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  • TaYeuleCaliss1
    10 posts

    Did any of you completed Dobby’s Altar in Eurvicscire (the altar that need 5 fabrics) My gear is maxed out, but I can’t get fabrics anymore to complete it. I think there’s a limited amount of fabrics that you can find and it doesn’t include the one needed for the altar.

  • Panheimer_
    3 posts

    I'm 177 skill lvl and i never seen Fabric drop at all.. Yes i loot every chest in each zone.. This drop rate have to be incrised... I cant upgrade my rashens or my quiver...

  • Anaster2016
    1 posts

    After unlocking the maximum level for the Quiver and Life Pouch, I was blocked from collecting the fabric that I need to make an offering in the Northern region of the game. Fabric has been completely removed from my inventory if I had one (it is still 0) + I can't collect it from chests. Is there any option to add the missing 5 fabrics to my character? I tried to make the game 100% and that prevents me from doing it.


  • dwoqos
    1 posts

    After fully upgrading the quiver and rations pouch, chests no longer provide fabric. This makes it impossible to complete the Offering Mystery at Dobby’s Altar in Eurvicscire.

  • prudcop
    4 posts

    i have around 110 hours on the game so my gear are fully upgrade (quiver and health bag)
    since ive finish my upgrade i cant find fabric
    it was not a problem until i found a shrine that need 5 fabric offer
    Ive been on a 3 hours nearly 40 chest run(small and big) in mid/high tier area and not a single fabric!!
    help dont know what to do

  • prudcop
    4 posts

    @dwoqos same problem here cant find fabric all around the map

  • Bonattack
    11 posts

    So I have a bug that I encountered in assassin's creed valhalla thats stopping me from getting 100% in this game. The problem is, I cannot get a single peice of fabric from chests anymore. I maxed out my rations bag and quiver and eversince then I cannot get fabric from any kind of chest in any location. And the reason its stopping my progression towards 100% is because there is an offering in Eurvicscire that requires 5 peices of fabric. I hope this can be patched soon.

  • Elmozorz
    2 posts

    I have the same problem. Quiver and Rations are fully upgraded, since then no Fabric has dropped and I found the alter. Went through youtube videos of high level fabric locations and looted those chests and didn't get any fabric. Will leave some chests spare for when we hopefully get a fix 🙂

  • Warlord99956
    6 posts

    @matush_svk I also have this issue. Annoying as I bought my final ration pack upgrade just before I encountered the shrine. I tried looting in many different areas, raiding new and old locations but no fabric whatsoever. It would be easy to fix if they just added a small amount to the vendor

  • Matush_SVK
    15 posts

    Yeah, either add 5 fabric to vendor, or let us collect 5 more from chests. This is really an easy fix and I don't see why this can't be fixed.

  • meliotta
    2 posts

    Same here, wouldn't be the problem if you could just buy it.

  • Warlord99956
    6 posts

    @matush_svk I’m hopeful they will fix it soon. @ubi-mark said it would be passed to the support team so with any luck they can squeeze it into the next patch

  • chaosandcoffee
    94 posts

    oh man.. why did i see this after i'd fully upgraded.. really hope this gets fixed soon, why remove it from the loot table at all? seems odd, unless it's replaced with more of different loot and it's to not "waste" that loot, but still

  • Dollow11
    1 posts

    As said in title, no fabric drops for me after upgrading quiver and rations fully. and i need 5 fabrics for offering altar. i hope i was just unlucky but at this point i opened hundred chest since the upgrade and not a single one. hopefully they can be added to traders or something.

  • sga_parks
    1 posts

    I am not looting Fabric anymore from chests after maxing my Quiver and Rations meaning I cannot complete the Offering Mystery in Eurvicsire that requires 5x Fabric.

  • SavvySoup383
    2 posts

    After fully upgrading my quiver and rations I've been unable to find any more fabric in chests around the game world. This means it's become impossible to complete Dobby's Altar in Eurvicscire as it requires an offering of 4 fabric. I was wondering if I'm just unlucky of whether once fully upgraded, it's no longer possible to get fabric thus preventing the completion of the altar?

  • XiL.
    7 posts

    ~30 hours playtime, Power Level 123
    Currently on my Lunden arc. Not seen a single Fabric in any chests & I loot EVERYTHING!
    ...is this normal?

  • BigDaddyJulez
    4 posts

    Hello, today I wanted to finish my last quiver upgrade. I have 10/12 Fabric and checked various locations for chests containing fabric shown in youtube videos. None of them dropped any. I figured it could be related to my power level (371 currently) that low level zones do not drop fabric for me anymore, so I went to Hamtunscire and basically looted every chest across the map, no fabric once again, thats why at this point I start to think this might be a bug. I really do not want to be a 99% Andy in AC Valhalla, I desire this last quiver upgrade badly. If it is relevant in any way, I finished every Arc and I reached settlement level 6. Chests I opened contained iron, leather, and runes, but never any Fabric.

  • BdawgOHIO
    1 posts

    Same thing like 70% done with everything in game. Hit this wall like whats the point trying to platinum trophy it any more, still always going to be missing 1%.

  • darineater299
    1 posts

    Need to collect cloth for an offering in Northumbria, but cannot collect any cloth now that pouch and quiver are done. Trying to 100% all areas.

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