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  • thafool
    1 posts

    I had the same issue and fixed it with a suggestion from https://www.gosunoob.com/assassins-creed-valhalla/defensive-measures-mission-bugs/: (https://gosunoob.com/assassins-creed-valhalla/defensive-measures-mission-bugs)

    "Switch the game to English, or any other language, load the last save that doesn’t contain words “Defensive measures” and redo the quest. After the attack, an option will appear to speak to the Builder."

    Before you talk to the builder... SAVE THE GAME and change back to a language you understand! You will have to make a decision when speaking to the builder and not understanding what he says will be a problem. It was a little glitchy and I still had to fight 3 mobs after the shield had turned green and the Builder said it was over, but that was easy and beyond that it worked like a charm.

    P.S. - Be sure you know how to get back into settings and change the language back to what you prefer by remembering what is where or taking a screenshot, etc. or you may have a hard time figuring it out in a language you don't understand.

  • Norrod.
    5 posts

    @thafool Yes but that doesn't really work if you, like many, went out of asgard to become stronger and re-entered it after 3 overworld arcs or something

  • TealDuchess7549
    3 posts

    @ubi-spud Any news on this update?

  • Platypus_power
    12 posts

    will it be among one of the bugs fixed later this month

  • Rapid_racoon
    1 posts

    How has this not been fixed yet this is a game breaking bug that’s been there since day one and all of us can’t progress because of it. There are other threads like this too

  • Bakedtaters419
    1 posts

    So I went to Asgard as a level 40ish I would say, not realizing it was a level 90 area. I made it to the builder out of SHEER luck, when I got swarmed and could not make it through that part.. (to which I almost smashed my controller) so I ended up googling finding a way out.. I did, but now I’m level 92 geared up and ready to go back and I’m greeted with dying due to being out of the force field...... oh not to mention I am a SOLID 10-12 hours of play maybe even more to a save where it would “fix” it. Needles to say screw Asgard, I guess it’s something I cant do.. is it part of the main story because it will literally ruin my game. I will not go back and do everything again especially how far I am and the loot I’ve found.

  • Citric_volcano
    2 posts

    Same this has affected so many people please fix it soon I can’t play anymore until this is fixed.

  • H3LLB0Y092
    2 posts

    I keep dying whenever I re-enter Asgard

  • superslayer544
    1 posts

    So I was doing the Defensive Measure quest and kept dying when I lead the guys back to the shield so I left Asgard. I then ignored the quest for a long time. Now I would like to do it because I am a higher level but the problem is I keep dying because I left the bubble and I can't make my when back to it.

  • Eaglebearer73
    5 posts

    @jordanconroy figure it out yet? Its happening to me too..

  • Eaglebearer73
    5 posts

    I'm also having this problem! I've been playing a week and can't get pay this point, please fix!

  • Eaglebearer73
    5 posts

    @ubi-spud still waiting on fix

  • jebedbolly44
    4 posts

    So early in the game when you have the ability to visit Asgard I made it to the part where you watch the builder put up his test shield after you carry the jugs to his location. I start to fight the enemies and notice they are very strong and there are a lot of them. I woke up and decided I would go back later at a higher level. When I tried to go back sparks fly up as I enter Asgard and I immediately die. To make matter worse I am not near the shield the builder put up which means unless a patch is sent out I am completely unable to finish Asgard and progress within the game other than England. If Ubisoft could patch this and send a message to players that would be an immense help because I refuse to attempt to go back to Asgard until this issue is resolved.

  • Itzxnate
    2 posts

    @h3llb0y092 same exact issue here... 46 hours played, stuck on power level 182 with no way to progress because I can’t do these missions... very frustrating

  • Alkari3
    1 posts

    I am experiencing the same problem and am very worried i will lose all progress. Level 84 and i immediately die when i go to asgard

  • daedricgwen
    2 posts

    @ubi-spud thank you I have been playing thought the quest. I just don't want to miss out on that quest or restart since i've already put in a lot of hour with this first gameplay. thank you for getting back to me!

  • Anonymous_Tea
    8 posts

    @alkari3 Don't be worried just progress the main story and stay out of Asgard and don't go to a old save and you should be fine they are working for a solution so be patient

  • asasinscrdIV
    1 posts

    I went into asgard a relatively low power level. The mission "Defensive Measures" was too difficult for me at a low level. In the mission you need to stay within a zone and I fast travelled out of asgard when outside of that zone. (you take damage while outside the zone)

    Whenever I return to asgard I instantly die and respawn in a loop making asgard unplayable.

    Please help this is unplayable and I don't really want to make a new game just to enter asgard

  • J_BraSii
    1 posts

    @ubi-spud this is happening to me as well i left to get a higher level played like 25 hrs of the game and now went back ... and keep dying over and over because im out of the shield in asgard ... this is game BREAKING im not gonna replay 25 hours because of this when will it be fixed anbd i can come back later lol?

  • Ubi-Wan
    Community Representative 636 posts

    Hey all! Thank you for bringing this up. Our team is aware of this issue, and are looking into a solution. H3LLB0Y092 - I'll be forwarding your video up for review, so thank you for this!

    Official Response

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