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  • Locked Solved [RESOLVED] [PC] After TU 1.1.0, I am experiencing FPS drops / low CPU and GPU utilisation | POST HERE

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    Severe fps drop after the latest update! CPU and GPU at ~50% (i5 4 cores, gtx 1660)

  • Zarael1721
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    @ubi-orion Hello thats nice to see 🙂 and do you have some information about date when things could be fixed and game playable again? Will it be till Christmas or we will have to wait longer for some fix patch?

  • Glykq
    8 posts

    i5 3570 /1070/16 fps 33 patch 1.1.0
    fps 50-60 patch 1.0.4
    No more buying enough bullying

  • ryankwaker
    38 posts

    @ubi-orion thank you for the response!!!
    CPU is running only 50 percent or less whenever we play acv 1.1.0.....a lot of us, including me, think that is the major problem.

  • Glykq
    8 posts

    @glykq disappointed in Ubi

  • EasyTarget2kill
    8 posts

    Just wondering if anyone can use CPUID and see if the game is underclocking your cpu when the game is running? I'm just wondering if I'm having the same issue as everyone else or something totally different.

  • Snt.Grem
    34 posts

    When you switch from a game to a different window (in this case, the CPUID), the load on the hardware drops because the game pauses. CPUID is not a very practical monitoring tool. Use MSI Afterburner or FPS Monitor with in-game screen overlay.

  • Snt.Grem
    34 posts

    When can we play again?

  • kvsh88
    49 posts

    yep can confirm i have the same issue as well. CPU not getting utilized fully and also the GPU

  • Peterfogaren
    4 posts

    Aprox date for fix Ubisoft? People are getting irretated about the lack of response regarding aprox timeframe for fix.

  • dignite_
    5 posts

    1060 6GB / i5 7500 / 16GB RAM. FPS tanked from 60-50 to 30-ish. GPU looks capped at around 75-80%, while CPU is sitting at 50%. It's fine in main menu and then for the first part of first loading screen. But then somewhere halfway through loading screen CPU/GPU usage just drops.

  • TChris96
    14 posts

    @dignite_ Yeah. Exactly the same. I have been waiting for a fix for almost a week now. There's just [censored] support talk which is not true. Ubisoft unable to do a rollback on the update maybe? I'd give everything to play the previous buggy game since that I was at least able to play. Now, it's unplayable. Thanks for this Ubi, merry Christmas!

  • dueckn
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    Ubisoft, is there any chance we're getting a fix for this before Christmas? Finally got work off and just bought the game and came to this thread to see the game is suffering from big frame drops. Can't even get past the opening missions. If not will try to pursue refund soon.

    Here's my experience. Settings are on ultra, I've only disabled motion blur.


  • Ubi-Orion
    Ubisoft Support Staff 1399 posts

    @snt-grem @Peterfogaren

    No ETA I can provide for a fix at this time I'm afraid but please rest assured the team are working hard on getting this resolved ASAP and as soon as we have an update we can provide on an approximate date for a patch we'll be sure to let everyone know.

    Official Response
  • T1GFX
    39 posts

    @ubi-orion Stay "great", ubisoft!

    How much is AMD paying the execs for this obvious sabotage?

  • KintinJ
    6 posts

    Since the update I lost 20/25 fps too, with the same settings.
    Please fix this, this is unplayable now...
    (I have a GTX 1070 Ti)

  • kvsh88
    49 posts


    Thanks for acknowledging the issue. I hope you update it in the list of known issues.

  • ryankwaker
    38 posts

    @ubi-orion okay......thanks again

  • EasyTarget2kill
    8 posts

    @snt-grem I have a dual screen setup. Also had intel extreme tuning turned on and they both showed the same. As soon as the clock speeds drop my FPS drops to around 26fps. I'll use MSI afterburner and see what it shows.

  • RebelOfWar
    13 posts

    There have been reports of VRAM leakages severely impacting the game's performance after a while of playing a single session. The memory problem can happen randomly, several things I noticed which have a chance to impact it are: opening the uplay overlay, fast traveling, moving to a lot of different areas in a single session (obviously tied with fast traveling, the game loads many different assets and simply forgets to clean up the Vram). This problem has been occurring to both me (1060 3GB VRAM) and my brother (1060 6GB VRAM). Difference is that he can play longer without the stutters and fps drops becoming increasingly worse.

    This issue has NOT been fixed since day one, tons of people on pc reporting this memory problem and still nothing. I posted extensive stuff about this on customer support and they told me the usual stuff to update drivers etc.

    Another bug also newly introduced with the update: You now load into a session in a drunk state, for a couple of minutes, each and every load of my game is a dizzying mess now.

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