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  • doronikgjcs
    1 posts

    Still can't find these fish yet ubisoft said in the patch notes

    "Addressed an issue that prevented players from reaching 100% completion."

    Am I to assume that you can reach 100% completion without completing this mission set from your own camp? How hard is it to add 2 fish? Come on.

  • Tchester1980
    1100 posts


    Confirm, you do not need these two kinds of GHOST fish to reach 100%!

  • Fudz4
    115 posts

    New Update today, has this been fixed yet?

  • Tchester1980
    1100 posts


    Missing fish: Nope....
    Progress bug: YES

  • Fudz4
    115 posts

    @tchester1980 Sweet Mary, I just need to get the two challenges for Swordfish and 10 avenge quests, I really like this game but I must say... There is a case to be made that since Ubisoft Connect points can be used to claim a discount on Ubisoft products, the XP you cant get from these challenges that have not been fixed are anti-consumer imo.

  • Tchester1980
    1100 posts


    the 10 avenge the player archivement works now, since last patch or so.... You can do it easily on the Snotthoh farm in East Anglia

  • Epoch_King
    6 posts

    Thank you Ubisoft for the free outfit, extra ovals and other goodies.
    It is appreciated and does go a long way but there is a way still to go.

  • xrayspex_73
    170 posts


    Define 100%. I would argue we cannot get 100% because we cannot finish all of the challenges that Ubisoft created. We cannot finish the fishing missions... that does not 100% make...

    3 posts

    @rcdeschene thoughtso thanx mate

  • ArnoTheChef
    5 posts

    @xrayspex_73 Technically yes you cannot get a full 100% on the game without the challenge but I can confirm that I don't have the challenge and I'm still 100% you can see it in Ubisoft Connect when you click on show Intel

  • Carlipop
    18 posts

    Big Flatfish and Big Mackerel are still missing on PS5 with the latest version, 1.020.000.

    Happy to see transmog finally being added to Valhalla and the Godly Gift as well, but this does not eclipse the fact that a Side Activity still cannot be completed.

    The game has been out for four months. A weapon, even if it is a joke weapon, is unobtainable since launch. Imagine how many hours combined players (including myself) have spent on looking for fishes because they love your game and want to fully complete it, and then realize it has been for nothing and new stuff are being added on top of broken features since the very first day... With 700+ replies and 40k+ views, this blocker should be considered critical in the known issues list.

    I know the community managers have no power on issues' resolution, but forwarding most, if not all, players' complaints would probably push the devs to review their priorities. Numbers can influence a lot the course of games' development.

  • Scotto215
    1 posts

    @carlipop This is crazy! They can add more cats...really more cats is what we are worried about. Fix the big fish spawning issue please!!!!!!

  • JamesLogan491
    140 posts

    They didn't fix the fish and removed all my fully upgraded Yule gear, even though I didn't even try to claim the Godly Reward(I still have the decorations and tattoos).
    After I realized the gear had been removed I said f#$% it and tried to redeem the Godly Reward but got that [0x70000d03] "already have the maximum amount" error that so many others are having.

    I appreciate the concept of giving us a reward for enduring all the BS with this game but taking away the already upgraded limited time gear I got during the festival and giving me an error when trying to redeem my items back is a new low.

    Why does everything needs to be so broken and poorly executed in this game.

  • sw8one
    2 posts

    I'm not sure what the developers did with the last update, but they made the fish bug WORSE! I was able to catch all fish except the big flatfish and mackerel. That's literally the only thing I haven't completed. I've never had an issue with fish flying over the boat when Eivor is at the point of pulling the catch in, did tonight. Never had an issue with flatfish looking like glowing red demon rubber duckies when reeling in, did tonight. Gotta say, that demon duck, that's a hella nope, but I thought ooh maybe they fixed big flatfish, reel it in. Oh hecks no, it was a small one. Get it together, y'all. Either leave it alone or fix it, but quit piddle-farting around.

  • KayLaMaLa_SOS
    1 posts

    Still no big flatfish but now my regular and small flatfish crumple up all weird when they get hooked; I took a picture of it in game. Please fix the fish so I can be done talking to the annoying kid at the fish hut. Side note also fix the Ragnar's death mission.

  • Hefeydd__
    26 posts

    @ubi-orion I found 99.9% of the fish after spending about about an hour and a half to 2 hours going through coast to coast in Norway but finding Big Mackerel is and Big Flatfish in England is all I need. 😢

  • First_Prophet
    33 posts

    Seriously, another patch, more issues. Lost my Yule gear after I tried to redeem The Godly reward, now those resources, ruins and all of that equipment is gone until you fix the redeeming of The Godly reward, for some reason you decided that you were going to add more cats and you can't even add the fish that we have been waiting for since launch? I've heard what you said dozens of times, the developers are working on it, but I already gave you a fix, remove the need for these fish from the challenges, so we can complete the challenges and there you go, done. People have already completed the challenge by using an inventory editor, should I do the same? Are you guys never going to fix this? Cats? More f@#$ing cats? Bugs that you could have been working on unless microtransactions that you could have put through if you focused all of that time and energy, you could have fixed this by now. But cats? Where is your mind, ubisoft?

  • Antipotheosis
    9 posts

    The missing fish are still not fixed yet???
    A lot of us gamers have spent hours searching for things that don't even exist in the game yet due to the promise of a unique reward. Either fix the bug or make an official statement for the benefit of the community so that we don't waste our precious time searching for something that isn't there... It's disrespectful to offer a reward by completing an unattainable list of tedious items to search for in the game. Please stop wasting our time.

  • R2013Aaron
    3 posts

    Is the fishing bug still not fixed after 1.20 up date?

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