a unstable API for the game. Everyone is forced to use DX11 because it causes the game to crash less. I already explained that this issue has bee around sense The Division 1 an it was left ignored an then found its way to The Division 2 an its been left unfixed sense launch. I explained it many times what happens. On DX12 you cannot ALT+Tab out because once you click the application an reopen full screen mode. You are hit with "The Game Has Crashed" Another issue with DX12 that the game will turn itself on windowed mode on bootup an when you turn it back to Fullscreen you're hit again with "The Game Has Crashed" Message. I don't know why Ubisoft hasn't removed DX12 entirely from the game because they keep ignoring the issues with it. I already explained countless times how it happens an explained above what DX12 does when enabled. DX12 is a broken API on this game including The Division 1 an i also forgot to mention DX12 also has unexpected crash's in the middle of the game as well. All DX11 does it have less issues an less crash's sense its more stable on hardware then DX12 is.

    Please tell Ubisoft & Massive or whoever take's you're reports to fix the issues on DirectX 12 or just remove it from the game entirely. I've had a 1050 Ti Mobile, RTX 2070 Mobile an a Desktop 5700XT an it was all the same issue running the game on DX12. It doesn't matter what specifications you have an no matter if you're using a gaming laptop. The game has issues with DX12 on all hardware. I know this issue is happening somewhere else but, why don't we go to the root of the issue. That should've been fixed back in The Division 1.

    Not even having the recent update's an GPU drivers have fixed this issue either. Because i still play Division 1 an every update has not resolved this issue that made its way to The Division 2 which has been no surprise. I don't understand why they are trying hard to sweep that issue under the rug instead of just fixing whatever issue the division 2 has with DX12 API. Hell add VULKAN because it been flawless with Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

  • Kristlfox
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    I've Played half a year without issues.
    Since 3 Weeks or so crashes happen.
    Since last update, where the crashes should have been investigated and be reduced, I even have more issues. The game is litterally unplayable since.

    I tried out:

    • check game files in Ubisoft GUI (multiple times)
    • DX12/DX11 switch
    • window/fullscreen mode handled by application or windows
    • normal graphic settings from NVIDIA, low/performance settings, Settings from the web, point shadows off etc
    • Gsync, VSync, No sync

    nothing at all did any change!
    If I am lucky I can do one mission. Then: jerky picture, window mode, crash. Sometimes PC freeze. Seems to happen more easily in group mode.

    Such a nice game I've been playing since beta, but unplayable now.

    Processor   Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700K CPU @ 4.00GHz, 4001 MHz, 4 Kern(e), 8 logische(r) Prozessor(en)
    RAM   16,0 GB
    Graphics   NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080

  • Dhr_ROMC_
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    @ubi-lucipus Hi, I still get hard-crashes into desktop when trying to play TD2. The game starts-up fine with no issues, but as soon as I load into my character and try to run forward my game freezes and hard-crashes into desktop. Like literraly 5 sec to max 30 sec in game and it hard-crashes everytime. System specs Ryzen 5 5600X and Radeon RX 6700 XT, B550 and 32 @ 3200 mhz. Can play every other game at 1440p ultra settings with no problem. Division 1 no probs, but TD2; unplayable. I did try all kinds of different graphical game settings low, medium up to ultra but nothing changes, it only happens in TD2.

  • rhabola
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    @kristlfox what worked for me was to download latest version of "ubisoft connect" and re-install it. You may want to try it.

  • vigilvindex
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    @ubi-lucipus I have been submitting at least 10-20 crash reports a day for the past week. Trying to complete anything is difficult due to the crashes. I just try to submit the crash report and boot back into the game as fast as possible in the hope that the rest of the group do not kick me for disconnecting. There is no option to skip the splash screens or legal disclaimers so getting back into the game takes longer that it could so that doesn't help either. The crashes are intermittent, I can play for half an hour then I can not even load past the menu for the crashes.

    If there is nothing else that can be done for the division 2 then please make the crash reporting tool in uPlay better by letting us see how many crash reports we have submitted and let us track them because just now it feels like we are just sending crash reports into a black hole never to be seen or looked at by human eyes again.

    MsInfo: https://pastebin.com/kYfpdUmF: (https://pastebin.com/kYfpdUmF)
    DxDiag: https://pastebin.com/8LkGD5DN: (https://pastebin.com/8LkGD5DN)

  • vigilvindex
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    @rhabola Tried downloading & reinstalling 'ubisoft connect' and still had the issue of crashes.

    Also tried the nvidia hotfix driver 471.22 and again still had the issue of crashes.

    Other things I have tried that have not helped:

    Verifying files, switching between dx11/dx12, fullscreen/borderless window, vsync on/off, low gfx settings, running as admin, disabling windows 10 DPI scaling. Nothing seems to be effective.

  • Pix_CZ
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    Hi, after AMD driver update from 21.6.x and 21.7.1 game crashes to desktop instantly after game loads, I have to play it with 21.5.1 driver and it was perfectly stable in DX12, low latency, 1440p ultrawide on 6700 xt and 3900x. Now i have turned off DX12 and game runs stable (didn't play for longer time), but it's not smooth like in DX12 mode.

  • BigAlboski53
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    i only have 175 hrs played but i feel like i have twice that doing research on how to get game to launch and stay running on pc. 2 month old laptop asus dash fx15

  • Kristlfox
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    Thanks for the advice wirh reinstalling! 🙂 So i completely removed the game and reinstalled. But unfortunately its not helping for me.

    Since the last update on tuesday its completely unplayable! I tried Washington Memorial now 7 times, with different graphics set up and complete new installation, solo or with rnd group. I could'nt play it through. It allways crashed before.

    Its unplayable! 😢

    Damn.. I love the snowderop graphics and the game play mechanics with hide and shoot and the different gear playstyles of the Division. Its the best ever game for me so far. But its unplayable with all that crashes. 😞

    Finally, after 3 Weeks of trying everything I found around the net, I'm gonna uninstall and go back to Warframe game instead. 😞

    Bye 😢

  • MeS1eR
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    Last time I tried the game months ago. I did a story dlc mission solo and right before I enter the boss room, of course the game went out of full screen and crashed without any error. Couldnt be bothered to try again since then. I dont feel for playing 30mins+ just to get a random crash. Tried a load of fixes that people wrote but of course nothing helps. So from what I read here its still a thing or even worse than before. I guess its ok to give up with the game now cause obviously the devs cant fix their own game. If they do whenever I might give it another try

  • MassivCrashFest
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    @ubi-lucipus OKAY you got two official crash reports in the last hour hope it helps.

  • Moutro
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    "Glad" to see that after so many months the same issue remains and devs do nothing about it. As far as i've seen, disabling the in-game overlay from the launcher, fixes the issue.

  • vigilvindex
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    Yesterday I decided to check my BIOS, and I noticed that I had an overclock set. I had forgot about it as it was a stable overclock that I have had running for over 4 years and never had an issue with any other software that I run. So I decided to bump it back down to stock and I managed to play D2 with Dx12 for over 4 hours with not a single crash. I will report back if I get anymore crashes but so far this seems to have resolved the issue for me.

  • Father-Jack
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    This post is deleted!
  • Father-Jack
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    disabling the in-game overlay from the launcher, fixes the issue.

    It doesn't for me unfortunately, still crashes with overlay disabled.

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