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  • Dhamp1r
    6 posts

    @m1225 Yes, I'm afraid too. Hopefully Ubisoft will notice our feedback and make a fix in the next update, which will hopefully be released this month.

  • P2kanathip
    10 posts

    I think you don't have to worried, I got mine from random quest before I found another piece of the same armor at this bandit camp too. now I got almost all the armors and still not missed anything.

  • Eggplanticus
    4 posts

    I logged on today to find I had a new set of armor except it wasn’t new it was the huntsman chest piece 2 of them infact and I originally had it as flawless now it’s reset to superior I so now I lost the resources I had to upgrade it on top of having two now.

  • ac1dwir3
    7 posts

    I just collected a second Huntsman Armor from a chest in Ravensburg, Grantebridgescire. When I looked up is there are supposed to be duplicate armors, I came across a reddit post of multiple people having duplicates of armor pieces and upon receiving these duplicates their upgraded version is demoted to match the duplicate. My issue is happening on PS5 but I'm unsure if this a bug exclusive to PS5 or if it is an issue on all platforms.

    Current problems:

    • Duplicate Armor pieces
    • Upgraded Armor loses upgrades to match base duplicate

  • Bushwickedly
    109 posts

    On PS4, duplication happens every time I upgrade a piece of armor or a weapon I use AND my Jomsviking uses. However, ONLY happens on his inventory screen by selecting him and only current + upgraded variants. Current variant is still selected, upgraded variant will be after it. Need to then select the "upgraded" counterpart manually. Also allows your Jomsviking to duel wield the same weapon i.e. upgraded in one hand, and prior variant in other.

  • Woossaa
    3 posts

    Hello, i have two Galloglaigh Armor in my Inventory.
    I apparently had the first in my inventory after Vinland and the second from the chest in Lincolnnescir.


  • Marduls
    1 posts

    i have the same problem two huntsman torsos and two galloglach torsos.

  • JCar4327
    707 posts

    @marduls On Xbox and have the same thing. Not sure where the second one even came from. I have the full set though so I'm not that concerned with it. Be nice to get rid of it somehow though.

  • IFrike
    22 posts

    I just got a second copy of the Galloglaigh Armor too, playing on PC. I'm not sure where I got the first one but the second one was acquired from the Spalding Bandit Lair in south-east Lincolnscire.

  • Fretshredder666
    1 posts

    I have three copies of the Galloglach armor torso piece, I looted two somehow while questing. So at this point I enhanced my original one to mythical and then upgraded it about 4 times, but if I swap it with another torso it resets back to mythical with no upgrades and spawns another copy of the same thing. So I basically can't unequip my torso if I want to ever use this set again.

  • Ungorisz
    4 posts

    Based on this thread and other similars these are the items that can somehow duplicate in the inventory and from what action:

    • Weapon: Vordr's Bite - Equipment Chest drop + Legendary Animal reward
    • Weapon: Mark of Sol - Can be purchased from General Shop multiple times at Settlement 6
    • Shield: Raven Clan Shield - No idea how to reproduce
    • Armor: Galloglach armour - Dupes when turning in Vegvisir Scheme (Front) from General Shop
    • Armor: Huntsman armor - Dupes when turning in Muninn Call Scheme (Front) or Mjolnir scheme (Front) from General Shop
    • Tattoo: Odin's Emblem tattoo - Dupes randomly when picking up Flying papers
    • Ship: Asgard Tailpiece/Shields - (Not 100% sure) Probably dupes from one of the Fishing/Hunting delivery
    • Jomsviking: Raven Clan Breeches - No idea how to reproduce (bronze rarity 2x)

    At this point i don't want to play the game anymore just to avoid save rollbacks when something dupes ... I tried to avoid all the Flying Papers, the legendary animal, the hunting/fishing deliveries, but it seems like it's not the only source so I guess i'll just wait until the patch ...

    Did i missed anything from the list?

  • MrDoubleSunday
    2 posts

    I have duplicates of the Huntsman armor and I have read that If upgraded the duplicate will continue to take the place of the upgraded one and you will loose upgrade and upgrade material. Is there a fix for this?

  • llAIexll
    3 posts

    Same here, PC

  • NikkTheSaint
    4 posts

    I've got the Vordr's Bite (Dane Axe) from brining the Legendary Lynx trophy to the hunter in the settlement ,afterwards I've continued to explore Hamtunscire and go to the Callera Outpost ,I've cleared it and one of the wealth rewards was the same axe - Vordr's Bite
    I just want to know if it was supposed to be another weapon? is it a bug?


  • brutusai
    1 posts

    i have two duplicated armor pieces for some reasonundefined

  • piddleput
    6 posts

    @wightwalker94 @Ubi-Spud I have the same issue with the Galloglach Torso Armor. I went to upgrade it and for every upgrade I got a duplicate. Currently have 3 of them.

  • Ungorisz
    4 posts

    From 1.0.4:

    Removed duplicate gear from inventory.

    Now this part of the patch totally failed.
    Tried two different saves:

    • All previous dupes are still there from my last save (saved in1.0.2) when loading up the 1.0.4
    • I can still repro the duping by turning in the problematic tattoos (f.e. Muninn Call Scheme) on the new 1.0.4 patch
  • ColaBeatsSprite
    Original poster 10 posts

    So a lot of the issues I've had, particularly involving fabric and duplicate armors were apparently fixed in the new patch but there is absolutely no sign of these issues being fixed. I can't buy fabric and I have a maxed out settlement and instead of getting tattoos I'm just getting dupes of the huntsman and galloglach armor.

  • RustyMelvin
    33 posts

    @colabeatssprite Also still have the duplicate Galloglach. What was the point of this patch

  • Nightiie
    24 posts

    the duplicated hunter chests were not removed at all from my inventory, the newest patch (1.0.4) did not remove them.
    mines are upgraded to mythical, so that might be why?
    can't you just let us delete items from our inventory? i hate having 3 gears that are the exact same taking alot of inventory space.
    i also noticed that by using the exit button on the main menu, it awarded me some achievements that i never got unlocked before (killing a lerion sister, and the starter mission achievement.)

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