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  • iMMortster
    2 posts

    I can confirm this as well, I was wondering as to why I hadnt gotten any Fabric or normal Supplies in a LOOONG TIME since the mastery challange appeared, I ran around in Wincestre for about 20 minutes collecting every single chest (the small ones) and I only receive runes, iron, cloth and silver nothing else.

    Can we please get this fixed soon please? Ruins the game not to mention that I am getting called a SHE as a MALE which is utterly garbage coding from that big of a company.

  • Anchorage76
    5 posts

    I'm very curious how they are going to fix this retroactively for those of us who ran around and opened a lot of chests, not realizing yet that this was bugged.

    Those supplies are now "gone forever", and unless they have some sort of algorithm they can run that says "he opened 27 chests that should have given supplies during the period this bug existed", and grant us those supplies somehow (on login? via a vendor?) ... we are, stuck?

  • didii_205
    6 posts

    @Anchorage76 that was exactly what I was thinking. I have opened a lot of chests since the mastery challenge update. My game has 170 hours and I wouldn’t like to repeat it again.Also, this is my only missing trophy until platinum.
    Can any ubisoft worker tell us how and when are they going to fix this please?

  • hazel_finkish
    1 posts

    @anchorage76 This is my concern, as well.

  • guest-XImsDvzi
    5 posts

    First the Essexe storyline didn’t give me Arc of Elan so I’m just completely missing out on a great bow. Then this supplies glitch has been game-breaking for 2 weeks. A “hot fix” which added a new set to the store and broke even more things. Safe to say I won’t be buying the DLC like I had planned.

  • azullFR
    3161 posts


    Then this supplies glitch has been game-breaking for 2 weeks. A “hot fix” which added a new set to the store and broke even more things

    the same "hot fix" while adding Helix items, not fully fixing the bug it was supposed to fix,
    also suppressed "Colorfull Raven", "Flowerish Hair Styles" and the Dagger that you could buy with silver at merchant shops....

    and No Word at all about this in Patch Notes .....

    Ubi priorities....

  • mentraton
    60 posts

    @anchorage76 unfortunately I don‘t expect that they will fix the now compromised savegames at all.
    If we are very very lucky they add the material to the vendor to purchase the missing amount. But Valhalla is by far the worst AC ever. I don‘t mind some graphic issues like clipping or flying objects but I’m allergic to glitches and Valhalla is full off them and it’s becoming worse with each patch! Not to mention the no existing balancing in this unbelievable easy walking simulator.

  • Mesakaga
    29 posts

    I have the same problem unfortunately, I am happy to see that I am not the only one. It's very frustrating not being able to finish the game entirely, I wish the developers the best of luck in fixing that. Hope they have a solution for us..

  • cedrykusa
    9 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • Kormac67
    1144 posts
    I have hunted around the map for all the small yellow chest markers, including any I missed during raids.

    That's precisely what you should not do.
    They can fix the flat topped chests to give supplies again, but any chest opened is gone forever.
    So farming thoroughly now will break you game permanently.

  • PoussyHunter
    1 posts

    alors voila depuis je pense la 1.2.2 je n'ai plus d'étoffes ni de matériels dans les coffres pendant les pillages j'aimerais de l'aide si quelqu'un a résolu ce probleme, je tiens a précisé que c'est bien le matériel que je ne drop plus et non pas les matières premières
    pour les étoffes je précise aussi que je n'ai pas amélioré a fond les rations et carquois

  • El-Kashi
    26 posts

    Hi devs i can't get anymore SUPPLIES & FABRIC, it seems the latest Patch 1.2.2: ( had created this new issue ! Sadly i'm stuck in my Settlement at Level 5 95% and i can't upgrade my RATION at level max sadly.

    I'm on PC version. I can see here i'm not the only one.

    Thanks in advance to fix this.

  • Adeja0
    2 posts

    Same problem. After last mastery challange I don't get any more supplies and can't reach settlement level 6. Still missing about 2-3k supplies.

    I think the easiest fix would be add supplies to the store from settlement level 5, like fabrics from level 6.

  • ColdCutTrio
    1 posts

    Same issue here, have been unable to find supplies and fabric since starting the mastery challenge. I am currently stuck on settlement level 5 and missing a whole bunch of supplies

  • padsgg2004
    1 posts

    I'm having the exact issue described by everyone here. Tried for hours to find supplies in those small flat-top chests but only finding silver.

    Current Settlement Level - 5
    Amount of Supplies in Inventory - 300
    Total supplies required to complete remaining buildings - 900
    Buildings/Upgrades left to complete in settlement - Only fowl farm upgrade
    Confirm if you have started the Mastery Challenges - Yes and completed

  • Mesakaga
    29 posts

    I think this problem is present for everyone but that people are progressively realizing it

  • Satron1ca
    3 posts


    Yep been playing a week not realizing. I hope I can manage to get enough supplies and fabric in the last 2 zones I have left (if they will fix it at all).
    Guess my adventure ends here 😅

  • brandr1125
    1 posts

    I’m in the same boat. All raids completed story finished to include the order tree and as I was going back to clean up the smaller chest so I could get the supplies I needed to finish the settlement upgrade I realized that it was only giving me silver no fabric or supplies. Is this getting fix anytime soon and/or are we going to get the supplies we missed out on

  • Auron418
    14 posts

    @ubi-mercury Hi, it me again. I have checked at Hamthunscire where the snakes are, and still no fabric. If I have a suggestion, I started the mastery challenge storyline before I went to cent, So maybe since i started it, my opinion would be the mastery challenge must have been bugged.

  • Chessroman
    3 posts

    @auron418 You are no going to find any more fabric nor england nor the moon.

    The game has a severe bug since last update and you are not going to obteing fabric or supplies. That means you cannot upgrade your settlement , quiver and food.

    Do not raid more yellow chest until nest patch.

    There is a huge topic with hundreds of peope with the same problem.

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