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  • kreutzgang
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    Dude, I'd prefer a proper choice where my character is canon too, and I agree the game marketing was misleading, but the rest of your rant is just mad.

  • MexicanTemplar
    39 posts

    @leoraptor1979 has nothing to do with that, those games have a female protagonist from the beginning they were created with a female protagonist in mind, AC games werent, and now they use politics to bring that to this game, they do it in a boring and cringe way [removed 08/03/2021 by @Ubi-Woofer], why giving the option to choose our gender, only to be removed in the future for ridiculouss reasons... also it does matter wich is canon or not, because if u give the option to choose a gender and them u make canon one of the two, them u broke the feeling of inmersion and make u feel the u are playing the wrong way

  • Fimbulthulur
    Original poster 64 posts

    @leoraptor1979 this was exactly my point at the beginning of my thread.
    I enjoy a good game, also games with women as leads.

    I dont like when they promote a certain plot and then do not deliver it.

    You wont go to a candy store to buy a cake, only to find out home that it ain't a cake, but a somewhat cooked pork or beef...

  • kirk1701007
    22 posts

    I will have to agree I don't like being lied to . Ubisoft promised we would be able to play Assassins Creed Vahlla as either a Male Character or as a female character Not once did they say to the customers you will play the game Only as a female Character with a male skin or just Female either way you can only play the game only as a female character so yes I feel like I was lie' d to by Ubisoft its called false advertising and there are laws against it . I bought the game under the pretense and promise from Ubisoft of playing the game as a male character not a female character with male skin over that option was never mentioned by Ubisoft to the customer's before it went on sale . It makes me think twice about buying Ubisoft games or trusting them

  • cnnryng
    16 posts

    @fimbulthulur Your tears are delicious

  • stevencod35
    3 posts

    My male viking got jiggy with his boy round the back at the wedding, i was actually stunned at this, gay vikings bum plowing at a wedding, holy [censored], I didn't expect that one.

  • RhadamentX
    9 posts

    At least there is a choice. If there was no choice or was forced to play character i don't like i wouldn't even bought the game. Simple as that. Don't care which is so called "canon"

  • Prissy_Missy00
    4 posts

    It's only a game chill out

  • RhadamentX
    9 posts

    If there was no choice and you were forced to play female character i wouldn't simply bought it. Easy. Too many waify simulators around already. So i'm fine as long as there is choice. This game feels like Mass Effect where Shepard could be any gender. I'm fine with that.

  • Roman.bul12
    2 posts

    I am also really mad about how modern games a limited and following all “left-wing” trends. Therefore, i totally switched to online role games, especially to adult games, where you have freedom to decide and to play. Also, you can use VR technologies there, which makes the experience even better for you. but I totally agree with the statement here, games nowadays are so limited and only cuberpunk 2077 gave me a refreshing feeling…..

  • leroy198532
    32 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • ADarklore
    218 posts

    @leroy198532 While I do agree that UBI caved to the SJWs in the last two AC games... I don't agree with your mischaracterization that there were no female viking warriors. The viking sagas mention them, and historically speaking, there are accounts of viking women fighting along side of men. HOWEVER, there has never been any historical accounts of women LEADING the men!! That is where I have a serious problem with the SJW narrative that UBI is pushing with the last two games. Kassandra WOULD NEVER have been accepted by the ancient Spartans OR, especially by the Greeks!! Women in Sparta were treated extremely well, they were in charge of the city and keeping things in order while the men were away at war, and they were also taught combat skills- albeit to a lesser extent than the men. They were NOT generals or tacticians! For the Greeks, women were garbage, low class citizens forbidden from leaving their houses without their husband's permission. They would never EVER have accepted Kassandra as an equal, let alone ask her for any help.

    As for vikings... do you really think a Saxon man would stoop to the level of asking a FEMALE 'raider' for help?!? Do you really think viking warriors would rally behind a soft-hearted woman?!? NO! One of the reasons the vikings were so vicious, especially their leaders, is because it was the only way to prove their dominance and therefore their ability to lead. There is absolutely NO evidence of women going 'a viking' with the men- NONE. They may have found a grave with a female buried with warrior accoutrements, but that is all the information we have- it doesn't PROVE she was a leader, nor even a warrior, just buried with items usually found only in a warriors grave.

    But then again, UBI has come out stating something along the lines of 'this is OUR take on history'... so it just goes to show they honestly DO NOT care about the actual real history they are depicting... which just fuels even more misinformation and SJW re-writing of TRUE history.

  • As1r0nimo
    412 posts

    Imo. Mass effect was perfect in solving this problem. Just add a hint "he/she" in the beggining of each new story, so canon will be both.
    I also don't like female Eivor (for me it's meh, but an understandable valkyrie). Same goes to Kassandra (idk, but i see her as Deimos more than as protagonist).

  • ADarklore
    218 posts

    @as1r0nimo I agree about Kassandra... figure she would be angry being stuck in a 'man's world' and just becoming more and more bitter about it.

    UBI could have pulled off the same Mass Effect solution if they hadn't stuck letters in the game specifically stating 'Varinsdottir'. OR, they could have had the name on the letter change depending on what gender you were playing at the time you picked up the letter, or just used the name, "Eivor of the Raven Clan" like Eivor states as his name all throughout the game.

  • bielik01
    1826 posts

    @adarklore Eivor is a female name after all.

  • ADarklore
    218 posts

    @bielik01 There are plenty of 'female' names in the world that are also given to men... and vice versa. I grew up with a boy named Kim, while most assume it's a female name, it's a unisex name. Just because someone says it's a female name doesn't mean that's final. Who is to say that Varin didn't pre-name his child before it was born?

    Just saying that when it comes to names, there is nothing written in stone that ANY particular name is strictly gender specific.

  • VirtualAwesome
    75 posts

    Seriously? With all of the design flaws and bugs in the game, this is what people complain about? It's funny how some cry "SJWs" and political agendas when it's been the other way around for thousands of years. Groups are finally standing up to what has been forced on them. It shows how weak people really are when something like a single message at the beginning of a video game causes such angst.

    In a game with Isu, advanced technology, mythical beasts, and so on, the argument that women can't be Viking leaders because it is not historically accurate is laughable. It is a fantasy game regardless of the developers' efforts to incorporate realistic elements from the time periods in which the story is based.

    The developers intended for the players to be able to choose which gender they preferred because they know many players are still not comfortable enough with themselves to play a different role. It's actually kind of sad when you think about it. But they messed up in a few areas as they did in many other aspects of the game. They overpromised and underdelivered. But that's hardly a reason for this level of outcry.

  • Shad0wyGh0st
    3 posts

    @fimbulthulur Agreed and same with Odyssey. Glad you said the truth.

  • Shad0wyGh0st
    3 posts

    @fimbulthulur Mass effect and Dragon age actually did the choose your gender option properly and much more. Male and female Shepard/Inquistor for example were "Actually" canon and not soft canon. You really felt that your hero and your heros choices mattered. It's your "Odyssey" remember that being said over and over again when assassin's creed Odyssey was being released...yeah sure okay.
    The problem is not that they're trying to make historical like games with a twist of mythology but that they're trying to force one choice over another and the same time making that other choice not matter or becoming redundant. Like seriously you made Odyssey have Alexios and Kassandra but with Valhalla I'm a male viking named Eivor smh a male with a females Norse name. Why not just give the male option a different name like Havi.
    You did it with odyssey why not now? It's just weird decisions that are made. If you want to push a female protagonist so bad in odyssey, now Valhalla and I can only assume every future assassin's creed game. Just have the balls to do it or at least not be one sided on options and not give some half [censored] [censored] lie that you can choose genders and they're both canon when uh no not really.

  • As1r0nimo
    412 posts

    The main problem here is "If you give us a choice, make it count".

    I don't want to see Kassandra in Valhalla as a small reference in possible future updates. I played as Alexios. So let us choose, which one we should see. A simple, fckng, checkbox. That's it.
    I don't mind a game with a female protagonist (it's still stupid in Valhalla with female Eivor). It's fine. But if you allow the choice of hero's gender - do it correctly.

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