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  • sunejoergensen
    20 posts

    @ubi-mark What a joke, have Ubisoft not tested anything at all ?
    So far the post launch content of Valhalla has been an absolutely disgrace and was hoping the first DLC somewhat would rectified this a little and justify the extra cost of the gold edition, that I paid for in April last year.

  • Child_Robber
    1 posts

    Hi Ubi, I bought the season pass of Valhalla at launch and now when I look at Wrath of The Druids in the store I still have to pay for it? I have no outstanding downloads for the game and when I start the game there is no merchant at the dock to start the quest so it's definitely not already installed. Any help would be appreciated.

  • TheSaint1968
    3 posts

    I've bought many Ubisoft products over the years up front and usually collector editions, and never bagged them, people make mistakes.

    This DLC has broken my back.
    Season pass, paid up front, constant delays, glitches, bugs, and lack of communication and have been patient.

    This is a disgrace basically delayed to improve what? a loyal customer base with new players playing the product that I paid for in advance for collectors edition?
    You simply could make this up, they need to provide compensation, maybe some of the paid for "extra" dlc that they churn out almost weekly, they manage get that finished and ready to download?

    Simply put I will be very selective going forward, never pay up front as there is no benefit to the loyal customer.
    I was one of your best customers, not any more I've had enough.

  • MediAsylum
    4 posts

    Such a mess, really.
    First Ubisoft didn't let me enjoy fully original game, forcing Russian UI with English voice-over, unlike Odyssey.
    Now this.
    But surely, the most important thing is - we already spent our money on Gold and Ultimate editions.
    And their pet Youtubers are probably singing praises, while properly getting early access.

  • AlePlay
    751 posts

    same problem here (from italy)

  • ruanseth
    32 posts

    Requested a refund on my Gamepass, which I only bought yesterday, and now adding insult to injury is 25% cheaper today, and yet I can't download the content.... So REFUND please.

    I have opened a ticked and expect prompt action. If I don't get it by the end of the day it I'll request a chargeback via PayPay... I am entitled a refund by law, as I don't have the goods I paid for.

    The entire PC version of this game has been a mess, and still is.... I'm am done.

  • Madax4K
    2 posts

    same here. I bought Assassin's Creed Valhalla Ultimate and now i can't access the expansion............. I left the work with 1 hour early to come home and play the game and relax and instead i got mad and frustrated.

  • Sammarok
    177 posts

    @quinch1199 Exactly, I asking myself this now, because when Valhalla launched in November 2020 we didn't receive the game (people that bought gold edition that include season pass) so is clear to me, that Ubisoft have this problems since November 2020 and has not fixed it yet! 7 Months after, and we still have the same issue! This is ridiculous, why we pay for premium and we get **** instead?

  • TheSaint1968
    3 posts


    Its not like me, but I am fuming........ never posted before on here but cannot stay silent on this one.

    Still we wait.

  • W1nke
    7 posts

    Next time I'll wait and buy AC game with discount rather than doing preorder for $99.

  • SpirantCrayon22
    2646 posts


    You wrote "can you please check if you installed your additional content with this link?" which, to me, is a clear implication that the customers might not have installed it properly.

    This is wrong and I don't like that implication. I looked at "manage game" earlier today and it was not there.

    Now it is. Clearly Ubisoft and/or Microsoft has changed something. Please change the story to, "Yes, something went wrong and it wasn't your fault."

    Some messages from you guys are infuriating so, while I avoid it and it is not acceptable, I can see why there are some abusive posts. For example, you guys can't ask colleagues for a list of items in Reda's shop (that is just mad), you ignore some messages about bugs completely (no Great Aegis rune?), you don't update the "known issues" list with items that have been repeatedly posted, you claim that common-and-easy-to-find bugs can't be reproduced (enemies not throwing anything after a red "targeting" thing appears), you ask for screen shots in situations where you either have no idea what the game looks like or you take the position that you do not believe what customers tell you, you ask the customers what in-game items do ("please let us know what the key we put in the game does" - again, completely mad) and that's just off the top of my head with threads I've started or to which I've contributed.

    Also, people are right to complain about the unfailing and flawless appearance of new cosmetic items (yes, they're just cosmetic, that there's a rune doing something is hardly substantial) when there are bugs lasting months in the game that can be sorted out extremely easily (just add a chest with three big flatfish, for crying out loud, until the blasted things can be put in the game properly).

  • quinch1199
    55 posts

    My advice to ANYONE who's purchased the Season Pass in the last 14 days, immediately go and request a refund.

    For others, the law is somewhat contradictory in my opinion with some sources stating a refund is due up to 14 days after delivery of the product (i.e. the DLC) and others stating 14 days from purchase (i.e. when we bought the Gold or Ultimate Edition). I am certain, there are community members with more detailed legal knowledge than I, and I encourage them to research this and maybe push for clarification or challenge Ubisofts "interpretation" of the law in this respect.

    Currently, I've been let down WAY to many times with a general slide in the quality of the end products in the past few years, as well as a host of server access issues, launcher connection problems and just generally buggy mess of games from Ubisoft.

    I bought a Gold Edition of this game November 2020 and I plan to never buy another Ubisoft game until I have seen first hand game time & reviewed the forums for bug lists and other issues.

  • kreutzgang
    635 posts

    So am I right that the DLC is not available yet in spite of us being well past the announced release time?

  • nolightshed
    2 posts

    yo it's downloading for me, PC player in the UK region

  • fo0fight3r
    23 posts

    I'm an older gamer, a big creed fan from the beginning .... but this is realy hard to accept... ultimate edition owners still cannot play....respect?

  • AlePlay
    751 posts

    @nolightshed I confirm from Italy, I'm finally downloading !! (PC ubisoft connect)

  • Wolfstest
    5 posts

    Wenn ich in den Store gehe, dann soll ich 24,99€ zahelen obwohl ich den Seasonpass habe.

  • Ubi-Mark.
    Ubisoft Support Staff 3006 posts

    Hello everyone!

    I have some more news for you!

    Can you please restart your Ubisoft Connect application and check again if you're able to download the expansion? Many thanks!

    Official Response
  • Lacusar
    9 posts

    Now loading. Well nearly 12 hours later than planned. Nice work really...not

  • tincho24588
    1 posts

    @ubi-mark Now it's downloading for me! (from the Netherlands)

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