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  • Cell1e
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    Yeah I loved Vili but you are right there were a lot of very interesting and powerful males in the game that were swoonworthy and interesting for romance..no shortage of possiblities as well as the ernest and very sweet Hytham, that might have been a better long term option than Tarben, the focus could have shifted to more of the Assassin story line and the pair of lovers working closely to rid England of the awful templars.

    Imagine getting a kiss and cuddle as a reward each time you came back to Hytham with the medals and news of more deaths.

    Also imagine Hytham training Eivor in more assasin techniques and use of darts and other assassin tools, more chances for the two to grow closer and share more of their lives and hopes for the future.

    Id like to see Hytham at the table more often too, planning areas of interest for Eivor to visit and giving Eivor more directions for targets. He wasn't much help for tracking down the targets in the game and the assassin theme was an afterthought.

  • Garbo3
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    @cell1e yes,and drinking contest too and is an easy win aswell 😆

  • firerwolf113
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    @cell1e I mean Eivor is canon female because her last name is Varrinsdotter, which the last part means daughter. But I'll say that the pessimist side of me says that it feels more like the canon player is a straight man. They have a problem being sure that gay men and straight women are given as many options and their existence considered.

    Yeah, they should really look at what those companies do and learn from them.

    I've got nothing against Tarben as a character, that's fine, but he's not the right guy for my Eivor and there are no other long term options. My Eivor needs a man she can come back to who understands her lifestyle. Tarben doesn't.

  • firerwolf113
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    @cell1e Vili would have been a good option, and I've seen plenty of people who were upset that he's not an option if he comes back to Ravensthorpe. If hadn't looked up the romance options and it said he was only temp I probably would have fallen for that hope as well. Personally Hytham was the man who floored me to have not be a romance option. It seemed like low hanging fruit to have him be an option.

    One of the best things biowear did in Dragon Age Inquisition was that when you romanced someone you could go back to them and get affection from your chosen partner.

    Arguably romance aside Hytham's lack of any real assassin training or teaching of Eivor is surprising. Though for how much they push Randvi forward I was surprised also at how little there was with her as well. An issue with the game is that it's sort of silly that people sit in the same place all day, never sleep, never do anything really. Hytham even had more animations before he gets his building built.

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