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  • Vathu14
    1 posts

    I have finished the DLC quest line "Way of the Berserker" and assigned the newly unlocked Jomsviking, yet every time I load into the game, it seems that the game removes him from my active longship crew and replaces him with a default crewmember, which is leaving me with no choice but to manually assign the new crewmember every time I load into the game. This only happens with the DLC crewmember, as the other ones I have gotten through the base game story as well as other player's Jomsvikings all work without the problem occurring.

  • TheFluffs.
    6 posts

    @vathu14 Hello, I am having the exact same issue with The Way of The Berserker add-on. After completing it all I have successfully recruited Bjorn. But every time I load the game up he jumps out of the raiding crew so I have to go in again (every time I start the game) to place him as a raider which is clearly very, very annoying and takes up a lot of time cause I will not always spawn in the settlement. This is either a bug/glitch or that is how it works when the game searches and finds already completed add-ons for the game.


  • Ironbeak95
    1 posts

    Playing on PS4, sorry if these have been reported elsewhere:

    Bjorn, the viking berserker from the questline, is unlocked as a crewmate after his quest. However, he wont be saved as such and never appears outside of the Settlement. He is shown walking with the crew when selected in the settlement, but he never ventures out on the raids. He's instantly replaced by a default raider when you leave the Settlement.

    I really doubt this one is intentional, all the gear from Vinland disappeared when I returned to England.

  • Blazerwifle
    1 posts

    G'day Fellas.
    Somehow everytime i start playing the game Bjorn has left my Crew and i always need to add him again.
    Would be nice to see that fixed

  • DrkVestner
    6 posts

    Yep, same here. When you interact with him outside camp, it brings you to the Jomsviking recruit screen and the recruit button is greyed out as well. It's treating him as a recruitable Jomsviking.

  • STOKE5_1
    2 posts

    So I finished the way of the berserker quest and unlocked Bjorn to equip to my crew. But unlike other people that can't equip him I can make him part of my crew but right after I leave the lady that changes your boat crew the game then refreshes and the crew I selected all get set back to default.

  • Effathor
    1 posts

    I cant anybody recruit and i cant exit from barraraks menu, i must hard exit game, it is PC version

  • Ubi-Swaggins
    Community Manager 439 posts

    Sorry to hear you are encountering this issue folks.

    The team are aware of this issue and are looking into it further.

    Apologies for any inconvenience

    Official Response
  • stallattack
    34 posts

    I have all my lieutenants from the stroy(Vili,Rolo,Birena..etc) and assigned all of them to my longship as raider crews ... and only Bjorn(from the berserker story mission) gets offloaded from time to time whenever I fast travel to some points and play a while.. at some point I call in my longship... he(Bjorn) is NOT there!!!....so I go back to my settlement check on crew managing....obviously, some random crew member is assigned to Bjorn's slot which I previously assigned him for...it seems like a bug to me.....anyone has the same issue?.... I want my big guy to have my back when I'm raiding places... He is the biggest and tallest guy, makes him stand out during raids.😞

  • blemiglute
    9 posts

    Happens to me aswell, on PC
    every time you teleport he unassign from your crew

  • kieron.stokes
    19 posts

    He is never on my ship once assigned, no matter what i do he is always replaced with the person he originally replaced.

  • kieron.stokes
    19 posts

    Also having this issue

    10 posts

    Same issue

  • DonParic
    23 posts

    Same cant keep him on the boat no matter how many times i reassing him back to it.

  • Grimlock317
    1 posts

    I finished the berserker quest and got Bjorn but whenever I add him to my crew he dissapers after a raid and I have to keep re assigning him. Also in some cutscenes I keep getting called a she when I picked the male character. I also have had 3 crashes when visiting shops.

  • Rowdy_dog546
    8 posts

    Completed "way of the berserker". Bjorn keeps going MIA, now he is idle at the barracks, with a recruit option that dose nothing. Also since patch music is stuck in loop, FPS has gone to s**t and longer load times. None of this occurred in 1.02. (On PC) cheers

  • Rowdy_dog546
    8 posts

    still not solved

  • ciknay
    1 posts

    I found a similar issue over on the old forums here: (https://forums.ubisoft.com/showthread.php/2293131?pp=40), but as you're directing people here to this new forums, and I couldn't find a topic on the issue here, I figured I'd make a thread.

    Bjorn is unable to be "recruited", but gives a dialogue interaction that indicates this. It also says he is "'s Jomsviking". As in a blank username.

    Thing is, I can add him to my crew, and he'll fight in raids and tell stories, but loading a new save will undo his position in my crew and I have to manually re-add him each time. Which is a shame, because I love his stories the best.

    Relevant footage on the issue:

  • CdnTDog
    16 posts

    Had this problem too. He actually showed up a regular player created character I could talk to and recruit so I talk to him and he says he would like to get back to fighting but you can't recruit him. Went to barracks and reassigned him and he showed up in the next couple raids. While doing that I noticed some others I assigned, weren't so had to fix those too. Something really weird going on with all that. This is on PC BTW.

  • evilhippo
    79 posts

    @stallattack Yes I have the same issue. And if you see him on the dock, he has a 'recruit' option like a jomsvirking but it is grey'ed out if you interact with him. A bug for sure.

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