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  • gearsmonger
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    You have to realize in real life no one will change the look of something for free. I hate the transmog system in Odyssey because 2 of the sets won't remain on when loading a save. I guarantee we will have issues with the transmog in Valhalla. My biggest issue with this game is the upgrading cost so much when you don't get enough Ores from breaking rocks. This game is a one time play anyways since I would rather have New Game Plus over the transmog. I am staying with Odyssey, I am even close to being done with Origins.

    You have to realize in real life you can't go to Asgard and relive the memories of your previous incarnation. If you can swap your gender for free at any point because 'Animus', why not transmog?

  • gearsmonger
    49 posts
    @gearsmonger Ok, I'm not even going to bother . You want someone to argue with and thats fine. I disagree with you and I've played every AC game. My issue is the fact that you are this worked up over 50s per transmog. Its hardly a major thing. Not seeing an issue with something does not make someone a fanboy. If a game makes you this unhappy, don't play it. Discussion over as I cannot be bothered arguing with an entitled kid who thinks the world or a company owes him stuff.

    "Discussion over because I can't handle reasonable disagreement, started name calling and want the last word for free." Apparently simply disagreeing with the design choice constitutes "worked up."

    What a sad, soft world we live in.

  • AlphaGoose46219
    158 posts

    It seems to be a sin to take something out of your own kitchen (Odessey).
    Silver is because they don't sell enough silver packages from the Helix store.

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