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  • Yesin069
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    Beyond simple revenge stories, I also dont think they know how to handle their characters differently. I always liked the more philosopical stuff in AC about the creed and how the templars not the bad ones but more grey. This type of storytelling needs some amazing authors to write down those philosopical dialogues and questions. AC1 - Revelations (especially Revelations) had a lot of great quotes regarding the creed from a philosophical perspective and a story focusing on this conflict would be a nice change. Get away from the revenge or family stuff and go back to the essence of this series...the Assassin's Creed!

  • Karloz1995
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    @axlslak2 im not denying that this game has a huge replayability problems, also a lot of bugs, but one handed sword and basim outfit was a thing that a loot of people were claiming at ubisoft to put in this game, they finally doing it means they are hearing us, and im not saying only because of this you should stop asking them to include more content or fix some bugs.. is just that, if you keep asking them for it, they eventually will fix it, or add more stuff.. just like it happens with the one handed sword and basim outfit

  • B00MSIE
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    I think the one handed sword was always planned for the 2th dlc. They likely planned one weapon in each dlc. I do not see any evidence at all they are listening to the AC players. None of Ubisofts actions shows this. Just my opinion, you may disagree...

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