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  • JudgeKenobi
    5 posts

    Fun fact, this is true on both console and PC. The new xbox controller constantly disconnects and reconnects when in gameplay for Valhalla. For some reason, when you get in to submenus, it works fine. Issue seems limited to ACV and doesn't occur on other titles. I submitted a support ticket. If it matters, I am using an xbox one with the new carbon black series x controller.

  • JC_Denton89
    4 posts

    Okay for me it seems like a windows update issue. Series X controller now works in-game after installing windows updates as well as updating all the xbox related apps in the Windows store.

  • JC_Denton89
    4 posts

    So after those updates it works when connected via USB C but bluetooth still isn't working despite showing up in windows and being detected by the ubisoft connect overlay.

  • blumpz
    8 posts

    @judgekenobi yes thats the issue im having as well. although it did die down when i hooked up the wire instead. when its bluetooth only it somehow messes with the connectivity and renders the game choppy as hell because of it coming on and off. I think it must be eating up all the CPU at those times or something. But it just happens so frequently that it just seems consistent when it really shouldnt be

  • fyredog911
    1 posts

    The Xbox series x controller connects perfectly with my PC and functions in the Ubisoft overlay, but does not allow use within the game itself.

  • y00pdl
    2 posts

    I have the same issue;

    The game freezes for a little bit, and normally comes back fairly quickly. This isn't a 'once in 15 minutes' thing, rather a 'every other minute or so' thing. Later I noticed that when this happens, the Ubisoft notification in the top right corner tells me my Xbox Elite S2 controller was disconnected, and it will reconnect fairly quickly as the game continues. A few times it didn't reconnect at all and wouldn't reconnect manually either, while the game was running. When the game is closed the controller can be manually reconnected again.

    The prologue was as good as unplayable with this issue, and I haven't progressed any further.

    The controller is new (purchased new about three weeks ago) and has shown zero issues in any other title, at all.

  • menocrazyfool
    1 posts

    @y00pdl I have the same issue. Playing on PC with Xbox Elite Wireless 2 controller via bluetooth. Only occurs in Valhalla. Frustrating. I am having to use a cable which is ruining my immersion in the game

  • dcGColts
    12 posts

    @acedarkholme-t2 I have same issue with Xbox Series X controller Shock blue my cyberpunk special edition xbox one controller does it also but not as frequent both via bluetooth z490 unify. It seems to happen only when ubisoft connect is running. I am not sure if it's all ubisoft games but I know valhalla its really bad.

    BTW @y00pdl to fix the lag from this switch, go to control tab in valhalla settings and set control method to xbox controller instead of hybrid.

    Before with uplay this never happened. I have not tried xbox wireless adapter to see if that still does it but with wireless adapter input delay is higher so I prefer bluetooth.

  • jeezofreak
    1 posts

    Having the same issue, xbox elite 2 controller while playing Valhalla. Works when i have it plugged in fine.

  • dcGColts
    12 posts

    I think I have found a fix for now just played 1 hr 30 min with no disconnects.

    Make sure ubisoft connect is closed completely and not minimized. Power on xbox controller via bluetooth, then launch ubisoft connect, then launch ac valhalla.

  • A Former User
    0 posts

    Hey guys! We're aware of these issues and are investigating. I had a similar report regarding the Elite 2 controller, and using it with a wire seemed to resolve for the time being.

    The lag is happening because when your controller disconnects, its swapping to keyboard and mouse, and swapping between them is causing some small freezes. this is a separate issue that we are also looking in to.

    Thank you for your patience while we figure this out!

  • gagey2011
    1 posts

    same here, for such an expensive joypad, i have had to go back to a wired 10 year old joypad i had in the cupboard, anyone got a fix yet

  • y00pdl
    2 posts

    @gagey2011 I haven't tried the workaround @dcGColts mentioned yet, but it works fine if you wire the controller up.

    It's far from ideal, but it's better than KBM.

  • Song.of.Victory
    1 posts

    I'm having the same issues with the same controller: pc with both of my xbox elite 2 controllers. Keeping the controller plugged in does work, but it basically breaks my controller if I try to do wireless. After a while the controller will permanently unpair, and I have to restart my pc and set up the controller as a new bluetooth device. This doesn't happen for any other game. Both controllers are updated to current firmware.

  • Parayia
    1 posts

    Having the same issue as reported before, same controller. After a few disconnects I have to restart the pc to get the game pad working again. Sure cable works, but that's not the way a wireless controller is meant to be used. Hoping for a fix.. Can't enjoy it at all with a dc every 5 minutes.

  • TheZonk88
    57 posts

    I play on the PC and have the problem that my Xbox Elite 2 controller is repeatedly disconnected and reconnected according to the overlay. So far, the problem only occurs with Assassin's Creed Valhalla. The period between disconnect and reconnect is not noticeable, but there is a massive lag in the game per connect message from the overlay.

    Does anyone have any tips?

    @dontonn Hey there! Not a fix I know, but does this happen at all when you are connected via cable?

    Please try verifying your game files and testing the game again.

    Your Problem is related to my Bug report. Everytime your Gamepad is disconnecting the Inputmode is switching to K&M which causes the "lag"


  • AiQLee
    2 posts

    Same issue here with Elite 2 controller. Haven't found a fix

  • Naithachal_
    1 posts

    Same here don't they test such things bevore release?
    X-Box Controller isn't some no name....

  • AiQLee
    2 posts

    I think I found a way.
    Add your controller to Steam.
    Add the game to Steam as well (Steam has an option to add non-steam game to its library).
    Then use Steam to start the game.

    My Elite 2 didn't get disconnection anymore.

  • BubbaFett7242
    1 posts

    Over the past few days I have used an Xbox one controller to play Valhalla on my computer and it has been working fine, but yesterday it completely stopped working. It works completely fine with other games and in Ubisoft Connect, and I can use it at the start screen where it says "press any button", however in both the menu and the game itself it does not work. I have already tried the following: uninstalling and reinstalling, disconnecting the controller, restarting both the computer and the game, as well as attempting to add it the my steam library as a non-steam game, however I got a 'catastrophic failure' notification upon trying to do that. I can't stand playing on keyboard and mouse and is extremely frustrating.

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