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  • chrisvenn
    2 posts

    @tiltrush Also got the same issues.......not good

  • Lifestyle1609
    1 posts
    Hey folks,

    So just loaded up Valhalla (on PC) for first time since the latest patch. Logged in and my character was naked, thought that's odd...

    Go in my bag and loads of my gear is missing, from what I can remember I'm 100% missing my Carolingian armour/spear from the Twitch reward, tha'ts all gone and I think some axes and other items are missing too. I was using them and had upgraded quite a bit too.....

    [censored] really I can see other users posting similar issues. Is there any fix for this please? 😞 I cba to even play without my gear back...


    Also running into this issue as well, loaded the game and all my twitch prime gear and ubi rewards are gone as well as the runes that were attached to the gear.. I hear people on reddit are also having this issue. Any help on this would be amazing!

  • CryptoTrader101
    1 posts

    Me and 4 of my friends all have this issue now. Ubi fix your potato server please

  • Joep0987
    1 posts

    Same issue for me, 0 opals......

  • Valdarious
    10 posts

    @atfdrevil The items should still appear with your save game details.

  • Jaqlin
    2 posts

    This also happened to me. I also have an issue as I also used most of my resources to upgrade this gear set. I won't be able to play the game. I might have to start all over again to gain the needed resources to up gear which i don't want to play with.

  • MythosTV
    1 posts

    @chrisvenn Similar issue. I have been doing contracts every day to save up Opal, and now it's reset back to default, and all my prime gear is missing. I panicked a bit lol

  • FGx1988
    102 posts

    @anghya yes, I have also waited for something useful in the shop, because I am not interested in all the items for the settlement and now all is gone. Collecting the opals was the only thing that I could do the last days because of bugs so I focused on doing daily's and collecting opals in the world.

  • sniper25741
    3 posts

    also lost two gear packs 100 opals the remainder of my 5k helix credits also even though it says i have access to beowulf quest i dont

  • LargeChazza
    1 posts

    Yh I have had the same issue, I have been using the Carolingian armour and upgrading it since i started the game and I don't wanna have to grind up more armour to the level that the twitch prime set was at. If there is a fix it would be much appreciated!

  • Apeviaz
    1 posts

    Hello, since yesterday i was playing i lost every single store items i have bought from my character, its just gone and is on the store like i haven't even bought it, anyone else is having that problem?

  • ItzTravis
    1 posts

    Same here. All my Carolignian gear, and the runes that were attached, is gone.

  • iSupermanderson
    3 posts

    Good morning everyone!

    I just logged into my game and everything I purchased is gone.
    my dude suddenly ran around naked and without weapons.
    i checked the store and the 250 credit that were left are missing too, my purchases dont even show up in owned anymore.
    Does anyone else have these problems?

    how do i get it back?


  • feralbeasts
    2 posts

    @sparxeh92 I had my entire Carolingian set and the Drauger set vanish from my inventory. Both upgraded quite a bit. Was there after this patch, but when I just updated the video driver due to lag issues I came back with all the gear missing. You can see it on my on the loading screen from my manual saved point and then disappears once fully loaded.

  • filefool
    1 posts

    Same, already opened a ticket. All the premium gear (even the free stuff) and all my Helix credits are gone. That's real money that disappeared from the game, that should NOT be happening.

  • NeeonaaZZ
    2 posts

    Happend to me as well, this is some real ****.

  • VorkdeBalbek
    2 posts

    Same here, my carolingian Dynasty gear pack is gone too.

  • Kadwen_
    8 posts

    I just had this happen to me as well this morning.

    I was doing the Kingmaker mission to chase the son after the king is crowned. Game locked up and when i rebooted my Carolingian Dynasty armor set and Spear as well as my helix credits (300) were gone as well as all my Opals (58).

    If i reload a prior save i have the gear for a min then it goes away as soon as I get control of the character.

  • mesosd.PTT
    3 posts

    I have the same issue. My huldufolk gear is gone, and my helix credits too.

  • alpmartins2017
    2 posts

    Same here, my Carolingan Set I got from Amazon are missing now.

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