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  • MOGWAI1768
    1 posts

    I have the known issue Cannot report to Stowe and Erke after investigating the temple in Walls and Shadows. After reading all of the complaints and the lacklustre responses from Ubisoft. I’m considering issuing a claim in the small claims court for a refund plus costs. Just need an address to send the summons to.

  • OmiZdea
    4 posts

    @mogwai1768 https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/consumer/phone-internet-downloads-or-tv/problem-with-an-app-software-or-download/: (https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/consumer/phone-internet-downloads-or-tv/problem-with-an-app-software-or-download)

  • fr8ctur3
    4 posts

    Starting to feel like this game is a lost cause.

    Originally, i got stuck on a mission called "defensive measures" where the guy I was supposed to talk to after testing the shield disappeared. IT was a known issue and still has no resolution. So, I started over - people have had luck with playing through again.. so I tried again, playing the asguard quest line first to make sure it wasn't all for nothing and had no issues. Then I ran into the Stowe and Erke game ending bug (the bug where they are not there when you are supposed to report to them after finding cludes in the temple) - So, i went back to the most recent stave piror to that.. and it was roughly 15 hours prior - and had to replay the asguard questline and it bugged out again.

    [censored] isn't the right word. I spent a crap ton on money on Ubisoft's games ever year.. i buy them all.. and this is BY FAR the worst game they have put out..

  • WitchmololBool
    3 posts

    @greena75 I have also filed a complaint and encourage others to do the same - another major update has come and gone without so much as a word on this issue. This is extremely disappointing and I cannot see myself purchasing any further titles from Ubisoft after this, nor would I recommend them to anyone else.

    8 posts

    Good News Everyone!

    There's an update tomorrow 16-Feb.

    Bad News Everyone!

    Walls and Shadows isn't even mentioned.

    At least they have tackled the infinitely bigger problem of there not being enough "brrrr" controller vibration when fishing. 🙄


  • dave11674
    6 posts


    did we expect anything differently !!!
    this fault has been here since release
    have they fixed it !!!
    how incompetent are these programmers, i sent my game back
    and will not buy another ubi game ever

    total junk
    and responses from ubi reps in here are few and far between!!!
    They have your money, they are not bothered !!!
    ill just download the cracked version on pc
    if i encounter any bugs im sure the guys on the cheat engine forums will fix it lol
    ubi should hire them
    useless !!!!!!!

    even this junk mobile site on safari does not work right !!!!

  • greena75
    4 posts

    @greena75 Everyone - I another update for those of you who are interested. After I sent the Ubisoft rep who responded to the BBB claim both ticket numbers as requested on the 11th, I haven't heard an update yet. Usually, the BBB encourages business to respond within 2-3 business days, but can't compel them to do so. I will update again when/if I hear back, since we know that the issue isn't resolved in the new patch.

    I also filed a consumer fraud claim today here https://reportfraud.ftc.gov/#/: (https://reportfraud.ftc.gov/#/) at the FTC. This isn't public the way the BBB is, and the FTC does not help consumers to directly recoup costs or open up dialogue with the business, the way that the BBB does. However, when they receive complaints of fraud, they do investigate and if what they see is a pattern or a cause for concern, they do investigate on their own. It might be worth also filing there.

  • Blutrigus1
    4 posts

    @Ubi-Woofer, @Ubi-Borealis or anyone else at Ubisoft

    I understand that you are forum managers and not to blame for this situation, but you are the one i can talk to. And you have to agree that its has to be a bit embarrassing that a respectable and professional studio like Ubisoft Montreal still have not fixed this
    Its now more then 3 months since the game released and this bug have not been fixed yet. The fix of this bug (related to walls and shadows and prematurely killing order members if i understand this correctly) have not been mentioned in the patch notes, nor have the progress been addressed by you and Ubisoft at all.

    As a person working in the games industry myself i understand that these kinds of bugs can sometimes take long time to adress and fix, but 3 months is a very long time for a development team to understand, recreate, and fix the issue. Especially when the game have had the time and priority to release 2 big content patches during that period (and yeah i get that it might not be the same team/people working on patches and new content, or that the content might have been developed before release).

    The only reason i have waited this bug to be fixed all this time is because i was certain that you/Ubisoft considered this to be a game braking bug (priority 1 or however you classify it) and that it would be fixed in the next patch. But its now been 3. or is it 4?
    I cant for the life of me understand how this could have not been fixed during all this time...

    What i would like is to get some answers from you/Ubisoft on the following

    1. What is the current status on this bug/issue/Jira ticket/whatever you call it?
    2. Do you have a ETC on when it will be fixed? and if so, when?
    3. What's the possibility and process for getting a refund for this game (bought on Steam)?


  • BigDShayne
    5 posts

    I still can't compete this quest with the latest update. Which means I can't upgrade my settlement to lvl 6 or kill any more of the Order or complete the game. This is getting old. I've grabbed all wealth , mysteries, and artifacts. Nothing else to do. I guess I'm glad for river raids.

  • mannybailey4
    2 posts

    I’ve had this issue for months now as I cannot report to the NPC’s. It’s frustrating that Ubisoft is coming out with new content like river raids but they can’t fix this issue that prevents people from finishing the game. I’m getting real close to contacting PlayStation to receive a refund because this is truly unbelievable. Ubisoft clearly cares more about micro-transactions than a well functioning game.

  • gorrissey
    5 posts

    Wow really?!!! Still not fixed with another patch?! I don’t even know what to say. Screw this game.

  • Rebuildingz
    13 posts

    Hey @Ubi-Woofer and @Ubi-Borealis. When this bug was first reported on November 22 (!!!) we were happy to wait it out and were assured by you a fix was coming soon. It is now abundantly clear that Ubisoft is not interested in fixing this game or even offering a workaround after 4 months. And it’s also become clear that you guys are ignoring the forums as they become increasingly more and more angry, as referenced by the fact it’s been nearly a month since your last update post.

    I personally am done being angry about this. But the very least you could do, as a common courtesy to us who paid 60$ or more to purchase this broken product is give us some way to facilitate a refund.

  • CharlieOneOne
    3 posts

    I'm also affected; been at least 2 months now.

    Does anyone happen to know - and my apologies if this has been asked/answered already - if I were to start a brand new game, would the problem still be present once able to pledge to Lunden again? I've had a great time up to this point but am stuck at 70% progress. I am left with only roaming around grabbing all the points of interest, treasures, etc. no forward progress possible. I wouldn't mind starting from scratch again but not if I were to run into the same exact problem.

    Would really like to be able to finish a game I spent $100 on. If that's not possible, I'll start the whole support ticket process, refund request, BBB complaints, etc.

  • dave11674
    6 posts

    you guys suck big time
    i cant wait for this game to be hacked on the pc
    cos it will be
    thats when ill play it again
    cos i know it will be hacked wide open and any bugs the community will fix themselves


    my advice to anyone now is return and refund this game

    i think its disgusting games get released in these states ?!! No game testing like the good old days.

    pathetic !!!!!

  • FaZe_Riceman
    6 posts

    I can't believe this has been a problem since November. Fix your stupid game, isn't there a way to just reset the quest? I am sure most of us are willing to redo the Lunden Arc, it's better than replaying the whole game.

    8 posts

    Like a few others have, I just filed a complaint with the BBB.

    https://bbb.org/us/ca/san-francisco/profile/computer-hardware/ubisoft-entertainment-inc-1116-13891: (https://bbb.org/us/ca/san-francisco/profile/computer-hardware/ubisoft-entertainment-inc-1116-13891)

  • Nillend00
    2 posts

    Okay, I'm done. I don't care anymore.

    I lost a lot of respect for Ubisoft at this point.
    I'm sorry you guys who are managing and moderating this forum have to take the brunt of it, but the amount of time this issue has been persisting, it's honestly ridiculous.
    Despite the game being great otherwise, I probably won't buy another AC game. Sorry, but this has been a huge disappointment.

  • RiceIsNice710
    19 posts

    Filed with BBB. Haven’t touched the game in 3 months now...Paid $120. So tight.

  • ana_kerie
    12 posts

    Look, they just needed some private time, okay? They can't exactly play "The Innocent Saxon and the Naughty Dane Invader" in the middle of Lunden Bridge.

  • CharlieOneOne
    3 posts


    Support case 14158020 submitted just a moment ago.

    After a reasonable amount of time, if there has been no communication, I will start the BBB complaint process.

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