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  • Konchard
    1 posts

    The huntsman armor in my game just doubled, and reset it back to when you first pick it up.

  • AbyssWalker1992
    7 posts

    Same here, I found the duplicate item (Huntsman chest) in my inventory but definitely didn't see the pop up on the right when I found the second one... I don't even know how long I've had it in my inventory so no way to determine where I might have picked it up... Playing on Xbox Series X with 1.0.4 patch installed

  • DekuLicious
    12 posts

    @abysswalker1992 very annoying. I'm on the PC version.

  • blemiglute
    9 posts

    Same here, I just looted a second gallowglass armor in the spalding bandit lair, I had already one (but can't remember where i dropped the first one)
    The odd thing is that i've upgraded the first one, and as I looted the second one and hovered on it in inventory, it de-upgraded the first one to the tier of the second one.. 😕

  • ImaginaryRuins
    418 posts

    Can confirm 1.0.4 patch does not solve the issue.

    The tattoo shop is highly likely the culprit though more accurately, it might be talking to either the father or daughter tattooist which triggers the bug.

    Because like this: when the tattoo shop is built when
    Eivor proceeds straight to talking to him, after which the bug immediately happens.

    However, when the tattoo shop is built after
    Eivor does not talk to the daughter and the bug is not triggered.

  • Natzthenutter
    1 posts

    I have at some point obtained 2 Huntsman Armour, I have only noticed once viewing gear to upgrade today. So one is at superior and the other upgraded to flawless, When I equip the lower grade one the other downgrades and becomes 1 upgrade point rather than 4 aswell (resets). If I equip the higher grade one its fine, so its only material wasting and not gamebreaking but a bug eitherway.

    Looked up if gear could be sold and found others have had this issue with other gear duplicating, but not seen others have downgrade issues.

  • FireForkTS
    11 posts

    I've had several pieces of equipment that duplicated themselves. It's specifically happened after visiting the Tattoo artist in your settlement.

    Only the piece that is the oldest in your inventory is actually usable. If you attempt to upgrade any of the duplicates, they will just eat your resources and not actually be usable or be improved. If both pieces are the same quality and upgrade value, good luck figuring out which is which. Maybe save before upgrading. Then resources won't be wasted if they disappear into the void.

    Potential solution; validate that only one piece of each name is able to be in inventory. Duplicates to be removed. Since everything is unique in this game anyway, you'd think that it would be a pretty simple list of all gear.

  • shyam3010
    84 posts

    @fireforkts yeah I have the same problem regarding duplicates and upgrades. I tried upgrading my huntsman armor but all it was doing was eating up hundreds of my resources. So annoying.

  • ImaginaryRuins
    418 posts

    Happens to me too. Xbox One, patched 1.0.4, which claims to have fixed this glitch but certainly not.

    Talking to either the father or daughter tattooist is highly likely what triggers the bug, because when building the tattoo shop very late, past a certain event which I won't spoil, the building is just built without Eivor interacting either one of them, and this duplicating bug is not triggered.

  • JSTalbot4
    1 posts

    I found out, the same way you did, on the PS4 version. I have a ton of tattoos that I can't even look at, because ubisoft can't release finished games.

  • ImaginaryRuins
    418 posts

    Not just Sven; his daughter also triggers this glitch if the tattoo shop is built later. However, the glitch will not trigger immediately. It is talking to either of these two characters that triggers it, not building the shop itself.

    And yes I have to hold on to all my tattoo designs so as not to trigger this glitch.

    Xbox One, patched 1.0.4 Ubisoft claimed to have addressed this glitch but apparently the glitch still happens.

  • Maxtor1987
    3 posts

    PC. Exploring Lincolnscire got 4/5 pieces of the Galloglach armor, and the torso is repeated. Now I can't find the neither the helmet and the cloak. SMH, the more I play this game the more bugs I find. Is there any fix for this?

  • wolfiemyspirit
    5 posts

    So I raided Spalding Bandit Lair which is located in Lincolnscire and I found a gear chest and expect to have a new gear, but turns out I got another Galloglach torso armor which is I already have. So now I have duplicate armor.

  • Grand_310
    46 posts

    @guest-i1kai02g i have 3 before, always save your progress before doing something and i hope you still have save before you got the duplicate. if you dont, the duplicate can only be fixed now with complicated 3rd party software.

  • wolfiemyspirit
    5 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • wolfiemyspirit
    5 posts

    @grand_310 Sadly, I didn't save it :") but, thanks for the advice. I'll keep it in mind. Appreciate it

  • elijahbroad
    3 posts
    1. I was playing the game, finished up a mystery thing that made me beat up and kill a bishop for oppressing some musicians, I checked my inventory to see I got a new torso piece, I found this odd because I didn't remember getting anything new so I checked it onl.y to find it was the Huntsman Torso...again. I already have upgraded my Huntsman torso to flawless, yet here's a second basic superior one. Having the curious mind I do, I equipped the second one, and just but scrolling over it, it replaced my flawless one with another red superior, after I equipt it, it gave a third. So what happened here?
  • Hellgator
    7 posts

    When will this be fixed? I still have two Galloglach Armor and two Asgardian Tailpiece.

    My Man's Best Friend skill is also still stuck on Level 1 even though I got all the book of knowledge and all my other abilities are level 2.

    Valhalla is a great game Ubisoft please don't let it suck cause of bugs.

  • AllianceStuck
    156 posts

    Ubichit s|ucks balls

  • Kormac67
    1144 posts

    @hellgator Yeah, I also still have 3 Huntsman Armors.

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