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    I've been trying to filter out the community pictures that appear on the map (the little white squares) by selecting the "label list", scrolling down to the bottom and clicking the label where an eye shows. Once clicked the eye is striked through and greyed out, implying they should be disabled. However, when you go back to the map the community pictures are still there... 😞

  • stoned019
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    in the world map i disable photos and they still show up on my map.

  • BillyKidd1981
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    @ubi-spud All these community photos. I don't want them on my map so I go into legend and click the Misc. button so there is a line through the eye and they are still popping up all over my map.

  • Membank
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    Well ubi support told me "While I'm sorry to read over your experience, currently those online services are working as intended."

    So not like their support is any more competent than the QA for this game.

  • xrayspex_73
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    That's ridiculous. The ability to filter the photos DOES exist, but does not work at all. That is certainly not "working as intended"...

    Come on Ubi...

  • NightHawk29
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    Ubisoft, I absolutely HATE the photos showing on my map yet when I open the filters and turn off the "Misc" where the 3 types of photos are located NOTHING happens and they remain on my map yet if I turn off any of the other filters they will disappear but not the Misc to disable photos. WHY?!? Please fix this! I know it's minor overall but I don't want to see photos littering my map with what could also be potential spoilers if I happen to cross over one while browsing the map if it's close to another point I am trying to mark with a waypoint.

    This game feels very unfinished and rushed. This is for PC version of the game and can't speak for consoles but I would assume same bug there as well.

  • Morrandirr
    2 posts

    It's a problem for me as well.

    Should have really been noticed by QA.

  • madPav3L
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    When I open map, there is lots of these annoying rectangles with photos created by other players. In legend settings at the bottom, there is a "Misc" category I can click on that which I guess should hide the photos but it does not work and I can still see then on the map.

    Is the any other way how to get rid of the photos before this is fixed?

  • ZeroOrDie453
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    Turned off Community Photo, Personal Photo, and Daily Concept Art in legend, however still seen on map.

  • Troopercooper80
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    There is an option on the map, to hide misc. stuff like photos and the like from the main map.

    But it doesnt work, if you opt to hide them and start viewing the community photos anyway (as they dont get hidden for some reason) it will cause a CTD after a few photos.

  • A Former User
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    @troopercooper80 Hey there, thank you for this report! Is this something you can consistently repeat? Would you be able to send over a video?

  • Troopercooper80
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    Actually i had to look at the eventviewer after the CTD, because it was actually a "display driver unresponsive and restore".
    Seems the game caused a D3DDRED2.
    Its a fairly general code, its a noncritical crash according to the logs, but it is almost always a software created problem. (in rare causes its faulty hardware, but i can rule that out)

    But it is clearly caused by the game as its mentioned clearly in 2 seperate logs right at the timestamp the display driver crash happened.

    Its an asus rog strix RTX 2060 OC non-super edition. (not using overclocking in this case) running on 457.30 drivers - clean installed.

    Edit : i cant repeat it very consistently, i do know i cant hide the community items though, that should be fairly easy to reproduce for anyone.. just click the hide option on the map options, it doesnt make community pics disappear from view.

  • GeminiG0d
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    For the love of God, disable community photos.

  • Lamijah
    3 posts

    Hello, I have a big issues with the community photos. I always have to turn them off again after every start of game and it does not even work at all. Photos do not vanish and I need to spend minutes to remove them manually all time. After that even with the photos turned off in map, photos reappear. Do I have to play Valhalla now offline to finally get rid of the photos, or did I miss a solution? It is really annoying and immersion breaking to see everyones photos on map.

  • Kharma22
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    @lamijah i very specifically am having the same issue, im actually thinking of putting this game on the shelf and moving on because of the grand annoyance of the photos, hope theres a solution

  • Lamijah
    3 posts

    @kharma22 Yes, I do not know why they did not do it like in Odyssey, that you can turn it off for good in options, it was way better there. But that turning it off in map does not work is no lack of feature, it is a bug, because it should turn it off. It is just bad to go offline, because all the goodies do not come. I got the map where all opals are shown for 1000 helix, spend real money for and since opals are online feature, I can not use something I paid for then.

    They should

    1. Fix the bug that you can not turn it off in map.
    2. Include a solution like in Odyssey to turn photos off for good.
  • Gyrsun
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    After I turn off Photos they will start to reappear on the map after some time playing the game. This needs to be fixed or looked at. I'm tired of seeing game spoilers, useless pictures of sunsets and leaps of faith. Also the massive amount of extra clutter these add to points on the map are incredibly annoying to constantly deal with.

  • thefoxwins
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    @ubi-spud the OP is referring to the community photos on the maps. Disabling Community Photos on Map in AC Valhalla via the Legend " If you scroll all the way down, you’ll see a category called Misc. Click on its name, and it’ll stop showing all the icons from it – including community photos, your own photos and daily concept art." This method does not make the photos disappear. This is a bug.

  • Membank
    4 posts

    Workaround right now is to play in offline mode. You lose the ability to do opal stuff since it's account tied, but if you're offline you can't see any photos. Otherwise the game plays the same in offline mode.

  • sernert
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    I have the same problem, also on PC.
    Turned off the Misc catagory to no effect. Even tried removing them individually with 'Delete' but they came back after a while 😞
    My humble opinion is that this should be set to off by default or atleast limited to friends if you insist on having it on by default.
    Main reason for this would be potential spoilers and clutter on the map.

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