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  • cryptodogg1
    1 posts

    I’ve got this issue where Ubisoft connect isn’t updating my in game stats. I have completed the game and I’m have only two territories left to clean up before reaching Platinum and 100% completion. It would be great if I could end up also enjoying the fruits of my labor by being able to collect the Ubisoft connect game achievements. I’ve missed out on several times achievements while this has been broken, while I have watched videos of folks enjoying the challenges. Time to earn the money I paid for this game as well as the money I have dropped in helix credits. MAKE THE GAME WORK AS INTENDED FOR ALL NOT JUST A FEW.

  • BlitzSparkz
    14 posts

    Hi all, it seems that the stats and challenges are starting to update but not all though. I noticed that challenges and stats that are updated are those that cannot be repeated like killing the daughters or time played and distance travelled while the rest that are not updated are those that can be repeated. Time-challenges are working too. Try playing Valhalla and checking your Ubi connect again. This is on the original Xbox One. That said, I'm not too sure if this is an incomplete update or if there's more.

  • chuck_nozz
    3 posts

    I'm 80 hours in but my ubisoft connect app stats state 35 hours and only 48%.

    Will this issue ever be fixed??

  • joaobeltrao
    8 posts

    I'm having this issue in Xbox Series X

  • A Former User
    0 posts

    Hey folks!

    The issue with stats not updating was identified by the developers and fixed in a patch. If you are still experiencing this, please feel free to create a new thread showing how the stats are not updating, and we'd be happy to look into it further for you. 🙂

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