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  • AlePlay
    751 posts

    @tascer if you have not reached 1000 points
    it's because you killed more enemies in the same way:

    you need to get rid of them in different ways

    also pay attention to the number of enemies left.
    If you kill them all, the mission ends.

    In practice, to make everything more difficult,
    you need to be thrifty on kills (you can hardly get gold if you are in a hurry to kill even just 3 enemies in the same way)

  • AlePlay
    751 posts

    i Also found some difficulties,
    for example test of the bear with the spear:

    you have to kill using grab and throw and stunning the enemy (if you kill them normally even just by mistake,
    or by pressing the button once more, you ruin the score) once you have knocked out enough enemies,

    the objective sign turns yellow, so you can focus on the other ways:

    for example, the difficulty of this challenge is being able to stun the enemy without hitting him ..
    and kill him with stunning ..!
    (with the spear it is a rip off, if you press the button once more or leave it pressed, it parries and makes another attack automatically, which if it kills the enemy, it ruins your score)

    I also get angry when I can't win (but I get angry with me, not with the developers!)

  • Tascer
    23 posts

    @caosck Right now i don't know if you're trolling or just don't understand or don't know the challenge.

    One last time: The challenge wants me to kill every single enemy with a headshot. No other fancy kills, no assassinations, no melee kills, no explosives, no bodyshots. For 1000 points i have to kill all of them in the exact same way!
    And that is not possible. I kill EVERYTHING that moves with headshots and i fail exactly that requirement because there are not enough enemies in the first place.
    I can't blame myself. BUT I CAN BLAME UBISOFT FOR IT! They clearly never playtested that stuff.
    Anyway, the mode as a whole is a pile of '%$§#. I want story-content for my story game.

  • AlePlay
    751 posts

    @tascer i admit my english is bad
    so I'm not surprised if we can't understand each other

    I talk about the mastery challenge to wenlocan (wolf):
    indirect killings
    take out all the guards

    from what I can understand of this challenge, indirect means jars of oil, or fallen loads ..!

    maybe we talk about different challenges?

  • Tascer
    23 posts

    @caosck as stated earlier, i'm talking about wolf-challenge in odin's mine. The one that forces you to hit 29 weak spots and score 28 headshot kills. There are 28 enemies total, and those retards are killing each other and themselfs while fighting others.
    I can clear the first two groups with ease, but while doing so, at least one is already dead somewhere.
    Aiming with controller is already hard enough, and even tho im relatively good at it, those first two areas take some time... but it's wasted, because i can't reach the score needed anyway.

  • pesto.
    377 posts

    I’ve only done the first set so far, I’m hoping the others ramp up the difficulty as this one was far too easy for the name (and compared to fighting her). But if they’re not then I guess Ubisoft have fine tuned the difficulty correctly based on what’s being said here.

    Honestly they’re a way to bring back the value of stealth gameplay and a form of tutorial for the different potential play styles. I would have preferred the game start off with some action like this or have it be relevant to story missions than it be this optional later bit of content, also it does show how stealth and ranged combat are still lagging behind brawling. No dual drop or ledge assassinations and flakey duel assassination when enemies are close together, no distract options (they always go to the source, I.e. you even if you fire an arrow at a noise maker), no assassinate while enemy is distracted by your raven, no night time advantage (unless the gear has it) and sight distances don’t change + no blinding of enemies at night, no smoke bombs except during combat, enemies get alerted en-masse, and don’t notice their friend stopped talking mid sentence, even if they do get alerted they go right back to not caring 2 seconds later, the last guy standing doesn’t get freaked out when they find out no-one else is there anymore…

  • Superfly_Boss
    105 posts

    @caosck This Wenlocan (Wolf) challenge was so annoying. I finally got it to gold after 20+ runs of 940 or 970 pts. There's always one NPC who kills himself and his indirect death doesn't count as mine.

    I finally got Odin's Mine (Bear) to gold with similar stories of nearly perfect runs. The times when rush and bash doesn't connect or kill the enemies while wasting your adrenaline is annoying.

    The Odin Mine Raven challenge... the AI sees Eivor through walls and none of the videos I have seen on Youtube have helped in that regards. Every one of their NPCs reacts differently. I have seen perfect runs of that but can't seem to replicate it.

  • vm4M9Tz4pB
    Original poster 153 posts

    @superfly_boss after watched some youtube , i see it. however, if ppl who are first time to play this mode, they didn't know this . just dont kill the boss before u complete the task. it is still hard and time consuming to get a golden medal. i think most ppl didn't have patient for that, esp if it require , undetected, in a sneaky way.

  • pesto.
    377 posts

    I think the biggest issue is that the challenges aren't hard but they're frustrating because they highlight all of the failings of Old AC and why new AC is better.

    For example the parkour with how much it makes you accidentally run up onto tiny posts or stick to things when you want to move, constantly gets in your way when navigating tight spaces and trying to stay hidden. The aim assist on the bow can really get in the way of trying to get precision shots, especially as there's distance falloff which it doesn't take into account. The enemy AI seems to glitch out at times. The stealth mechanics feel weak and not fluid, I'm meant to be a parkour loving assassin and though you'd imagine that would be a ballet of fast moves, slow-mo throwing knife kills and gymnastic wire take downs you lumber more like the hulk barely capable of taking down a single enemy at a time (tbh it was better in previous games on that score).

    Then it's also another version of platinuming a game, only instead of it being achievements you actually are being forced to play this specific way for in game currency. It harkens back to the worst of old AC with missions that would fail if you took a wrong step. Restriction like this takes all the joy out of a game (learn from that awful FF that was 90% linear before the last hour or so that was open world).

    While I love getting new content in a game like AC and I've been going through these, I have to admit this particular content isn't adding fun. It's just play by rote, the opposite of the "you make your own adventure" vision, the whole chaos of games like GTA. You just memorize a path and approach and grind through it. There's no reward for trying alternatives, only punishment for failing to guess the correct answer.

    What's there honestly feels like a tech demo. Long hanging fruit to fill out a year's content with.

    I would implore Ubisoft to think about DLC more from a story standpoint going forward, rather than adding disconnected mini games. Not that mini games are a bad thing. Just that I would sooner have a game where the existing world becomes richer over time and more narrative is added in the way that "Lost tales of Greece" did, than having content that sucks you out of the map to new locations that feel more like cheap knockoffs of the main game. If the plan is games with 2 years of DLC then it's gotta have 2 years of story, make me want to come back to play more because it's the next chapter in the book and you get to spend more time with the characters you care about (rather than just with their weapons, which you've probably grown bored of by then).

  • AlePlay
    751 posts

    I would implore Ubisoft to think about DLC more from a story standpoint going forward,

    yes I agree even if the fantasy is not learned ... the fantasy comes out .... (it's hard nowadays to come up with something new that doesn't stink of cliché XD)

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