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  • MadnessReigns33
    21 posts

    Same here. Playing on PS5 via backwards compatibility

  • ColaBeatsSprite
    Original poster 10 posts

    @tricktrickster The one you got from the chest in Lincolnshire is the actual armor, the one you had before is bugged from a tattoo scheme. If you take certain tattoos to the tattooist you get a bugged armor instead of the tattoo.

  • tragicnightmare
    6 posts

    @colabeatssprite The tattoos are related to the duplicate armor? I wish I knew that sooner. I still have a duplicate Huntsman armor in my inventory and and upgraded one. I hovered over it one time and it reset the other one. Thankfully I reloaded the game but it’s still in my inventory after the new update. Gonna put this game on hold till they iron this game out some more. Way too many things being on here lol

  • JamesLogan491
    140 posts

    It seems now there is a new glitched gear to add to the list.
    I bought the Drekar Shield from the trader in the beginning of the game and now I'm looting it again in Hamtunscire on the chest that is supposed to have the Vordr’s Bite Dane Axe.

  • ImaginaryRuins
    418 posts

    Yeah, can confirm that the patch did NOTHING about this glitch. In the Settlement, I built the tattoo shop (post-patch) and the game duplicated two sets of torso armors.

    To say the patch fixed this is a big fat lie from Ubisoft.

  • SatansRose1
    1 posts

    Hello I also have this glitch with the huntsman torso. It is superior lvl 2 and I have 10 have them. I had just the one yesterday but now when I equip or unequip it makes multiply. I can upgrade them all but their all the same torso

  • ImaginaryRuins
    418 posts

    @ubi-spud Right now I am almost certain that is due to the tattoo shop in the Settlement. Once it is built, the duplication immediately happens. No other settlement buildings result in this issue.

    And this issue still happens after Patch 1.04

  • Velldanas
    22 posts

    Same here too. Patch 1.04 didn't fix it.

  • tragicnightmare
    6 posts

    Same here still have duplicate huntsman (ps4) this game reminds me of Skyrim when it first launched on ps3, buggy mess lol

  • Sterben_Nacht
    69 posts

    Careful, the biggest threads for this issue have gone missing as of late. But yeah it's not fixed at all.

  • Sterben_Nacht
    69 posts

    I'm posting this to make it very evident that this is still an issue, everyone that is still reporting on it knows that it still isn't fixed. Ubi ya'll need to stop saying something is "fixed" without actually running through QA.

  • DrutarTheSavage
    1 posts

    The game decided to remove the fully enhanced (mythical) Galloglach torso piece from my inventory, and replace it with two superior ones. Then a minute later, when I started to get angry,
    it gave me back my mythical one, but one of the superior ones still remained. Now I have two of the chest pieces, just like with the Hunter set. Not one hour later the game rewarded me with the Spartan Bow, after I finished a Reda contract. It made me pretty happy since it normally costs a hundred Uplay points or whatever they are called now. Then Valhalla crashed a second later and I realized I actually lost that "currency", the price of that bow from my account, so the game basically just decided to spend my points. It's great to know that nothing is safe from bugs. Not the items in my in-game inventory, or my points I'm trying to save. What's next? If I'm not careful, is Valhalla just going to pre-order the next Ubisoft game for me?

  • Player500500
    7 posts

    I keep getting double armor in the game its very anyoing and it can also be used to duplicate runes way to op please fix the armor bug

  • kariwashere
    6 posts

    I was coming in to see if I was the only one it was not fixed for thank you!!

  • DwugD3aler
    1 posts

    @psych0_trauma yep same here, ironically enough i got it only after the update, my galloglach armor duplicated on first day of the update and even if I don't use it and never will use it it simply looks annoying

  • VitalWolf
    2 posts

    @mbiggs31183 i also have this issue with the Huntsman Armor. And the first Huntsman Armor I had upgraded to mythical and when I got this new one, my upgraded one suddenly had its upgrades gone and is now the same as the Huntsman Armor I just picked up. It would be great if Ubisoft would fix the myriad bugs in this game that make it not enjoyable to play instead of focusing on nerfing player abilities and making the game even less enjoyable to play instead. Obnoxious.

  • Default_88
    1 posts

    Even after 1.0.4 patch I don't get ant fabric from the chests and also I don't get any fabric from the merchant. My settlement was already level 6 before the update.

  • SHONA_1337
    3 posts

    Hi there,

    i had to go back to an Savegame from yesterday and lost around 6 hours of gameplay because i got the "Duplicated Items" Bug/Glitch which should be fixed in 1.04

    My issue was that every time i entered the Inventory the "Ursine Guard" Shield got duplicated and it overwrote every other item i had so far in the hand slots....So at the end i bet i had over 1000 of these because it needed a lot of time to load the inventory.

    First i didn't even see it because i don't change every time my weapons. I only noticed the lags i had so i started the game more than once but it did not change anything so i searched for a fix and found out that there was an "Duplicated Items Bug/Glitch"

    But i am an idiot 😵 i deleted every savegame which had the bug/glitch until i found one from yesterday without it.

    My PC Specs, if you need them:

    CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 3700X
    Mainboard: Asus ROG STRIX X470-F GAMING
    RAM: 32GB Corsair Vengeance
    GPU: ASUS GeForce RTX 2070 DUAL OC EVO

  • ViRaLuNdEaD
    33 posts

    @colabeatssprite I'm finding a lot of things that were supposed to be fixed were fixed but also a lot that don't seem to have been fixed. Still get online errors on the map, still have fabric issue like you, bow aiming is still wonky, etc.

  • GrimBaron
    7 posts

    In my Inventory, in Chest Armors i have 2 copies of the same items, being:

    • 2 Hunter Armor Chest pieces
    • 2 Gallogach Armor Chest pieces

    The second Hunter Armor piece spawned after loading a save file after meeting Halfdan. Since it spawned Tier 2, whenever I pass the mouse over it, it degrades my Tier 3 Hunter Armor.
    The second Gallogach Armor spawned randomly during a castle siege.

    Now the issue I have is: have I been granted the wrong the Item from those quests, or are they just a bug?
    I am trying my best to not look for any solution online, as I want to play this "blindly"

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