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    @cell1e and booooring,specially Jotunheim

  • longjohn119
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    @torfinr I just cant understand how people can even like this ... I guess I am too old.

    I couldn't play with the unicorn mount in Odyssey because of the stupid rainbow crud coming off the hooves (There was a mod to turn it off but the author got tired of having to update every 6 weeks because it would quit working after every update) and the winged horses were even worse since I traveled cross country a lot and the clipping through trees and rock would drive me nuts and you couldn't hunt from horseback because your view was always blocked (I'm probably one of the few people that rode a horse like a real horse) .... In fact once I figured out that if you just take a random horse it wouldn't disappear after most cut scenes I just started taking whatever was handy .... I always thought it was dumb that the horse right beside you just disappears after every cut scene ....

  • Garbo3
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    @longjohn119 Well I had been horse riding most of my life, I made a living off it but sadly my spine is really bad and cant ride anymore 😕
    I dont fancy having a winged horse tbh but is handy to jump of mountains without taking damage at all or dying. So is the only fantastic item I got.
    Would rather have the new Friesian mount thats coming but won't be able to ride off cliffs without a certain death lol

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