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  • Methos3769
    1 posts

    Same issue as most people here, except I can't do the final turn in to Hytham of the 15 medallions, because even though I've killed and confirmed all 15 Zealots, I have only 14 Medallions. Everything else in the game is complete, but no way to finish the story...

    Thanks for the blue balls UBI. I expect a quick fix or my money back.

    4 posts

    Same here. Ps4 Platform. 15 medallions, all dead and Hathaym does not interact. This is not a finished game...it is a massive [censored]!!!

    You did the same with previous AC game Odissey....i have bought all ACs...this will be the last.

  • Own3dfix
    3 posts

    Alas, I have the same problem.

    All regions completed (captured and completely cleaned).
    All quests completed (Including 'find all codex pages'), except "Breaking the Order"
    All order members and zealots were killed, except father (I don't have the final clue).

    The way I see it, Hytham should be at the front of the longhouse to give the final clue, but he's standing in the Hidden Ones Bureau and has nothing to say. I also can't give him all 15 medallions, cuz I'll have to kill the latest order member, I guess.

    Btw, some of my friends got a chance to finish this quest line, but it was before November 26. And looks like no one can complete this quest line after this date (or after 1.04 patch).

  • Apprentice_Jedi
    8 posts

    Hytham gave me the dialogue about it when I got back from Norway, even though I hadn't finished the last zone in England yet. It didn't trigger a quest for it, I assume because I hadn't finished that last zone. I think the game thinks that part of the quest phase is done, so it won't trigger properly now that I've met the other requirements. Now, all of my other quests are done. I accidentally found and talked to Halfdan before having the quest to do so, so now he won't talk to me either). All other order members are red, including the zealots. I turned in the medallions and got Thor's armor piece, so I know the zealots counted. Hytham stays in his house, and my only option is to ask him what he does here. It's a complete progress stopper, right at the end of the game. Rip my 110 hour save file.

  • funnyman32399
    3 posts

    @apprentice_jedi I'm having the exact same issue. I've sank over 70 hrs into this game just for this to happen at the end and I really wanna finish it.

  • hosangc
    1 posts

    Im having the same issue. Over 100+ hours in, ive killed every order member (minus the father obviously) and ive beaten the main story, my settlement is fully upgraded and i still cant get the "Poor Fellow Soldier" mission to start. And ironically enough, much earlier on i went to turn in 6 order medallion and it gave me the option to turn in 15 and when i did, it acted as if i had already killed the father. Idk what to do /: i really dont want to start a new story. Super duper frustrated!

  • ArKonIte167
    6 posts

    @ubit00n Unfortunately .jpegs are considered invalid file extensions.. Tried on my phone and laptop to no avail.

    The problem seems to arise when Hytham is given all the medallions BEFORE the player finishes the final quest. If possible, load a save point to when you still have medals to turn in, then finish the main quest first before handing them to Hytham.

    • Hytham approached me in the longhouse after I turned in all the medallions before I finished the final quest in Hamtunscire;
    • I have Thor's cape, which you get from completing the quest;
    • I'm still 44/45 with 1 clue remaining on the father, who remains unidentified;
    • Hytham remains in his house with the only dialogue options "What do you do here?" and "bye";
    • The father isnt in the tiny village Hytham (would normally) send you to.
    • My quest log is completed and all territories are 100% completed for collectables.


  • Dennehy
    1 posts

    When will this be fixed??? I need one more medallion. I have killed all the order members. But the father. My friend has the same issue

  • Shadow-Wipeout
    19 posts

    @arkonite167 unfortunately loading a save would set me back around 30 hours which being honest id rather avoid doing, it does need to be addressed in the next patch for sure

  • Shadow-Wipeout
    19 posts

    Exact same problem for me, the bug lies in the fact that if you talk to hytham before finishing the Hamptunscire arc, he will issue the reward for killing the father and have some small dialogue about the father identity.

    Because this happens the game thinks you have already completed the quest and won't issue the quest once the Hamptunscire arc is completed.

    At least its finally being addressed, I've out the game down until its rectified.

  • kairockz
    11 posts

    Seems like its not in the patch notes, did I miss something?

  • Dark6Assailant
    5 posts

    I've been playing on the series x and I have something similar but involving zealot cudberct. I'm pretty sure I previously killed him since I had all the clues for the anvil before killing him. From what I remember cudberct gives you one of his clues.

    My issue is that he still shows as undiscovered and doesn't spawn on the map anywhere. The only two spots on the order screen that aren't red are him and the father.

    Is there any chance of fixing this without having to load an old save? If he is the one I am thinking of I killed him 3 or 4 arcs ago and im on my last arc.

  • UbiKoality
    448 posts

    @evilwaylander I apologize for the inconvenience these issues may have caused you! Are you able to provide more details for me? I would be more than happy to get them reported for you!

  • UbiKoality
    448 posts

    @pithycanine03 It is no problem, I'm glad I was able to provide some peace of mind by letting you know it's being looked into. 🙂 Thank you for the additional details and for being so willing to help our team!! As some time has passed, were you able to successfully create a ticket? If so, please confirm the case number for me. I would be more than happy to ensure it's been placed with the correct department for proper handling and investigation. Thanks!

  • twyhein
    5 posts

    Just read new patch notes and nothing about fixing this bug again. It cant be that hard to reactivate this uncompleted quest. Really disappointed...

  • Athanasius
    14 posts

    Oh no, I was so hoping that this wasn't being available because I'd not yet picked up a clue somewhere, or that I needed to kill all zealots (I've two left to track down).

    But as it is I guess I'm facing this same bug. Except for those two zealots I've killed everyone except "The Father". I've completed the main line (i.e. gone after Aelfred in Chepeham), returned to Ravensthorpe to 'claim' Hantucscire and got the message about now continuing my journey. The only quests left are for the Order medallions (those two zealots) and codex pages (I've yet to even spot two of the old Bureaus).

    I guess I'll watch this topic and not waste further time on trying to trigger the last kill until I see it's been fixed 😞 .

  • guest-Fn0R3SyK
    2 posts

    I've got 5/6 clues, completed all arcs, killed 44, father left to go.
    I've noticed there's a clue at St Kenhelms Church in Glowecesterscire. I pick it up but it doesn't acknowledge I've picked it up and just keeps respawning everytime I return
    Like I said I've completed everything else. No idea how you do these tickets you refer to either for you to check.

  • sharpshooter076
    2 posts

    I’ve completed every mission, side mission, arc, killed all other order members and zealots competed the story and I’m missing the final clue for the father. Is this bugged?

  • TheLethalKing
    1 posts

    I'm having this issue too. Really frustrating after 110hrs of gameplay too not be able to finish

  • Jacqueline_dzln
    2 posts

    u need last clue, turn in all medallions & talk to Hytham to get your last clue, he is waiting outside the long house..

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