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  • Kormac67
    1144 posts

    @elijahbroad Yeah, known bug, not fixed with 1.1.0 , I also have 3 of them.

  • sorgulu
    4 posts

    @elijahbroad same thing happened to me with the galloglaich armor, they keep changing their levels one day one of them is fully upgraded, the other ones are level 2 and 3, another day they are all level 4 🙂

  • Dunphys76
    3 posts

    after bringing “Muninn’s call (chest)” tattoo scheme to Tove, the new tattoo is not available in the shop. Instead, a duplicate huntsman armor appears in the inventory. 
    Bug is reproductible at will with this particular tattoo.

    I have a similar problem when I open the chest containing the gallowglass armor.
    For some reason I already have this armor in my inventory (very likely as a result of the same bug with another tattoo scheme) so I end up with 2 gallowglass armors.
    Unfortunately I didn’t notice when the first gallowglass armor appeared in my inventory so I can’t tell which tattoo scheme (which might be missing at Tove tattoo shop) caused this issue in the first place.

    Hope this feedback will help to get these issues fixed in the next patch. Duplicate armors in the inventory are really annoying especially when one tries to upgrade them..

  • Dunphys76
    3 posts

    No improvement/fix in 1.1.0 patch 😞

    Still can’t bring the tattoo scheme to Tove without getting a duplicate Huntsman armor instead of a new tattoo.

    Still getting a duplicate Gallowglass armor when opening the chest in Spalding while I’m very likely missing a tattoo scheme when I got the first Gallowglass armor instead.

    and I just notice I also have the bugs with the treasure map in Oxenefordscire (I can loot this one again and again while the treasure map stays in the inventory) and in Eurvicscire (I basically can’t see it glowing on the worldmap)

    It’s becoming really annoying to stack all these bugs one after another...

  • elijahbroad
    3 posts

    @kormac67 Good too know I'm not the only one, hopefully it gets addressed soon

  • davidv81
    67 posts

    2 updates, but the duplicated hunter armor is still there.
    Thanks for your attention.

    By the way, not sure if you fixed the invisible fish at fishing animation.

    Regards and keep the hard work, please. I really love Valhalla

  • Vaelyn1979
    1 posts

    Can confirm that this is still an issue. I still have two Huntsman Armors in my inventory, and talking to the tattoo artist still produces the bug, just like it did before. I have no idea how two major updates have both failed to address this problem, especially when the cause is known.

  • lokkorulez
    3 posts

    Hi, i'm still experiencing duplicate armor bug on 1.1.0, Xbox Series x

  • LJStark
    10 posts

    This a continuation of a persistent glitch that I have previously reported here but received no acknowledgement on: https://discussions.ubisoft.com/topic/85072/vegisir-tattoo-galloglach-armor-bug-still-present-on-xbox-one-after-patch-1-0-4

    When I take the Vegvisir torso tattoo scheme to Svend in Ravensthrope, the tattoo is not available to be applied. When I exit the tattoo application scheme and dialogue with Svend, the Galloglach chest armor (Superior-level, one upgrade) appears in my inventory. If I go acquire the Galloglach armor from its chest location (Superior-level, three upgrades) before talking to Svend, I end up with a duplicate Galloglach armor and both of them have their upgrades set back to just one. This has persisted despite the 1.0.4 and 1.1.0 patches. It occurs exactly as documented in this other user's video:

    This specific bug appears to be affecting multiple players across multiple platforms, and may even recur with different tattoo scheme/armor pairings as well:

    It also may be linked the armor duplication bug that many people have reported, with exemplar posts here:

    I essentially cannot change my character's appearance at the tattoo shop until this is resolved because it generates this issue, and I don't want to (A) risk corrupting my save files with duplicate armors in my inventory and (B) don't want to lose the tattoo scheme and potentially never recover it.

  • Redlegz19
    3 posts

    So I have a galloglach torso piece that I have upgraded to flawless(not sure where I picked it up at). I am currently starting to explore Lincolnscire and started with the wealth piece in Spalding Bandit Lair and when I opened the chest to my surprise was another galloglach torso piece. Not only did I get a duplicate torso piece but it reverted my flawless piece to a superior piece, so now I have two superior galloglach torso pieces. I was assuming only 1 piece per set of armor. Was really hoping the new update would fix this. I refuse to advance in the game because I’m sure something else will bug and either ruin the whole game and/or not get to enjoy everything the game has to offer. Please help!!!!!

  • UbiKoality
    448 posts

    @lokkorulez Hello! My apologies for any inconvenience that this bug may have caused you. Can you please provide more details regarding your specific encounter with this bug?

  • SloodyBady
    1 posts

    I have run into the same issue but with the Huntsman armor. The closest save without the bug that I can go to is more than 1h ago. Is there any fix or do I just have to re-do the last hour or gameplay?

  • KAM0TS
    1 posts

    @ljstark Excellent compilation of the issue! There's definitely something still wrong with item duplication in general but Ubisoft has not updated the Issues Megathread: https://discussions.ubisoft.com/topic/81608/updated-15-12-reported-issue-megathreads-check-here-for-your-issue

    @Ubi-Woofer Any chance we can get this added to the Issues Megathread and an official stance if this is still under investigation or not picked up yet? Perhaps even a clarification if this will affect our save games and we're ok to still play. Thank you.

  • Redlegz19
    3 posts


    ya it happened to me with a daughter of lerion I had to go back and replay from my last save point. I have now always manual saved right before picking up or interacting with anything just in case it messes up

  • Ungorisz
    4 posts

    1 months, 2 bit patches since release ... 1.0.4 didn't fixed this, and nor do 1.1.0

    The issue is still there i can still repro the item dupe with f.e. the Muninn Call Scheme (Front), and still have the dupes in the inventory / jomsviking's inventroy ... but the worst offender is that it's been reported multiple times with repro steps and it's still not even in the Known bugs thread ...

  • ImaginaryRuins
    418 posts

    @ungorisz Yep, confirm that patch 1.1.0 (Xbox One) does not address the issue. Once I talk to the tattoo shop girl, the duplication glitch immediately triggers.

  • Kormac67
    1144 posts

    Yanli: "Can't have too many!"
    Me: "Yeah, right, so hand over a second bow so I can start duping weapon gems as well."

  • benzy4792
    30 posts

    Just beat my first Daughter of Lerion.
    The 'easy one' in Granterbridge.
    The dagger which you get got bugged out, and I got an *extra* hunter torso (which I already own).
    Not so sure what to do 😞
    P.S I'm playing on Xbox series S

  • gentester
    65 posts

    confirm 1.1 patch on PC doesn't fix issue
    I have duplicate Galloglach and Huntsman Armor Torso's
    Duplicate runes and Duplicate order Medallions

    109 posts

    @ubi-spud Not fixed in 1.1.0. Just got a duplicate hunter armor just by going to the change tattoo and hairstyle menu.

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