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  • PotatoePet
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  • CrisAlexander74
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  • Georgerik
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    I have fully upgraded rations, but since that I really don't remember getting any fabric and I still have zero ...

  • robbie_7
    4 posts

    So I have fully upgraded both rations and quiver, but I have just found an offering altar which needs x5 fabric, none of the shops have got fabric any more and have looted every small chest and havent got any, anyone else ran into this issue?

  • xPoppu
    12 posts

    Hello, same issue. Please fix it, thanks!

  • marwan-wcw
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    1. @tayeulecaliss1 same I max out my gear but I can’t now finish the fabric altar cuz no chest give fabric ;(
  • Mountain-Joo
    3 posts


    Yes same bug here halting progress, I haven't seen any acknowledgement from Ubisoft regarding a potential fix either

    I held off upgrading the quiver and the rations due to the amount of resources it took so I could focus on weapons, the game actually stops giving you it after a certain amount even if you haven't upgraded them fully, that amount is exactly enough to fully upgrade both, seems like a complete oversight on Ubi's part

  • Mountain-Joo
    3 posts


    It doesn't seem to be a bug but intentional design

    I held off of upgrading the pouch and quiver to save the resources for weapons, the game stops giving fabric when you get to a certain amount, that amount is exactly enough to fully upgrade both

    I guess when they set this them completely forgot that they made an offering shrine which required 5

    A fix would be to do a free materials pack in the store which gives you exactly five, for the people who can't get anymore and increase their limit from looting by 5

    Complete oversight on their part

  • TheCosmicBob
    76 posts

    I have not gotten a single peice of fabric yet. But I'm just starting out in England, so I'm hoping to get some soon. I want to upgrade my rations (which I find tiresome to have to restock at all).

  • scarfoxnyeh
    13 posts

    @ubi-swaggins Any news about this? Stuck at the 5 fabric myself...

  • SofaJockey
    375 posts

    This may be advice too late for some, but I'm avoiding upgrading both to the final stage until I have enough fabric for both and the altar (or a patch addresses it).

  • ugobananas
    13 posts

    I am also no longer getting fabric drops and need some for one of the offering altars.

  • MstrTarvos
    142 posts

    I have been wondering if there was someplace to farm for fabric, and it sounds like there isn't. I don't understand why they made some of the choices that they have with this game. I do enjoy the game (100+ hrs in so far), but again it's not an Assassin's Creed game (not that I'm shocked).

  • grahamfischer
    27 posts

    @Ubi-Mark this seems like a really easy fix. can we start getting smaller patch rollouts instead of having them all done at once?

  • ProvokedCashew
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    I am experiencing a game breaking bug in AC: Valhalla involving fabric drops, and every discussion on the Ubisoft forums is restricted for me. Access denied.

  • Xylovox
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    This post is deleted!
  • Xylovox
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    Just came to say I’m also having the “Fabric has stopped dropping from any difficulty level chest” issue. I fully upgraded my quiver, I offered 5 fabric to the Mystery and I have 16 fabric left, my final upgrade of the rations costs 21. It’s hard not to feel that the difference of 5 fabric isn’t the culprit in the game’s loot calculation.

    Can we please get an update on when we can expect this to be patched?


  • IV.Kijin
    4 posts

    Good day,

    Hope that this post finds you well.

    I would like to report an anomaly that I have encountered that I am not able to obtain the upgrade material Fabric on small/minor chests despite opening those on high level areas(e.g: Snotinghamscire, Jorvik) being power level 341. I have maxed out my Rations and Quiver upgrade and require Fabric for the Dobby Altar Sacrifice mystery In hopes to complete the game at 100%. I am 82 hours in and I find it hard to believe that this is an intended behavior by the developers. I would not want this to impede my progress as this is but a minor task considering everything that i had to do to complete the other regions.

    Please advise if this concern has already been brought into the QA team/developer's attention and if we can expect action/hopefully a fix to this issue.

    Would appreciate your swift response.

  • ubiskr
    6 posts

    @iv-kijin I have exactly the same issue. Fully upgraded both quiver and rations and now fabric *will not* drop.

  • IV.Kijin
    4 posts

    @ubiskr Hoping that they fix this on the next patch as this is but a miniscule oversight. On the numbers that i put in the game i have encountered bugs too many than i can count on both my hands but this was the only one that bothered me. Their QA team needs to get their act together. Can't believe there would still be this much glitches considering the multiple acceptance testing done prior to release. Someone's slacking.

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