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  • jeje_71
    77 posts
    Edit: Considering this

    and the overall state of the game and its bugs I feel like the game wasnt finished in time for release so they had to cut content and forgot to adjust the completion percentage calculation.

    I also felt like the side quests in your settlement were nice. There were some in the beginning but midgame there were like none. Felt like they cut content there. Maybe I am right about that 🙂

    @SouldrinkerLP there is no doubt the game was not ready for release even if i thankfully did not encounter any breaking bugs yet, but lots of little ones, some are unforgivable from a developer pov, because they mean nobody at ubisoft even checked that under normal circumstances the game was complete (not having the correct number of fabrics for example, and taking 2 weeks after release to correct what must be at worst a half hour job)

    the irony is that i only bought valhalla at release because cd projekt delayed cyberpunk because THEY are a company which will not release a unfinished product, and well i guess the bad guys win in the end...
    i bought origins and odyssey months after release, for a lower price, and less bugs, i guess i will go back to this for the next ac game...

  • luigispcrew
    99 posts
    This post is deleted!
  • luigispcrew
    99 posts

    @assassin1bk I am stuck at 94.49%

  • PotatoePet
    316 posts

    @luigispcrew How can you see the point number? Uplay only shows me the whole number.

    It actually feels like we are either missing something (Codex is also not complete) or something was cut but not properly removed.

  • Assassin1BK
    Original poster 11 posts

    @souldrinkerlp You can see the point number in Ubisoft Connect website -> Dashboard -> Assassin's Creed:Valhalla -> Stats

  • PotatoePet
    316 posts

    @assassin1bk Funny, it says 93.99% for me. I can't do anything by now. I have the secret spear, hammer and sword. Really weird.

  • Pappasimons
    3 posts

    Also stuck at 94%.

    Confirmed 100% cleared:

    • Main story
    • Order memebers slain
    • Mysteries, Wealth and Artifacts for all 5 areas
    • Reached power level 400 (currently Mastery level 77)
    • Hunter's hut deliveries and legendary beasts (currently bugged on head display and only Elk of Bloody Peaks is displayed in longhouse)
    • Thor's armor set and Mjolnir collected
    • Excalibur collected
    • Completed delivering Yanli's 4 deliveries
    • All Orlog dice games won statistics screen shows 20 (Could be I missed 1 far off one)
    • Caught each breed of fish at least once with a fishing line (This is a PS/Xbox achievement)
    • Slid for 150m in the snow (Also a PS/Xbox achievement)

    There are a few things that have been buggy that I've tried to complete that could be worth that last few percent for me, they are:

    • Haven't been able to do 3 fish deliveries due to fish not spawning, Flatfish (Big), Sturgeon (Big) and Mackerel (Big) I've read people having similar issues
    • Oxenefordscire Treasure Hoard animates collection but map remains in bag without any item reward
    • Eurvicscire Treasure Hoard doesn't appear in location at all (Recall not reading the map until after fighting the Drengr in the same location, not sure if that helps)
    • There have been some miscellaneous console achievements I've not bothered with since they aren't on PC and would otherwise be difficult to track (Random things like be thrown 30m by a Destroyer or Housecarl)
    • The "Stinky but Deadly" PC achievement, from what I've read the swordfish is simply not in the game
    • The "Hall of the Slain" PC achievement, again apparently bugged and not recording avenging player deaths; though there is a trackable statistic for this in Uplay
    • Am strangely missing from my database Codex 1 location (22/23) 1 person (71/72) and 1 faction (9/10) 165 hours into gameplay I am hard pressed to think of a single part of any map I haven't been physically at (except a few far off ocean areas) and assume this is part of future dlc with the Codex numbers just visable now

    This is all I can think for now, there were a few drinking games nearing the end of the main story I just didn't bother to complete in or lost, the statistics screen does record those wins and betting is only available if you haven't won a particular contest so although I doubtful it could be a part of getting to 100%

  • A Former User
    0 posts

    @pappasimons same problem here too, 94% and done everything, damn UBI rushed this crap its not even as good as Odyssey and not half the game size

  • black-chick
    1 posts

    I think this is free DLC that will be added by December or later as the game is multi-season.
    Which could say Codex 1 location (22/23) 1 person (71/72) and 1 faction (9/10)

  • CakeXassassin
    43 posts

    @devostator73 its way bigger, i finished odysssey at 130 hours and valhalla at 140 hours, and there is still mutch content to be added to valhalla, there is the avange player missions that will come in the next season, impoved raids new gear and quests

  • A Former User
    0 posts

    @rodrigo20121 i highly doubt you completed every single thing in Odyssey in that time, very unlikely

  • Littleweasel01
    78 posts

    @pappasimons i'm playing it on the xbox one and i am have the same problem with my progress stuck at 93%. but have completed every thing in the game but collecting 5 opal's which are currently bugged wether be floating in the air to high to collect, or on a shelve or just under the ground but can not be collected.

    for the big fish the only 2 no one can seem to find are the big flatfish and the big mackeral as for the the others i used this youtube vid and found the rest :

    got the same problem with the 2 treasure hoards

    for the "being thrown 30m by a Destroyer or Housecarl" i used this vid:

    the "Stinky but Deadly" is for getting the swordfish which is apparently for completing all the fishing challenges, but since 2 of the fish can not be found it would be hard to get.
    the only people that have seemed to have gotten it are on pc and they used a mod to mod their inventory and give them 2 fish they needed to complete it.

    i also have never found any players to avenge

    the database codex is what i have also and im pretty sure it has something to do with the dlc's

  • CakeXassassin
    43 posts

    @devostator73 i have 220 hour of total playtime but that acounts for dlc, weekly content, and the grind for lvl 99, i reached lvl 50 with every quest and location around 130 hours and completed the main story in around 50 hours.
    valhalla just the story took me 100 hours, and i dont know the extent of the content to be added, but i guess we will have new quests and replayable content, like the avange player missions that were in origins, replayable raids, jomsviking leveling...
    i am comparing games at launch, odyssey was more replayable and had more quests, but some of them were shorter than the misteries from valhalla, and the story from valhalla is huge, im guessin that the game was rushed and lcke content cuz of the pandemic and the director beiing fired, but if they ad new mechanics in season 1 it will top odyssey size very soon

  • PotatoePet
    316 posts

    @rodrigo20121 And most side quests in Odyssey were the exact same thing. Go to place X, get me Y and come back to me with 3 lines of voice dialouge of a NPC with a character model out of 5 available ones. So many side quests were like that, they felt like these repeatable contracts so much that I had to look twice I wasn't accidentally taking one of these grind repeatable quests.

    I am at 130h for Valhalla and have nothing to do now. I never was able to finish Odyssey on launch. (Finished just the story and around 80% of the map. It was too tedious). Probably ended at around 100hrs. Came back a year later as I disliked the game that much but I had the season pass already purchased because I trusted them 🙂 The extra content and unfinished content (camps and markers on map) added 50hrs to my playtime.

    I am sure they will add a lot of stuff to do with the next updates. This time they first concentrated on making a good game with a good story and will add repetitive stuff with updates. I am sure of that.

  • BuzzardBee
    11 posts

    @pappasimons I cleared everything, everywhere. Fully upgraded the settlement to level 6. Built every single building I could. Did all quests except for the one for the Order which never triggered. I killed all of the Zealots and Order members except for The Father. When I went to turn in the medallions to Hytham, the game handed over more than I actually had in my inventory and so the game believed I had already killed The Father. Hytham remained in his building and never appeared outside of the longhouse to give me the final quest for the Order.

    It's ridiculous that the game should be so buggy but it's hardly surprising as that seems to be the trend these days. They make this whole big deal about ray tracing and graphics, about all the things you can do in the game -- and by the way, the bird companion now is just about useless where he used to be quite over powered in previous games so thanks for that too -- but then they forget to add the things needed to their game for challenges and even to make the damn game even borderline playable.

    I honestly would gladly trade all the bells and whistles for a working game on launch. How the hell to get that through to the gaming companies and their developers though. Not buy their games? Maybe that might get their attention. At this point, I'm pretty much fed up.

  • A Former User
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    @rodrigo20121 hope so, did you collect all the gems too

  • A Former User
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    @devostator73 and all chests every waypoint etc, the dialogue is the same here its a copy and paste of origin and odyssey, just bugged as all hell and a lot less side quests and no option to go through a second time like odyssey. Hope they fix it soon or it will be over once cyberpunk comes out.

  • CakeXassassin
    43 posts

    @devostator73 the gems i dont know, i think i ave every diferent One, but there aint no check list, about chests i colected every wealth One. Not everyone that gives resources.
    Im also missing some fish and Blade tresures but the game is bugged

  • A Former User
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    as usual no response from UBISoft to clarify the issues or resolve them or even explain to their customers what they will do to correct the issue`s and a time frame??? looking elsewhere for a new game.

  • PotatoePet
    316 posts

    I found something which might be the reason.

    I am playing in german tho

    In the game stats it says there are 10 daughters of lerion. In fact there are just 3.

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