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  • HateYourFace69
    10 posts

    @maybe2maybe3 I have the exact same problem to the letter. I have been complaining about it since November. They are not going to fix this. I for one, am no longer purchasing Ubisoft products.

  • Maybe2Maybe3
    9 posts

    @hateyourface69 I agree. I have run into so many problems with this game I was thinking of nominating it to the newly created MAD GOAT award - Most Awfully Defective Game Of All Time.

  • hamburglar1968
    2 posts

    @ubi-borealis impossible to get a ticket and chat is always unavailable so bye bye valhalla for me

  • sonic_casper
    2 posts

    Broken/BUG! Mission: In The Abscence Of An Ealdorman.

    I have played almost 240 hours in this game and came to a standstill in the mentioned mission above. I have done what I always do in ALL Assassin's Creed games, exploring the world as soon as possible early on. In the mentioned mission I find the Ealdorman in the cellar of the castle and need to search for proof of his death. Unfortunately I have been there way before and took a brooch which is in my inventory. The mission still wants me to find some proof (which is that brooch) and because of that I cannot come further in the mission. I have completed every thing there is in the game except for some small side missions.

    I updated my game to the latest patch but it is still the same problem. When can I expect to get that bug fixed so I can continue the story?

    Thanks in advance
    Casper S.

  • Maybe2Maybe3
    9 posts

    @hamburglar1968 I actually opened a ticket in early December and received the following reply.

    "The development team has been made aware of this issue and they are currently investigating it. Once additional information becomes available, it will be posted to the game's official forum"

    Then 4 days later I received the following.

    "Recently you requested personal assistance from Ubisoft Support. As we have not heard from you in the 4 days since we sent you a response, we assume your issue has been resolved and have closed your ticket."

    I actually reopened the ticket a couple times and eventually received the above note after 4 days - this was not very helpful in my opinion so I gave up on the approach to getting the issue resolved.

  • imcrazyblah0
    17 posts

    @poisonakuto Thanks. I submitted to all 4 of those.

  • Killgore1981
    21 posts

    Why is it so goddam hard to fix this quest? For MONTHS I've been stuck on it waiting on patch after patch after patch that never resolves it. Over 150 hours invested and I'm at a complete impasse.

  • SBHeathcote
    13 posts

    @maybe2maybe3 this is where Im at. the last response I got on a ticket was "we'll release a patch when its patched" and then 4 days later ticket closed. with that good old "assume its resolved!!" message, which tells me ubisofts reporting on backend ticket fixes is complete [censored]. I gave up; My day job is fighting people about software tickets, I aint gonna do it in my free time too.

    oh, and if you had lost count, we're at 84 Days since report

  • Conselatouche
    1 posts

    I have the same issue, you FAIL Ubi, you FAIL big time. Main story line and no fix yet. In my point of view, it is to late for apologies now, you should have waited before releasing the game. It's like telling me to wait to watch the end of a movie, no sense at all. Anyway there is nothing I can do about it except be a slave to you poorly managing this situation.

    2 posts

    @kurfang Hey I’m having this same problem after i collected the family brooch it doesn’t load the next step of the mission if you leave the way you come instead of out the back door and the game doesn’t think you have the brooch

  • UbiKoality
    448 posts

    @alexia_8 I'm extremely sorry that you had to reload to a previous save in order to resolve this issue! I understand how disheartening it can be to have to lose any amount of game progress and do it all over again. Nonetheless, I do greatly appreciate you updating the post to share the results of going back to your previous save! I've forwarded this information to the team. Please do not hesitate to reach out on Discussions or to our team at support.ubi.com if you run into any other issues in the future. Thank you!

  • UbiKoality
    448 posts

    @denizen777 My apologies for the inconvenience or annoyance that this bug in Valhalla may have caused you! I can understand your feelings here. Would you be able to upload your save files in a case at support.ubi.com, then let me know your case number once it has been created? Although this bug is already included on the team's Known Issues List, I would be glad to forward your save files to them to aid them in their investigation on the problem.

  • Maybe2Maybe3
    9 posts

    @denizen777 There is another thread on this issue here that cover the frustration many players that dates back to November.

  • hamburglar1968
    2 posts

    @maybe2maybe3 Lucky you 😢 i was unable to even open a ticket due to "covid restrictions" and the chat is always unavailable.

  • Arthur.Morgan
    7 posts

    Hey folks!
    Just keeping you updated.
    Since I submitted my 3 tickets on this bug and they were closed with advice to check this forum, I have already passed though Cyberpunk 2077 2 times and completed new Hitman 3 starting from 1 and 2.
    Nice to experience some games with no main quest stopping bugs you know.
    I bet there would rather be some premium rainbow pubic hair customization pack for helix but no fix for this any time soon.
    That's a shame to be honest. I'm almost +420 power with +100 hours in this game and 3 months later they still have no fix for main quest.
    See ya later when I get back after any other not broken games to check what's going on with Valhalla.
    100 bucks on that it won't be fixed even when some Assassins' Creed Genghis Khan is out.

  • mvogl_806
    1 posts

    The quest In The Absence Of An Ealdorman does not continue, so the destination is not updated correctly and there is no icon on the map where to go. Through a video I found out where the next destination is, but I can not interact with the NPC.

  • tawhite528
    3 posts

    I played this quest last week and apparently the issue is still there. The issue that got "fixed" in the 1.1.1 update addressed when you get the brooch out of order before running the quest. But I didn't do that. I did everything in the order the quest was asking and didn't pick up the brooch until prompted to after the discussion with the individual caring for the ealderman's body. When I picked up the brooch, the quest goal changed to tell me to return it to Hunwald, but no quest marker appeared, and of course if I go back to where he is I cannot interact with him. I submitted saved game file like requested, and now customer "support" says watch the forum for updates. Has anyone figured out a workaround, since Ubisoft seems to not care about addressing this?

  • RBradigan
    11 posts

    Such a terrible and hopeless feeling to be wishing for a big company to hear your requests, but to be continuously shut out, lied to, and deceived. At this point, it has been 3 entire months since this issue was brought to Ubisoft's attention. There is NO WAY they have put any time into fixing this. I absolutely refuse to believe that they are working on this game breaking bug. If I were to get any sort of response from a staff member, it would just say "Sorry to hear about your situation, we have a team working on this bug fix at the moment". Same old BS since November. It truly is sickening what they are doing to all of us. I am sorry to everyone else who experiences this bug. This is completely embarrassing by Ubisoft and should not be forgotten by us buyers. Stuff like this should be making its way to IGN or something so people can know what we are going through. It is such a problem because it is essentially robbery, as all of us paid between 60-100$, but the company won't help us with out faulty products. I truly do not see this bug EVER being fixed. They have already moved on past this issue, and started developing the next set of weapons to release as DLC. This is absolutely pathetic. I am close to removing the bookmark I have on this forum post because all hope is gone. I will never be able to play this game again, which I enjoyed so much when I first got it. Sorry guys I think we lost.

  • majeedmousa
    1 posts

    In the absence of an ealdorman mission incomplete and only because I went through the location before the main story mission and now I can't progress from the objective of find and speak to the ealdorman there is no destination mark on the map and unfortunately I kept playing the game and completed almost all the missions and improved all my gear and loading a previous file is just not an option I for some reason didn't believe that a game like this can actually have this kind of problem but day by day as I'm still stuck in where I'm at it's getting clear to me that this is an issue with the game ,, I've been a gamer since the first ps1 was out and I've never seen a bug that can stop the progress of the main story cuz that would just mean the game is not ready to be sold to the public ,,, is there a fix to this ? When can we expect a fix if there isn't one already ?

  • yaboi_serg6
    3 posts

    The quest to find ealdorman hundbeorht, my objective is not showing on the map.

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