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    @hisn Helped me thanks!

  • Jutzukan
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    I reinstalled to C (Nvme-SSD) drive and still crashed. I reinstalled to my Game Drive (HDD) which my Ubisoft connect install is and still crashed. Then I tried a trick I used when GR-Breakpoint was giving me the same problems. I used SteamMover to create a Symlink from Game Drive to my C drive and now it works. (How the heck that actually let's it run is beyond me and I can't make sense of it, but I'll take it.)

    Now I'm crossing my fingers because usually any patches that come from this point will break it. And I'll probably have to redo the steps again to have it work. Same as GR-Breakpoint, which is another Ubisoft game LOL.

    The bad thing is I know that this will NOT work for everyone. But it's another option for you if you have separate drives to try it on. Good Luck!

  • HisN
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    @cmiik read the other threads with the same topic.
    There are solutions now.

  • HisN
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    I fixed the splash-Screen bug for me.

    I guess the Game does like to be on C:\ Drive and does not like special characters like the 's

    C:/Assassin's Creed Valhalla/ does not work
    C:/AVC work
    D:/Games/AVC does not work again.

    [censored] ... does no one in Ubi-Development have more than one Drive?

  • PilgriM_71
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    @w_weasle wow really? They told you that! so I have played Odyssey, Origins, Division two all on my storage space device, that is amazing, why should the game care about that I wonder...

  • sendjes
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    Just to add to the installation path talk, I never install games on my C drive, didn't encounter any problems with the game what so ever, this is my installation path:

    E:\Games\Uplay\Assassin's Creed Valhalla

    *EDIT* My client is installed on C but not the game. And I'm using Windows 10, danish language.

  • HisN
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    All my Games are installed in d:\Games.
    ACV is the ONLY one that needs this special treatment. Not Origins and not Odyssee for example. They are running from there with no problems.
    Im no Programmer, I don't know why this is like it is. But it worked.

    Maybe you have an English/American Language, and thats the Problem with the '-Character in the Filename. Its not the first time, that special-characters are Problems in no-englisch-language-Windows.

    I get response from more than one user, that this is a solve for their "stuck at spash-screen" Issue.
    So you can laugh about it, but finally it helps some users to get their game going.

  • UbiKoality
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    To everyone who has uploaded their files in a case, thank you so much for taking the time to do so!! I fully understand how frustrating and disheartening experiencing this problem must be. Through the team's investigation and my own on some of your cases, one of the causes of this problem may be having the game installed on a Microsoft Storage Space Device. As explained here, most of our games do not support these devices. You should be able to get this resolved by installing the game on a separate drive. We typically recommend installing the game and our client on the same drive.

    This is something that our team can discuss more in-depth with you through your ticket if needed, but I just wanted to provide some insight on the findings of the team's investigation!

  • beez_trees
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    @ubikoality Have uninstalled and reinstalled on all three of my drives (multiple times), 2 ssd and 1 hdd and none are a Microsoft Storage Space Device. Myself and many others have tried ALL of these suggestions with no luck.

  • UbiKoality
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    @beez_trees I'm extremely sorry to hear that. Can you please be sure to include that information in your case for the team? This way, your time will not be wasted by them re-recommending what you have already tried! It will also allow them to continue their investigation more seamlessly. Thanks!

  • emmaj95
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    @shenoxdfug Same thing. Every time I try to start the game, it gets to the splash screen and then crashes. These are the things I have tried:

    • reinstall the game
    • reinstall uplay/ubisoft connect
    • verify game files
    • change install path
    • update graphics and windows 10
    • reinstalled microsoft visual c++
    • renamed the file
    • ran in offline mode

    I contacted support and they had nothing else for me to try. Has anyone else found a solution for this yet? Really disappointing that I cant even boot up this game when I spent $200 on the collectors edition and have been waiting all year.

    Just to be clear, I have it installed on my C : drive with my OS.

  • Kushkills2469
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    @emmaj95 i have done all this i even found my old hhd and old ssd nothing works. If they only way the game run is by having on the same drive and windows im demanding a full refund that so petty of them to do

  • Shogun.SRU
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    My game is till suckat th green logo and wont start i have done a fresh install disabled my anti virus and windows defender i did the support/software/vcreddist i have updated my gpu drivers i updated my windows as well i have even ran ubisoft connect as admin as well as the game .exe file i have no idea why the game wont run

  • Kushkills2469
    11 posts

    @ubikoality so it hasss too be on the same drive as windows.. dont think were a little past tht phase by now in 2020 most ppl dont have 50 gbs of room on there ssd tht has windows on it just saying

  • emmaj95
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    @kushkills2469 yeah mine is on the drive with windows and it still doesnt work.

  • Kushkills2469
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    @emmaj95 i just played and finished the story line for watch dog legion and tht was on my back ssd and ran fine... so it has to be a ubisoft error or something im not the only one.

  • BOT-Jamal
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    I downloaded the game last night and it would not boot when it was available to play today.

    I tried reinstalling the game and restarting as well as following the other general troubleshooting provided by Ubisoft.

    When I run the game the pop-up in the above image shows up and then nothing happens at all. I have a high-end computer so I don't see what the problem is.

    I've tried everything and I even read that some other people were having similar problems - please let me know what I should do.

  • belikeMIKEYP
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    Experiencing the same issue here. Re-installing as we speak.

  • AlphaLegionist
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    Hello guys,

    I had earlier mentionted well-known "AC logo freeze" problem.

    For me, it helped that I moved sounddata and videos folder to drive C and make a symbolic links to game folder on my other drive AND (!) please remeber that as @HisN said, UBI for some unknown reason does not 'like' folders with spaces or " ' " ( single quote ) mark with path name. So make sure both your gamefolder and path to moved sounddata and videos folder does not contain spaces or single quote mark.

    Let me know if this helps.


    Taking into account my case, you probably do not have to reinstall game to C drive. Moreover it should be enough just to rename gamefolder or move it. In my case my original path was like: [disc]:\Ubisoft Game Launcher\Assassin's Creed Vallhala and I moved my game folder to [disc]:\Valhalla. Ubi connect should ask you for game path and everything should be ok.

  • Kushkills2469
    11 posts

    I juat put the game on an hhd250gd wester digital and uninstalled from my pc and reinstalled it thru unisoft connect and its working atm

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