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    @crimsiccomet No one is fooled by your weak attempts at being obtuse and trying to blur the line between bugs and bugs that prevent players from finishing the game. People on this thread have made very clear distinctions between the two and have specifically stated they are referring to the later rather than the former. You're deliberately deflecting from that distinction in order justify your fan fiction.

  • brimstoneash
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    It's a simple concept. If I pay full price for a book, I expect all chapters to in that book. I don't expect that book to be missing the last 3 chapters. If I buy a ticket to a two hour movie, I expect to be able to watch that movie from start to finish -- not for the movie to just stop 90 mins into it. If I pay for a 10 episode TV show I expect to be able to watch all 10 episodes. Not just episodes 1 through 7. When I buy a single player video game I expect to be able to play it till I finish it. None of what I just listed are unreasonable expectations.

  • coreyjayb
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    If this isn't fixed soon I'll likely abandon the game and pursue a refund since I paid for a product that is unusable as advertised.

  • coreyjayb
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    Same issue here and this thread was posted on 12 Nov and today is 13 Dec MONTH AGO AND STILL NO FIXED. GG BARAVO UBISOFT

  • Swordz420
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    Have just come across this issue. Have tried loading earlier saves but to no avail. 150 Hrs of exploring, missions and general mayhem and now cannot even complete the main story of the game.

  • Swordz420
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    @real_zub_zero have just encountered the issue myself. Have had the game since release. 150hrs spent exloring, hacking and slashing. And an issue known about for over a month, whilst new "pay-real money-to-unlock" gear rolls out weekly.

  • RuggedComic
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    I've found this bug as well; after deciding to continue and wait for a fix for the Asgard bug in which the defense mission cannot be completed due to the sporn point being next to the gates at the end of the bi-frost. So that a side quest and the main game that are bugged and cannot be completed.

    I know games are ridiculously complex, and all the more complex when there isn't a clearly defined linear path through the narrative. But these are essentially game breaking - in that the game cannot be completed - Ubisoft really need to get on this and, at the very least, provide a guesstimate as to when a fix may be pushed in an update.

    And if they don't feel comfortable providing a guesstimate, then at the very least an acknowledgement of the issues. Then they need to actually work on a solution.

    Telling people to uninstall and reinstall is akin to telling them to reboot; or to run defray and memmaker on an old DOS PC - it doesn't, can't and never will solve the presented issues. It only purpose is to give the impression that help is being provided. Just to be crystal clear, such recommendation are not intended to provide help or a solution. They are intended only to give the impression of help, nothing more.

  • pjmazurek
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    just encountered this bug tonight. 176 hours in and can't progress.

    why not just hot-fix it where you force her alive and unkillable at loadtime?
    if you have some crazy tech reason you can't do that, just force her alive and immortal before attack of pict fort

    myself and a ton of other players don't want to wait til you fix 100 other bugs

    the length of time it has taken Ubisoft to respond to this game-breaking bug should be embarrassing to you

  • TheVidicus
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    Hey Ubisoft.... over a month now, still no fix. Ubisoft must have the most clueless and incompetent employees. Done with Ubisoft. All the haters were right, I was a fool to defend this company.

  • jordhutten
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    I’m near Jorvik, about to attack a fortress. Before that I need to speak with Ljufvina, a Dane woman who also leads the attack. 

    Unfortenately she’s dead. 

    The mission is called “Honor’s Hubris”. 

    At this point I can’t continue the game.. ubisoft, please fix this. 

  • shawn780
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    Found out about this glitch just now. Tried troubleshooting on my own, etc. Then I took to the internet and found this. I am with everyone else. If this isn't patched in a couple of days, I am out and will probably not buy another ubisoft product again. Don't understand how it's been a month and ya ll can't do a hot patch. this dead stops the game from progressing. Honestly I am not even mad about the money for the game. It's my time. I am almost 40, my time is precious.

  • CrimsicComet
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    Assassins Creed Twitter posted that a new patch will be released this week.

  • LeRam_81
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    @crimsiccomet if that's the case then why is there still no update on this forum? I've been told countless times that as soon as there is a fix they would let us know on this forum.

  • A13thStorm
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    I don't know for you guys,but I haven't played it over a week. Not frustrated, but more disappointed. I see lots of people here with different opinions. We are all right, however, I don't understand the situation when you been cheated, and the whole world is point out that to you, still defending and finding excuses for...
    I just don't get it?!?
    On the other side, if you pleased when you are screwed over, appreciate, but don't let the people know how manipulated desires you have toward yourself.
    Other thing, if I paid i want the product. And it is disappointing that we can't play this game for 2 weeks, about. That's right 2 weeks.
    And as I see younger people express their selfs with defending attitude. Well guys, our future is doom...
    So dear defending people, shush, and dear developers, say something, sell us some more lieing, so we could feel better

  • dunkmitch
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    2 weeks now since I first encountered this game breaking issue. I have stopped playing game altogether now... Playing 2077 now (on Xbox one X) which is only slightly buggy and I have encountered crashes to restart game, but that always brings me close to where it crashed...... I bought Gold edition of [censored] Creed Valhalla so as to get the expansions as they dropped but this failure to progress after about 130 hours of gameplay has left a sour taste in my mouth towards Ubisoft and like others who have posted here...I do not trust Ubisoft any longer and wont be in a hurry to buy their new games or play their games as much in the future....Might just wait till next year when I buy myself a new Xbox Series X and just restart the game from the beginning, Had bought and started playing Watchdogs Legion before Valhalla and stopped playing it because of that....but i am loath to go back to it because of the bad taste Ubisoft left because of Honors Hubris mission breaking the game so completely.

  • PolpettadiTofu
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    Things I did after encountering this bug and exploring the rest of the game:

    • started over and finished Bloodborne again
    • started over and finished Fallout 4 again
    • started Cyberpunk 2077

    and still no patch.
    Cya when i finish Cyberpunk, and i'll never never never buy another ubisoft game for more than 15 euros.
    Eivor? who is Eivor? what did she want again?

  • MattFizak
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    According to the known issues thread there are 28 quests that are bugged making it impossible to progress, many of them main story.

    Unless by some miracle all are fixed in the coming patch I think many will still be disappointed that they'll have to wait even longer.

    I think several are related to the same bug (dead NPC) so hopefully all of them will be fixed but at this point there's no way I can be convinced to buy another Ubisoft game at launch again

    I asked for a formal public apology and they haven't even had the decency to do that CDPR have apologised that Cyberpunk doesn't run as well as expected especially on older base versions of consoles and offered refunds - the games only been out a few days

    Take a leaf out of CFPRs book, Ubisoft. Or do you need to be getting a ton of bad publicity first?

  • Ubi-MrM
    Ubisoft Support Staff 4541 posts

    Hello everyone!

    I am very pleased to announce that we have just published the patch notes for patch 1.1.0, which is due to release tomorrow on December 15th. The fix for Honor's Hubris is included in this patch, and here's the information about it for your reference:

    Addressed an issue where players cannot complete Honor's Hubris.
    Note: This fix will spawn Ljufvina again, reset her position, and restart the quest

    I sincerely hope that after tomorrow, you'll be able to continue without issue and enjoy the rest of Assassin's Creed Valhalla. Thank you all for your patience and understanding throughout the process of identifying, investigating and fixing this issue. Should you have any questions, concerns, or further issues that you require assistance with, do not hesitate to reach out to us.

    @TheVidicus Thanks for providing your case reference number 13436115. I can see that your refund request was denied from the case, and having looked into the reasons for this I'm afraid this decision will not be overturned. I hope that the fix tomorrow will allow you to play the rest of the game through without issue!

    @LeRam_81 Thanks for posting your case reference number 13427152 as well! As I've written above, this issue is scheduled to be fixed tomorrow. I still am not aware of any compensation plans but if any are announced, I'll be sure to communicate on these.

    @MattFizak I completely understand your view and appreciate that this bug has prevented progress for you and other players for some time. I have no knowledge of plans for an official statement from the Valhalla team however if one is shared I'll cross-post it here.

    Official Response
  • BLguard22
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    @starkillerpr231 welcome to the club.

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