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  • XOli360
    Original poster 8 posts

    @ubi-borealis Yes yes yes ! 🙂 Fixed ! It worked ! I just launched the game, took my last save, I was 100m away from the event. I could straight see the bubble above the lady's head indicating that I should be able to speak to her. And it was the case, then I could finalize the event. Thanks a lot for taking care of that !

    I just have to see now if I can get the last target of the order as I had a glitch there too.

    Again, thanks !

  • Ubi-Borealis
    Ubisoft Support Staff 6074 posts

    Thanks for the update, @XOli360! I'm glad to hear you've been able to complete this mystery successfully! If you need help with finding a member of the order, please don't hesitate to find a similar thread (or open a new one), and we'll gladly take a closer look at this as well!

    You're welcome 😄

    Official Response
  • Ubi-Borealis
    Ubisoft Support Staff 6074 posts

    Hello there!

    As we have had no further reports of this issue persisting in-game following the release of TU 1.2.1, we will now be locking this thread.

    If you encounter any further trouble with "Rock of Fertility," please don't hesitate to open up a new thread so we can take a closer look. When opening a new thread, please include as much information about the issue you're encountering as possible. Any images or videos that demonstrate the issue in-game are also helpful for further investigation.

    Thanks! 😊

    Official Response

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