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  • theratpack1020
    3 posts

    @strongman77 ah, I was fishing in the wrong spot by Rouecistre Fortress, thanks for the help on the sturgeon! Yeah not sure what's going on with the other two types?

  • AlphaGoose46219
    158 posts

    The game breaking Brewing storm bug (also almost 5 months old) has reached the Washington post, maybe this will chance the priority decisions they make.
    Sad it must go this far, a real player support system could have avoid this.

  • Strongman77
    7 posts

    @theratpack1020 I Read the list what issues were fixed in the new patch but also what issues is pending and Ubisoft wrote "An issue with fishes missing " so We'll wait and Tea ( as Mr Lipton said )

  • theratpack1020
    3 posts

    @strongman77 sweet! Where can you view the list of issues that are pending? I remember finding that list for Origins but forgot where to look!

  • JCar4327
    707 posts

    @theratpack1020 Under the Forum Heading Player Support and then Known Issues Megathread

  • Brianjlee66
    13 posts

    I have been fishing around Isle of Wight after reading there may be large flat fish there.
    I managed to catch many flatfish with no issues.
    Then a single flatfish swam nearby so I threw my rope out and it bit.
    It then starts floating around, going through the boat and after ten minutes was still impossible to land.

    this has happened twice to me this evening and only when hooking a single fish swimming (which is normally a large fish)

    on a positive note, the bandit camp in the north eastern corner gave me a player to avenge the death for.

  • Brianjlee66
    13 posts

    I took a picture but it says file to big and then dimensions to large, ive tried cropping etc.

    if someone can tell me how to get the quality/ size reduced or someone I can send the picture too I can show the flatfish being hooked and then not being landable

  • Brianjlee66
    13 posts

    @sw8one same here and I never had many of the bugs listed but tonight ive been facing through floors, freezing and some of my enhanced gear reverted to bog standard.

    sitting at 98% completion, like many, this is frustrating. this was actually my first AC game as Ive played other stuff in past but as much as I have enjoyed it I can see myself buying another UBI soft product

  • johnnywriteoff
    3 posts

    Agree wholeheartedly. What a fantastic game, just this one thing that annoys me. But, sure, you'll have that. I can wait , I think a lot of people are on edge given the global circumstances. But it's not the kind people's fault who reply to this thread. Happy St. Patrick's day guys. I'm a completionist too and I'll wait for that swordfish. Better late than never!

    Till then , have a beverage of your choosing! Cheers!

  • Brianjlee66
    13 posts

    I have managed now to hook a big flatfish on several occasions. the location is on the Isle of Wight north eastern area where all the fishing boats are.
    The issue is once it is a large one, it glitches out, changes shape and then refuses to be landed.
    I have placed a picture here to show it floating over the boat. Anyone else had any success. currently i'm fishing with clothes missing LOL

  • Brianjlee66
    13 posts

    Hookable but not able to land


  • Ubi-Borealis
    Ubisoft Support Staff 6074 posts

    Hello there!

    Thanks for continuing to update this thread with your experiences and feedback. The development team are still looking into the missing big fish. I can also see that a couple of you have mentioned you've encountered the "flying fish" issue since TU 1.2.0 was deployed. The development team are still taking a closer look at this as well. Once we have any more information about either fish investigation, we will let you all know within this thread and within the News & Announcements forum.

    @doronikgjcs - The fishing hut challenges won't impact on your ability to reach the 100% game completion stat, as shown "Stats & Leaderboards/Intel." To get the 100% completion game stat, you need to complete all of the main quests, as well as sync all of the viewpoints. I've been able to reach the 100% completion stat myself (following TU 1.2.0) and I can confirm that the fishing hut deliveries aren't needed to achieve this.

    @Carlipop - Please be assured that the player support staff are regularly forwarding your reports and feedback to the development team about this issue. Both myself and @Ubi-Woofer are very keen to get our hands on the Swordfish and to complete these deliveries as well. We are checking in on the investigation regularly, and once we have any new updates to share, they will be posted within this thread.

    @JamesLogan491 - I'm sorry to hear you've encountered issues with your Yule gear. The development team has been investigating this issue as well. You can check out the megathread about this for more information and updates.

    @KayLaMaLa_SOS - Would you be able to share that picture of the "crumpled up" flatfish so we can take a closer look at this? I'm sorry to hear that you're having trouble with Ragnar's mission as well. Would you be able to open a new thread about this so we can investigate it separately to the missing fish?

    @Brianjlee66 - Thanks for sharing your report about the uncatchable flatfish, and for providing us with an image.. The development team are aware of this issue, and are investigating this further. I've passed your image along so they can take a closer look. I'm sorry to hear your berserker armour has reset as well. If you haven't already, I would recommend checking out this megathread for more information about the ongoing investigation.

    Thanks all! 😊

    Official Response
  • Bacheh_Mosbat
    85 posts

    Even if you somehow manage to deliver all the fishes, the swordfish club challenge is broken and does not register.
    I'm just waiting for the hoard of angry people when they find out about the broken challenge. 😹

  • Bigflatmac
    1 posts

    This is getting beyond ridiculous now I'm sure if gamers started demanding their money back this issue would soon be resolved,

  • Brianjlee66
    13 posts

    I am currently writing a letter to the CEO of UBI soft asking for my money back under the UK sale of goods act which states that an item bought should match what it is intended to do and any defects should be pointed out at sale.
    At this stage it may be the retailer they ask you to go to but if enough people started doing this then something would change quickly (remember cyber punk).
    If you purchased a set of headphones that continually cut out and / or would only work at certain times, then you would get your money back. This is no different.

  • SteewyDub
    29 posts

    @brianjlee66 Same thing happened to me as well on PS4. That thing is flying all around, and it seem to float above the water when it is hooked.

  • Epoch_King
    6 posts

    Taking a break from the broken fishing to start playing the new festivities, doing the Viking brawl, it froze then kicked from game completely, twice!!
    first time got up to 5th round, froze then kicked.
    Started up the game and tried again, this time up to 8th round, game froze and kicked again.
    Checking to see if I got my winnings from being kicked now....
    .....and no! No winnings despite winning the fights and being kicked from the game!
    Ye know Ubisoft, instead of introducing these festivities that are actually broken, couldn’t you add the missing fish instead???
    If I were actually in a store physically with a complaint of faulty goods, I’d demand to speak to a manager to get a full refund or a replacement that did work!
    So with that said, I don’t want to talk to an Ubisoft agent, I want to talk and complain to one or all of the Devs, I want to talk to the organ grinder instead of the monkey to address all of our complaints and what they are doing to address this right now!!!

  • Brianjlee66
    13 posts

    @epoch_king I have started the egg hunt three times now and been frozen part way through each time and had to reload the game.

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