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  • Tommyboy138
    5 posts

    @merrim my Ubisoft Connect is way out of date. Is there a way to refresh???

  • NeOVoltron
    128 posts

    @imaginaryruins Apparently there are 2-3 small wealth chests that are not marked even after synchronising the viewpoints, that's why I asked about it. 🤷

  • JamesLogan491
    140 posts

    @neovoltron One of them is on the shipwreck on the peninsula east of Northumbria and north of Lincoscire.
    I don’t remember where I found the other or others.
    Read the key description on your inventory. Those unmarked chests are locked and the key descriptions tells you where the chest it belongs to is found.

  • NeOVoltron
    128 posts

    @jameslogan491 Brilliant, thanks so much for your help James! 🤜💥🤛

  • wiktor184
    14 posts

    Any news? @Ubi-Woofer

  • VanadiumCobalt
    317 posts

    @wiktor184 The quest for killing all 6 Drengr is missing (The Pit) so that I guess will count for towards completion.

  • EggKnobble
    36 posts

    I'm stuk at 95%, only things left are 2 alters (need to fish), one crain. And two challenges, the fish sword and revenge 10.


    Those things left cannot be 5% right?

  • Lawlor74
    1 posts

    Thanks for the replies and help.
    Is there a list of what is required for 100% or any updates on progress with this? I am stuck at 93.25% as well with

    -All story missions completed
    -All collectables from every location
    -Have not caught all fish yet but was unaware that was part of the completion.

  • dim344
    28 posts

    Hey guys, i have the same issue but a bit worse. I am stuck at 90%.
    -I have finished the story
    -collected all wealth (plus the added ones in Vinland), artifacts and world events in every region plus Asgard and Jotunheim
    -defeated the daughters of Lerion
    -defeated the order of ancinets
    -delivered the 4 items from the pending orders list
    -delivered all mythical creatures
    -delivered all hunting deliveries

    all i have left is about half the hoard maps and half the fish deliveries.
    However does it sound right that i only reached 90%??

  • GrizzlyTaran
    2 posts

    @ubi-woofer My Game is stuck at 93.49% I did everything that is possible in the game. I even tried to 100% the game again but still stuck at 93.49

  • Etienne_Crown
    5 posts

    @luigispcrew same here

  • Etienne_Crown
    5 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • torunskipiernik
    4 posts

    Me too. The same problem, stucked on 94%.

    100% story finished;
    100% members of order of ancients killed;
    100% every area serched (left some minor chests);
    Settlement lvl 6 fully upgrated;
    Delivered all hunting supplies;
    Delivered most fishing supplies (Big Flatfish and Big Mackerel are still bugged...);
    100% done in Jotunheim and Asgard and Vinland;
    power lvl 400.

    Played on the hardest mode non stop if I can call it. Unfortunately game is still buggy 😕 Animals can disappear suddenly in the algaes/bulrush or how can I call it - I mean fishies and even bear can disappear in bushes on the water. Ver 1.1.1 but still bugged as it was before.

  • SteewyDub
    29 posts

    On PS4, I am stuck at 93.25%...

    Core Challenges: 29/31 (Hall Of The Slain and Stinky But Deadly). Second one is not available for PS4 due to Big Mackerel, Big Eal and Big Flatfish not spawning at all.

    Hoard Maps: Collected all of them. However, Oxenefordscire and Eurvicscire are still present in Inventory even though rewards are collected and present as well. (Those 2 were bugged previously, I visited those areas before).

    Codex Database: Missing 1 Location, 1 Factions and 1 People... I have nothing more to uncover on map... I am not sure if this is bugged as well, and if this counts toward 100%... 

    Everything else is collected except couple of small chest locations. And I have almost the same % as people who collected everything else. 

  • VanadiumCobalt
    317 posts

    We have a quest/mission missing for killing the 6 Drengr. It is located in the (pit). You can highlight it using Odin's sight but that is it, no interaction. This I assume will go towards 100% completion. The Devs are aware of the problem. When will it be fixed? In a future update.

    I will also assume that the Big Flat fish and Mackerel will count. Another quest for the Swordfish should show that requires you to catch the Big Eel.

    Hall of the Slain probably another.

  • dim344
    28 posts

    I have completed the following tasks in the game :

    -collected all wealth in every region (including Vinland, Asgard, Jotunheim)
    -finished all world events
    -collected all artifacts
    -finished the story and every other quest
    -killed all 3 daughters of Lerion
    -Killed all members of the order of ancients
    -Settlement level 6
    -Power level 400
    -All hunting deliveries plus the extras that give you the bow
    -All mythical creatures
    -Delivered the 4 items from behind the store in Ravensthorpe
    -Collected all hoard maps and found every treasure

    The only thing left to do is some of the fishing deliveries (i have completed almost half of them). However my total progress percentage is stuck at 90% (specifically 90,41 %). I have seen other players having issues with percentages but at least they are stuck at 94-95%. No matter what i do, mine is stuck at 90%.

  • LarkOnMyGoCart7
    1 posts

    I have a level 6 settlement with all areas completed and all abilities unlocked. I do not have the achievements : "Tranquility" which is to complete a standing stone puzzle, "Builder" which is to reach settlement level 3, and "Face my might!" Which is to equip 8 abilities. (Xbox One)

  • stpp1
    11 posts

    I have completed the game. Done all the quests. Completed all the Arcs. Killed all the Zealots and Order of the Ancients. However, my total progress shows only 93%. Other than the Fishing Challenge, which I cannot complete because there are no big flatfish or big mackerel and the Hall of the Slain Challenge, which also cannot be completed because after over 300 hours of gameplay I have yet to come across a single dead player to avenge, I have completed everything else. This is probably due to the fact that neither the Cent Arc or the Wincestre Arc achievements unlocked nor did the Eliminate all Targets of the Order of Ancients. Minor glitches are acceptable but to spend hours completing arcs and many hours killing all those Ancients and then not getting credit for it is unacceptable. I'm a big fan of AC and own and have completed every game in the series. AC Valhalla is by far the most bugged of all of them. If this is reflective of the future of the franchise, I'm done with it.

  • jetblackfighter
    34 posts

    93.73 percent on Ubisoft connect.
    Gotten platinum (ps4) and all that comes with that.
    Completed all hunter deliveries.
    Completed the deliveries behind the ravensthorp shop.
    Missing the fish deliveries and swordfish due to big flatfish and mackerel not being programmed correctly in-game.
    Missing hall of the slain because avenging other players mechanic is broken.
    Haven't yet recruited all 10 jomsviking
    Quiver used to be upgraded fully, before Yule event broke it, now it's stuck at 2 less than max, with no fabric available in the world.
    Gotten most minor chests (all in Norway and Vinland, most in England)
    Any word on what would count towards 100% on Ubisoft connect in excess of the platinum trophy?

  • dim344
    28 posts

    @jetblackfighter do the minor chests actually count towards 100%?

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