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  • Valkohir
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    @valkohir Can you make a video about not having a one handed sword so I can forward it to the dev team?

    i'm not sure you understood what i said...
    let me rephrase my wording....
    Are One-handed Swords out yet... or no?

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    @valkohir no they are not.
    Will they be in the game, I guess that only the gods know.
    Make a sacrifice to Thor, it may help.

  • longjohn119
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    @torfinr From what I understand it won't happen until Siege of Paris comes out ....

  • TheNorfolkian
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    I love that this is the one of the oldest continuous topic threads on AC Valhalla. It’s a wonder that Ubisoft took this long before announcing that one-handed swords would be in the Siege of Paris expansion.

    As many have already noted, great-swords/long-swords, or two-handed swords, did not exist in the era that Eivor is around, and were not prominently used until the late middle ages and Renaissance era. While there is a reference in the Beowulf poem to a hæftmece, or hilt-sword, which may indicate a longer hilt, swords in the Viking Age featured a single-handed hilt of Frankish origin (Carolingian/Merovingian). They were also expensive to produce and were typically a mark of honor. Even then, most of these swords were prone to breaking on the battlefield due to impurities in the steel. What is exceptionally rare is the so-called Ulfbert sword, of which only 170 are known to exist. These swords could withstand a great deal of stress and rarely broke, if ever.

    What would have been great from the very start is if Ubisoft had some kind of durability factor like we see in other RPGs, where eventually you would need to pay a blacksmith to ‘repair’ or ‘renew’ your weapon quality after a period of use. One-handed swords could generally have a low durability, unless Eivor found special metals (or other weapons to melt down) with which to upgrade a sword to have a much higher durability rating. The same could have been done for axe-heads, spear-tips, etc. I imagine hammers would have the highest base durability rating at their lowest quality. [I know, all this is really wishy-washy.]

    Regardless, I really hope that we see an Ulfbert sword in the Siege of Paris expansion.

  • Max18400
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    One handed swords are allegedly coming out in the next update (end of July). They've been confirmed to be out before the next DLC and the yes, there is a one handed ulfburht that has been confirmed to be released ... Finally

  • rattlehead3691
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    would like to see some helmets with horns and armor like on the movie pathfinder and would be cool to add crossbows for players 2

  • rattlehead3691
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