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  • BP96
    1 posts

    Hello, to add to this- I’m experiencing the same issue on Xbox series X. Initiated fight with Hildiran at sub power level 200 and was left lying in the dirt. Completed the story and all dlcs/all side missions and am sitting on power level 466 (or whatever the max is). Hildiran is just stood by the altar and the quest description wants me to progress through the main story still.

  • Ubi-Froggard
    Ubisoft Support Staff 4063 posts

    Hey @bp96

    I'm sorry you've experienced this too. At the moment, there isn't anything we can suggest as a workaround other than trying an earlier save if you have one, but we will update players on the thread whenever we have new information on this to provide.

    Official Response
  • Q-Naro
    1 posts

    I play on PS4 Pro console. I have the same problem. I finished the whole story. I reached level 466. And I can't run the Mastery challenge. When I approach Hildiran I can't press anything. And over and over again: Complete the storyline. And I have nothing to do anymore because everything is complete.

  • BlackOmegaUnit
    1 posts

    @ubi-nacho I have this exact same problem and reading several threads across the internet, while it might not happen to everyone it is not an isolated event by any measure.
    Why did you limit the game to 20 saves to begin with? It cloud saves only the latest saves so that cannot be the problem... While in many ways this is my favorite AC game and I own all of them besides 2 side scrollers and mobile games, it is also by far the most buggy of them.
    It is almost like quality control just failed with this title. Also no new game+ makes this situation even more unbearable as I already played it twice, my first run I could not get to Francia + mastery challenge did not work and now just mastery challenge refuses to work.
    Most modern games have a lot of "self healing" mechanics that keep things like this from happening... Apparently AC Valhalla has 0... As an essential NPC can be dead even tho I cannot kill them.
    I play on PC, bought the game from Ubisoft Connect store.

  • Ubi-Froggard
    Ubisoft Support Staff 4063 posts

    Hey @blackomegaunit

    Sorry to hear you're also experiencing this. We are aware of it and understand it's not an isolated event. As we have mentioned, we will share any news on a fix when we can.

    I couldn't answer your query about save game limits unfortunately as this is something that is implemented by the developers, so customer support have no input into the design of the game. We have added new game+ to some of our other games, but this is usually something that gets added at a later date. I don't have any news on if it is coming to Valhalla at any point, but maybe this will happen like it has for others.

    Official Response
  • Kourosh1970
    1 posts

    Same problem here. I am playing on PS4 and have the same issue. I have everything and all that is left is "A challenge from the gods". And the message is the continue through the main storyline. I can walk up to her as she is standing in front of the shrine and Odin's sight lights her up but she is unresponsive. I even went to Freya's statue to see if I could force the quest by meditating there but nothing. Any idea of when this is planning to be fixed?

  • guest-aBPlqkyo
    1 posts

    Same problem on xbox one, same symptoms as described in the rest of this thread, sad

  • MrPhoenix16
    1 posts

    Hey, i'm stuck at the beginning of the quest at the first battle. I got instantly defeated without a propper fight it was more like a cutscene where i didn't stand a chance against her. Then the quest said i need more progress in the main Story. I didn't question it because it was quite logical for me. So i played the game and now i finished the main story but the quest didn't Change. I once travelled to norvege and the quest said talk to yildiran but as soon as i was back at englaland the quest said i need more progress in the main story.
    I don't have a safe before the quest.
    I think i can't do anything because it's to late but maybe someone can help me.

  • MattRicc2
    23 posts

    Assassin’s Creed® Valhalla - Title Update 1.4.0 (ubisoft.com)

    15 June → 11 November.

    No fix for the bug yet.


  • UbiStorm
    Ubisoft Support Staff 721 posts

    Hey there @guest-aBPlqkyo and @MattRicc2 . While I'm unable to say when this issue will be resolved, rest assured that this is being looked into by the game team. An update will be posted here and on our News & Announcements thread.

    Official Response
  • Waelonn
    2 posts

    I have this exact problem as well. I'm dissapopinted you haven't fixed this yet on update 1.4.0. Any estimation when will this be fixed?
    If i make a ticked would this help to make you fix this faster?

  • almasigergo
    2 posts

    Hi Everyone,

    Same issue here since the release of this content, I mean the content isn't available at all since June (5 months).

    Already reported to support, back on day 1.

    With all due respect, some clarity and transparency on this matter would be great besides the redundant "The information has been sent to the devs and they are investigating".

    There have been numerous fixes to different aspects of the game, even new contents and DLCs have been released yet this whole game mode is unavailable for a number of people.

    We would like to know either an ETA on the fix, or some details what the issue is that has been discovered in the last 5 months or even what steps will be taken to solve this before another 5 months will be gone.

    Thank you in advance!

    Ps. I know it isn't Supports fault, so don't take it personally.

  • SimpleFish5255
    1 posts

    I have been having the same problems where the quest tells me to continue with the main story and there is no interact prompt with Hildiran.

    However, when I went into the River Severn as part of 'England's Protector' quest, the quest tracker for the Mastery Challenge updated to speak with Hildiran.
    <Updated Quest Tracker in River Severn raid>

    Returning from the river raid, the quest tracker went back to its bugged state.

    Could I submit a ticket and a savegame to have this investigated further?

  • Joe447
    2 posts

    I have been playing for months waiting for the point in the game where this quest line would trigger. Having completed the game I still wait as the quest line still says "progress further in the game". Aha ..... a big new update is coming......after 5 months this bug will at last be fixed surely.....The big new update arrives and introduces new content BUT no fix for this issue AND it introduces a brand new game breaking issue, as having been to the Oskoriea festival I can no longer move anywhere or do anything.

    I'm done. Finished.

  • deJongh1997
    9 posts


    Can anyone from Ubisoft or playes explaine why I can't play the Mastery Challenges?
    I have already completed the main story and my power level is over 400 but I always get the same message: Progress through the main story.
    Can someone help me with this and can this get fixed?

  • Caraamon
    48 posts

    I seem to be having this same issue. Took a long break from Valhalla not long after mastery was added, at least in part because I got the wierd looping cutscene issue trying to start it.

    Now I come back, and it says I have to progress further in the story. Okay, I figured they changed the requirements to start it, no big deal. So I beat the main storyline, still won't let me start it.

    I'm starting to remember why I took a break.

  • procadman
    86 posts

    Which "First Battle" are you referring to?

  • TheHunterKillz
    1 posts

    Love the game it’s great. I have over 170 hrs completed just about everything the game has to offer. Except the challenge from the gods. I did the cutscene to fight the lady ages ago before I was ready and the game still says “progress thru the main story”. Ive looked all over the web for ways to fix it but nothing seems to work. There others like me that are frustrated from not being able to do the mastery challenges. I made a report about the bug and took break from the game hoping there be a update that would fix it. I got no response and it’s still here. So is the bug going to be fixed or is just impossible on my current save. I just want to enjoy the game without having to start entirely from scratch. Please reply 🙏🏽

  • cherishpride
    16 posts

    Wait nevermind you can keep the fix, I just discovered Ghost of Tsushima

  • cherishpride
    16 posts

    JK. Is there any kind of ETA or at least some details on what could provoke the phenomenon? That way I can try to find a workaround

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